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1 IPv6 Forum Middle East & Africa v6 Efforts Feb 2006 Latif Ladid Thanks to Yves Poppe for his excellent work in Africa Dir. IP Strategy Teleglobe.

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1 1 IPv6 Forum Middle East & Africa v6 Efforts Feb 2006 Latif Ladid Thanks to Yves Poppe for his excellent work in Africa Dir. IP Strategy Teleglobe

2 2 IPv6 Forum UAE Bangladesh UAE Morocco Nigeria under formation Uganda, Kenia, South Africa Uganda, Kenia, South Africa Uganda, Kenia, South Africa

3 3 IPv6 Forum Itidal Hasoon Co-chair MEA IPv6 Task Force United Arab Emirates Feb 2001 Mar 2005 Crown Prince Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum

4 4 IPv6 Forum Adel Gaaloul Chair Tunisian IPv6 Task Force Tunisia April 2004 Minister of Communications

5 5 IPv6 Forum Baher Esmat Chair Egyptian IPv6 Task Force Egypt Sep 2004 Minister of Communications Dr. Tarek Kamel

6 6 IPv6 Forum Adiel A. Akplogan CEO AfriNIC Ltd

7 7 IPv6 Forum Dr. Tarek Kamel Honorary Chair MEA IPv6 Task Force Co-Chairs

8 8 IPv6 Forum International subsea Cable capacity SAT3/WASC/SAFE is the major subsea artery circling the continent; design capacity of 120gb on SAT3; The missing link has been the African Eastcoast. This will be solved with EASSy EASSy will connect into Seamewe4 SAS-1 will connect Port Sudan and Jeddah 1616 1717 SEA ME WE 3 & 4 SAFE SAT-3/WASC EASSy

9 9 IPv6 Forum EASSy: the missing link Currently US$200 million confirmed from 26 investors including Teleglobe 8840 km 2 fiber pair collapsed ring Design capacity: 640Gb RFS: Q2 2007 See :

10 10 IPv6 Forum Regional terrestrial cables systems Comesa Comtel project –21 national telecom operators Comafrica Com-7 project SADC SRII project

11 11 IPv6 Forum Easier via satellite? Canada’s IDRC recent studies indicate: –“Prohibitions on VSAT hamper the roll out of telecom infrastructure, and high license fees make VSAT inaccessible for most of the smaller institutions which comprise 90% of the private and non- governmental sector in Africa.” –Paren report: IP bandwidth in Africa up to 50 times more expensive than in America;

12 12 IPv6 Forum Internet in Africa Healthy growth in percentage terms

13 13 IPv6 Forum Internet in Africa Healthy growth in absolute terms Internet bandwidth connected to African locations across international borders Data as of mid 2005 Top « overseas » connectivity

14 14 IPv6 Forum Fast growth in number of internet users INTERNET USERS AND POPULATION STATISTICS FOR AFRICA AFRICA REGION Population ( 2005 Est. ) Pop. % in World Internet Users, Latest Data Penetration (% Population) % Users in World Use Growth (2000-2005) Total for Africa 896,721,87414.0 %23,917,5002.7 %2.5 %429.8 % Rest of the World 5,523,380,84886.0 %948,910,501 17.2 % 97.5 %166.2 % WORLD TOTAL 6,420,102,722 100.0 % 972,828,00115.2 % 100.0 % 169.5 % Source: ITU updated nov 2005

15 15 IPv6 Forum Internet exchanges in Africa Source: nsrc status june 2005 An increasing number of internet exchanges is essential to the growth of the internet in Africa and to prepare the continent for the upcoming IP convergence Too much African content is hosted outside the continent. IX’s would be ideal locations for initial deployment and support of both IPv4 and IPv6

16 16 IPv6 Forum Africa goes mobile Mobile and fixed subscribers per 100 inhabitants source: ITU 67 million mobile phones 31 million fixed line phones

17 17 IPv6 Forum Africa started on the path to 3G! Source: GSMA number of WCDMA connections Note that ITU estimates 67 million mobile phone users for Africa by end 2005 up from 61.2 million year before

18 18 IPv6 Forum Africa’s routes to WLAN’s Wi-fi? –Knysna, S.A. : Africa's first Municipal Wi-Fi Broadband Network offers VoIP and Internet Access ( nov 7 th) –Wifinder (see ) lists African wi-fi hotspots for Egypt, Ghana, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Tunisia WiMax? –ZTE to install a 3 city Wi-Max for Angola’s Mundostartel –Alvarion to install Wi-max in Kinshasa –Telkom SA trial Wi-Max –“Intel, is expanding to Nigeria and Kenya to beef up its African business and hopes WiMax wireless technology will be launched commercially on the continent this year. Etc, etc..

19 19 IPv6 Forum The IPv6 factor Toward IP converged telecommunications –First opportunity for upgrade to a new and improved protocol version and address scheme since 01/1983 –Prerequisite to make IP Convergence and related service and revenue opportunities a reality. –Inflexion point in the evolution of telecommunications –Early mover advantage in the foodchain. –IP Governance was major issue at recent WSIS.

20 20 IPv6 Forum What does IPv6 bring to the table? Solves address shortage Restores p2p Mobility –Better spectrum utilization –Better battery life! Security –Ipsec mandatory Multicast Neighbour discovery –Ad-Hoc networking –Home networks –Plug and play –Auto configuration Permanent addresses –Identity (CLID) –Traceability (RFID) –Sensors and monitoring ADSL, cable, 3G, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max provide the always-on

21 21 IPv6 Forum What drives IP Convergence? –Application domains: Mobile IP and 3G Voice, radio, TV over IP Grid, Infiniband Massive multiplayer games RFID, control and sensor networks Microsoft –Critical mass of: digital communicating end-user devices high speed always on access –National policies: Research and Education networks National Defense National/regional policies and economic weight Disruptive on most existing carrier business models

22 22 IPv6 Forum Should Africa start to move now? Yes! –IP convergence will impacts many aspects of human activities and practically all industries –Periods of rapid change give a chance to leapfrog to new technologies and close development and economic gaps. –Transition to IPv6 is one of the essential ingredients to reap the economic benefits of this new converged world. The continent started the transition already –The Research and Education Community and some progressive carriers show the way

23 23 IPv6 Forum Egypt’s R&E Community will be ready September 26 th : –Juniper announces that MCIT (Egyptian Ministry of Communication and Information Technology) has selected them to build a nationwide IPv6 network for the EUN and National Research Centers. Number of Internet Users Number of Internet Users

24 24 IPv6 Forum African R&E Community Virtual University Concept –Ideal in very distributed geographies such as Africa or Canada –Dependent on quality end to end telecommunications –Perfect use of R&E networks –AFUNET initiative should consider dual stack IPv4/IPv6 networking from the start AFUNET will connect to their IPv4/IPv6 enabled counterparts Géant, Internet2, APAN

25 25 IPv6 Forum UAE Bangladesh UAE Morocco Nigeria under formation Khawarizmi-v6 Uganda, Kenia, South Africa Uganda, Kenia, South Africa Uganda, Kenia, South Africa

26 26 IPv6 Forum Khawarizmi and 6Mandela projects The Khawarizmi concept was first presented at the Egyptian IPv6 Summit in May 2005 and suggested to expand it to Africa with 6Mandela The main idea was: –Negotiate consensus and approval of carriers/ISP’s involved, this under the auspices of national and regional IPv6 fora, with support of national Ministries of Information Technologies –Set up a budget for the acquisition of tunnel brokers where required –Start with a core of two, preferably three countries to demonstrate ease of feasibility and trigger a domino effect. –Consider some applications (i.a. mobile IPv6 push service )

27 27 IPv6 Forum

28 28 IPv6 Forum Yemen Telecom (PTC) KACST Teleglobe IPV6 network Teleglobe 6PE router(s) Teleglobe IPV4 router(s) Teleglobe IPV4 network Tunnelbroker IPv6 connectivity in the Arab World as catalyst for Khawarizmi project Planned connectivity to IPV6 over IPV4 tunnels Other Tier 1 IPV6 networks

29 29 IPv6 Forum Path to IPv6 : Teleglobe case study Major points of consideration: –Speed of transition to pervasive IPv6? major unknown –Need for a positive customer IPv6 experience. –Customer exposure to IPv6 : from nil to advanced. Approach minimizing investment and operational risk: –Quality native peering with the IPv6 world using dedicated routers at multiple sites in North-America, Europe and Asia. –MPLS transport through the core –Customer access: Teleglobe provided IPv6 over IPv4 Hexago tunnel broker using TSP (Tunnel Set-up Protocol) with AAA Native IPv6 access to Teleglobe Cisco 6PE enabled dual-stack access routers.

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