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1 MALESAbrain for Problem-based Learning in IT education Akcell Chiang

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1 1 MALESAbrain for Problem-based Learning in IT education Akcell Chiang

2 2 Presentation Outline 1.Introduction 2.Methodology 3.PBL Demonstration 4.Discussion

3 3 FUN by using PBL Educations  Problems as Possibilities: Problem-Based Learning for K-16 Education (Torp, L. and S. Sage, 2002).

4 4 The problems to promote PBL in IT Education! The large student numbers and limited staff in the IT class.

5 5 Analysis of related systems Brainstorming tools: generate ideas Computer-mediated communication (CMC) tools: facilitate communication among participants to clarify misunderstanding without the problems of face-to- face discussion Argumentation Support Systems (ASS): collect evidence, warrants and claims from conflicts arising from different understanding of the problem to achieve a consensus Group Problem-Solving Process (GPSP) tools: ensure a collaborative progression of the meeting agenda and that the discussions are issue-based instead of people-based Group Decision Support Systems (GDSS): integrate the discussed problem-solutions and make decisions

6 6 Chat Room & Forums Support Problem Discussion.  MSDN Chats Microsoft provides you a forum to engage in discussions about Microsoft products or technologies. Each chat is hosted by one or more Microsoft experts. Add this page to your favorites and check back often as we post new topics weekly.

7 7 Without an effective and efficient tool, it is impractical to ask an educator to handle many individual small groups, in the discipline of PBL, for discussions Forum: Only provides First-submitted-first-posted. It is a linear structure of knowledge, which lacks emphasis of important issues and no decision making in the forum. Chat Room Only provides social activities without mechanism to help users to focus on the problem issues for deeper discussion. The Problems of using Forum & Chat Room in IT classrooms

8 8 Redesign Chat Room & Forum for PBL (The MALESAbrain Project) I have a question about computer game did not change to the next screen but came out with memory-error message How many “M” of memory you have? What kind of OS you used? I have a question about computer game did not change to the next screen but came out with memory-error message How many “M” of memory you have? What kind of OS you used?

9 9 MALESAbrain – Machine Learning Expert System Algorithm for Brainstorming Critical Thinking. … discuss issues to obtain interest Attention.. sets threshold for knowledge-weight/judgment... raises, lowers or deletes an issue as the team-belief Learning-Rate. … accumulate beliefs to achieve consensus and team knowledge to complete the cycle

10 10 Definition 1. a data structure called Artificial Knowledge cell (AK-cell) k i in MALESAbrain is defined as, k i = where  i is the knowledge-content  i = p i + ∪ s i,j and W i is the corresponding knowledge-weight where p i is a problem ∪ s i,j is the collection of suggested solutions associated with p i Knowledge Representation

11 11 Definition 2. The learning threshold  is defined as a collection of two decision pairs  = {, }, for comparing the retained AK-cells and their respective solutions, where  kq is an AK-cell qualification threshold, when W i   kq then k i becomes a qualified AK-cell, which is the minimum requirement to join the competition for promotion to a higher order of discussion position  kr is an AK-cell rejection threshold, when W i <  kr then delete the AK-cell k i  sm is a solution maturity threshold, when w i,j   sm, the learning group agrees the solution s i,j is able to solve the problem p i.  sd is a solution disagreement threshold, if w i,j <  sd then delete the solution s i,j Whenever any of the thresholds are triggered by an AK-cell or a solution, MALESAbrain will re-organize the knowledge structure. Decision-Making by learning thresholds

12 12 MALESAbrain Demonstration

13 13 Highlights of the Intelligent learning tool MALESAbrain 1.The data structure AK-cell “ k i = ” for meeting discussion (definition 1) 2.Learning Thresholds “  ” builds up the hierarchical structure of knowledge in forum for Decision making (definition 2) 3.Machine learning by using knowledge-weight –1 ~ +1 into learning thresholds for decision making (The critical thinking mechanism before students enter chat room for discussion). 4.Promoting critical thinking and problem-based learning discussion in IT education

14 14 Thank You … Critical Thinking MALESAbrain Problem-based Learning Akcell Chiang

15 15 PBL in Taiwan  教育部提昇大學基礎教育計劃 教育部提昇大學基礎教育計劃 1985 年哈佛醫學院仿效一部份 McMaster 醫學院的作法, 開始實施『新途徑教學法 (New Pathway) 』。簡單的說 PBL 即是利用真實或假設的臨床個案,在小班教學時, 學生經由腦力激盪後提出一些論點,導出一系列學習 目標及其優先順序,然後學生去 …  淺介長庚「新思維」醫學教育之來龍去脈 淺介長庚「新思維」醫學教育之來龍去脈 因此不斷的推廣 New Pathway 教學觀念、凝聚共識,舉辦各級醫師研 習會是不可或缺的一環,長庚跨世紀醫教改造,將大步邁進,這 是... 為推廣實現 Newpathway 小班教學,內科部於 4 月 7 日舉辦第 一次 PBL 教學觀摩,學生非常踴躍發言

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