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Tobacco/Alcohol/Pharma March 5/8/20151. 2 Sponsorship Advertising, 1980s/2003 Export A/Team Player's – car racing/sports Matinee Fashion Foundation du.

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1 Tobacco/Alcohol/Pharma March 5/8/20151

2 2 Sponsorship Advertising, 1980s/2003 Export A/Team Player's – car racing/sports Matinee Fashion Foundation du Maurier Arts Council Benson & Hedges –Gold Club Series “Squeezing the Balloon”

3 5/8/20153 Sponsorship Ads social acceptability neutralize health concerns (no warnings) – Fairness Doctrine/US lifestyle advertising “stealth marketing”

4 5/8/20154 du Maurier Arts Council (1971-2003) $58 million to: – Performance groups; – visual arts groups Tobacco Canada Artistic Development Board Council, 2003 – visual arts, cinema, video, multi- media programs – 41 awards (2003/04)

5 5/8/20155 Context Declining state support for arts (1990s) rising business support ITL philanthropy and post-secondary sector – 15 to 30% of overall donations in 2000s

6 5/8/20156 Why universities/colleges? Respectability/Legitimacy Young adult market (19+) Good Publicity – Help “Starving Students”

7 5/8/20157 Why Artists? individualism/independence freedom avant-garde dissent, social critique creativity Authenticity

8 5/8/20158 Philip Morris/Art Sponsorship Early corporate art sponsor (1960s) Avant-garde/ contemporary art – Pop Art – Conceptual Art

9 5/8/20159 Philip Morris and Pop Art “11 Pop Artists” 1965 – A. Warhol – R. Lichtenstein Europe/US 2-yr tour credibility of Pop Art PM as Sponsor – commissioned works

10 5/8/201510 Pop Art Radical break with Abstract Expressionism Material goods, Hollywood, comics, celebrity Consumer Art

11 5/8/201511 Pop Art: “11 Pop Artists” 1.consumer good as High Art 2.innovative art=innovative firm 3.non-political art 4.individual expression/choice in consumer society

12 5/8/201512 Conceptual Art PM sponsor shows in late 1960s/70s Richard Serra, Eva Hesse challenge very definition of Art – affirm conceptual underpinning, not execution or object as art

13 5/8/201513 Conceptual Art –R. Serra

14 5/8/201514 Conceptual Art- Eva Hesse

15 5/8/201515 Conceptual Art: Bruce Nauman

16 5/8/201516 PM and Jasper Johns 1.Retrospective 1977 goers/ creating goodwill with “opinion leaders” 3.A/B classes 4.Legitimacy Crisis

17 5/8/201517 Creativity/Business Innovation 1.Theory Y/ 1960s/70s 2.Marketing ethos Employee Morale 1.Internal culture 2.Recruitment and retention

18 5/8/201518 Corporate Image/Public Relations Not brand promotion Art audiences, small; A/B classes – Smokers C/D classes (festivals, sports, etc.) Goodwill re: political/business elites Pierre Bourdieu /symbolic/cultural capital Art and “The Good, The True, The Beautiful”

19 5/8/201519 Exchanging Capital (Bourdieu) 1Financial capital – Sponsor – Philip Morris 2 Symbolic capital – Sponsored – artist/museum 3. image/transfer to company goodwill – dollar value – neutralize critics (state; health lobby)

20 5/8/201520 Art/Tobacco Companies Corporation/Marketplace – Employee relations – progressive corporate image – ‘cutting-edge’ marketing Public Sphere – ideology – Individual freedom/commercial speech – challenge social status quo/public authority – cultural capital (social/political power)

21 Alcohol Prohibition (1910s/1920s) Brand/Institutional Ads BC/QC open ad policy (1940s) Gentlemen Agreements Ad Codes –Distilled Spirits Institute (US) 5/8/201521

22 Moderation/Seagram Moderation Ethos and Modern Drinking Seagram Brand Genealogy/ Historical Context Regulation Marketing Respectability 5/8/201522

23 Moderation/Seagram 1930s/40s Highly Regulated Advertising “Gentlemen’s Agreements” “Premium” Whiskey Marketing 5/8/201523

24 Moderation as Adaptive Creed Moderate Personality Moderate Consumer Moderate Citizen Moderation as “Way of Life” 5/8/201524

25 Jewish Respectability Sam Bronfman Jewish immigrant Former bootlegger Anti-Semitism British customs “Judgmental Paterfamilias” Ad: “We’re All Americans Now” 5/8/201525

26 Alcohol Advertising 1990s/2000s Pre-1997 CRTC pre- clearance De-regulation Advertising Standards Canada (national) Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario Voluntary submission/ complaints process 5/8/201526

27 US/ Prescription Drug Advertising Total marketing spending: 1996-2005 $11.4b; $30 billion 14% ad-to-sales ratio to 18% Direct-to-Consumer ads: $985m to $4.2b 5/8/201527

28 Controversy Persuasive Effect over Imparting Information Increase Prescription-Drug spending Health Problems of Newly Marketed Drugs – Vioxx, 1999-2004 – One-year voluntary ad moratorium Weakened FDA Enforcement Bill Moyers/Melody Peterson 008/watch2.html 008/watch2.html 5/8/201528

29 Main Categories (US) Cholesterol (Lipitor) Gastro-intestinal (Nexium) anti-depressants (Paxil, Zoloft) Anti-psychotics (Seroquel) Two ad leaders Nexium ($224 m) 2005 v=g0HWjr6eeMo Lunesta ($214m) 2005 nwRQcPwI 5/8/201529

30 Pharma Ads Lunesta: (images/text warning) watch?v=NmwnwRQcPwI watch?v=NmwnwRQcPwI Vioxx: watch?v=A5zVUZJ4mVg watch?v=A5zVUZJ4mVg 5/8/201530

31 Canada 5/8/201531 Highly Restricted DTC advertising “reminder ads” or “ask your doctor” ads Ad Regulation – Pharmaceutical Advertising Board (PAAB) – Advertising Standards Canada – Health Canada

32 CanWest Legal Challenge 5/8/201532 2005-2010 Charter (2b) – Alliance for Access to Medical Information – Health Groups Patent Medicine/ Newspapers Print Media/ Tobacco Ad Ban, 1970

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