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Slide 1 Innovators in image processing Annual Results 2001.

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1 slide 1 Innovators in image processing Annual Results 2001

2 slide 2 Results 2001 ETS, business unit of Barco Graphics, deconsolidated as of July 1, 2001 Other business units of Barco Graphics still fully consolidated

3 slide 3 Financial Highlights 2001 (in € mio) Sales 751792 Orders821806 Current IBT*9348.5 Current IAT**6434.2 *Current result before tax & goodwill amortization ** Current result after tax & before goodwill amortization 20002001 Current result decreased by 48%

4 slide 4 Evolution Sales & Current Result before Taxes

5 slide 5 Evolution Sales per region in € mio 43% 47.7% 32% 29.6% 18% 16.6% 7% 6.1% +18%-2.5%-1% -15%

6 slide 6 Evolution Sales per activity +9.2%+27%-1%+19%-21% Eliminations200042 200145.5 in € mio

7 slide 7 Evolution Orders per quarter in € mio

8 slide 8 Evolution Sales per quarter in € mio

9 slide 9 Reasons for reduced profit despite increased sales in 2001 Cost structure set up to support growth of 1H01 Inventory built up in Q2 in line with expected growth in orders Manpower increased to sustain expected customer demand Some orders delayed or cancelled and demand declined in 2H  lower IBT

10 slide 10 Evolution 2H01 Decrease in orders from € 444 million in 1H01 to € 362 million Decrease in sales from € 404 million in 1H01 to € 388 million Operational costs reduced Reduction of staff by 370 Planned investments selectively halved (buildings & IT) Additional write-off on inventory of € 20 million Margins for stand alone projectors decreased Margins for systems improved

11 slide 11 Evolution manpower over 2001 Payroll -190 Excl. BarcoNet and ETS

12 slide 12 Evolution manpower over 2001 Temporaries -180 Excl. BarcoNet and ETS

13 slide 13 Deconsolidation Barco Graphics 2001

14 slide 14 Deconsolidation Barco Graphics ETS Packaging Systems Commercial Printing Industrial Printing  ManiaBarco GmbH (Barco retains 33%) Esko-Graphics (Barco retains 49%) dotrix n.v. (Barco retains 88%) 

15 slide 15 Extra-ordinaries 2001 Current IAT* 34.2 Goodwill amortization (13.2) Extra-ordinaries (96.3) Net IAT (75.3) Extra-ordinaries: Demerger Barco Graphics(1.6) Write-off Xeikon participation(3.5) Additional goodwill amortization Barco Graphics, ETS (62.7) Machine Vision (12.8) Provisions for loss on participations, loans & guarantees (12.5) Other costs(3.2) Total (96.3) * Current income after tax & before goodwill amortization

16 slide 16 Barco focuses on IMAGE PROCESSING BarcoProjection: large screen visualization BarcoView: visualization for life critical decision-making BarcoVision: visual inspection and quality control 2001 (Pro Forma)

17 slide 17 BarcoProjection towards the future BarcoProjection continues to increase its focus on growing markets for systems Control Rooms Simulation and Virtual & Augmented Reality Media & Events BarcoProjection refocuses the development of stand alone projectors on high end value added products with higher margins

18 slide 18 BarcoProjection Growing importance of systems 20002001

19 slide 19 BarcoProjection Evolution Sales & EBIT * After additional write-off of 6.3% on inventories

20 slide 20 BarcoProjection: Control Rooms in € mio Control Rooms Expansion of vertical markets from Telecom and Utilities towards Broadcast, Traffic, Surveillance and IntelliRoom Worldwide leader with 43% of market

21 slide 21 BarcoProjection: Simulation and Virtual & Augmented Reality in € mio Simulation Slowdown in civil aviation CAGR: 8 to 10% V&AR US market share has increased Clear advance in automotive and oil & gas markets Growth in edutainment market CAGR: 25%

22 slide 22 BarcoProjection: Daylight Displays in € mio LED Wall for Coca Cola on Piccadilly Circus in London Has become one of the two market leaders over a two years’ period CAGR of 17 to 20% over next five years

23 slide 23 BarcoProjection: stand alone projectors in € mio iQ Projector Focus on high-end value- added products with higher margins

24 slide 24 BarcoView Focus on Command & Control and Medical Imaging Systems Command & Control: introduction of Isis in Air Traffic Control market Medical Imaging Systems: introduction of Coronis CAGR of 25% Start-up of Avionics business Coronis

25 slide 25 BarcoView Evolution Sales and EBIT Isis slowdown in sales Medical Imaging Systems as of 3Q01

26 slide 26 BarcoVision Evolution Sales and EBIT Cyclops Continuing negative investment climate in textile Expansion of vertical markets of sorting and quality control (12% growth in 2H01 vs 1H01)

27 slide 27 Barco Graphics Evolution Sales and EBIT 1H002H001H012H01

28 slide 28 Innovators in image processing

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