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Vocabulary – Unit 4 Prefixes, Roots, and Suffixes.

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1 Vocabulary – Unit 4 Prefixes, Roots, and Suffixes

2 Prefixes pre- Examples: precede, predict, preface

3 Prefixes pre- Meaning: before, in front of

4 Prefixes post- Examples postpone, posthumous, post-game

5 Prefixes post- Meaning: after, behind

6 Prefixes tele- Examples telephone, telepathy, television, telegram

7 Prefixes tele- Meaning: distant

8 Prefixes a- / ab- / abs- Examples abstract, abduction, abstain, abnormal

9 Prefixes a- / ab- / abs- Meaning: away, from

10 Prefixes ad- Examples adhere, adjoin, adjacent

11 Prefixes ad- Meaning: to or toward

12 Prefixes im- / in- Examples imperfect, impolite, impossible, impractical, indiscreet, invisible

13 Prefixes im- / in- Meaning: not

14 Roots/Bases aqua- / aque- Examples aquatic, aquarium, aqueduct

15 Roots/Bases aqua- / aque- Meaning: water

16 Roots/Bases duc- / duct- Examples induce, deduce, seduction, conduct, abduct, produce, aqueduct

17 Roots/Bases duc- / duct- Meaning: lead

18 Roots/Bases fin- / finit- Examples final, definite, infinite

19 Roots/Bases fin- / finit- Meaning: end, limit

20 Roots/Bases magn- Example magnify, magnate, magnificent

21 Roots/Bases magn- Meaning: large, great

22 Roots/Bases scrib- / script- Examples manuscript, scribe, scripture, scribble, prescription

23 Roots/Bases scrib- / script- Meaning: to write, written

24 Roots/Bases sol- Examples solitary, solo, soliloquy, solitaire

25 Roots/Bases sol- Meaning: alone

26 Roots/Bases vid-/ vis- Examples video, vision

27 Roots/Bases vid- / vis- Meaning: to see

28 Roots/Bases voc- / voke- / voice Exaples vocal, invoke, revoke, invocation, convocation

29 Roots/Bases voc- / voke- / voice Meaning: voice, to call

30 Roots/Bases ami- / amic- Examples amiable, amicable, amorous

31 Roots/Bases ami- / amic- Meaning: love

32 Roots/Bases aud- Examples auditorium, audible, audiologist, audiotape

33 Roots/Bases aud- Meaning: sound

34 Roots/Bases gram- / graph- Examples telegram, graphite, biography, telegraph, geography

35 Roots/Bases gram- / graph- Meaning: to write or draw; writing; printing

36 Roots/Bases chron- Examples chronicle, chronology, synchronize, chronological order

37 Roots/Bases chron- Meaning: time

38 Roots/Bases grad- / gress- Examples graduate, progress, gradual, progression, transgression

39 Roots/Bases grad- / gress- Meaning: to step

40 Roots/Bases hydr(o)- Examples dehydrate, hydraulics, hydroelectric, hydroplane

41 Roots/Bases hydr(o)- Meaning: water

42 Roots/Bases mut- Examples mutant, mutate, mutability

43 Roots/Bases mut- Meaning: change

44 Roots/Bases terr(a)- Examples subterrarean, terrain, terrestrial, disinter, territorial

45 Roots/Bases terr(a)- Meaning: earth, ground

46 Suffixes -ate Examples Donate, vibrate, implicate

47 Suffixes -ate Meaning: to make

48 Suffixes -ation Examples donation, vibration, implication

49 Suffixes -ation Meaning: the result of doing

50 Suffixes -ify Examples justify, magnify, intensify

51 Suffixes -ify Meaning: to make

52 Suffixes -er / -or Examples teacher, counselor

53 Suffixes -er / -or Meaning: one who does

54 Suffixes -ologist Examples zoologist, biologist

55 Suffixes -ologist Meaning: one who studies

56 Suffixes -ology Examples zoology, biology

57 Suffixes -ology Meaning: study of

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