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Parliamentary Constituency U-03 Dadra & Nagar Haveli Parliamentary Election 2014 1.

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1 Parliamentary Constituency U-03 Dadra & Nagar Haveli Parliamentary Election 2014 1

2 2

3 Basic Information Category voters20092014 Male81061106203 Female6964390394 Total150704196597 Total number of Polling Station 163239+1 Number of Parliamentary Constituency (ST) 01 3

4 1. Voter turnout specially in urban area. 2. Fear in the minds of public about violence on pre poll day, poll day and after poll day. 3. Apprehension of partiality by some of the Government employees. 4. Apprehension of use of Threat, Influence & Money power. 5. Impractical location of some of the Polling Station buildings. 6. Long queues at some of the polling stations on the poll day. 7. Little knowledge about location of polling stations in urban area. 8. Requirement of basic minimum facilities(BMF) at polling stations. 4

5 Awareness 1. SVEEP activities through Banner, Posters, Hoardings, Media, Nukkad-Natak, Hand Bills etc. 2. Special drive was launched for awareness about voting through EVMs in the widest possible manner throughout the territory. 3. Extensive use of bulk SMS on local mobiles on pre poll days and poll day. 4. Erection of Shamiyana and Painting/ white wash/ Repair of polling station buildings on pre poll days excited public. 5. Extensive use of cable TV network and local news papers. 6. Coloured voter’s slip on photo paper. 5

6 Awareness about EVMs 6

7 INFRASTRUCTURE IMPROVEMENT. 1. Rationalization of the location of polling stations. 2. Increased number of polling station from 163 to 240 with each polling station having less than 1000 voters. 3. Pucca building of all polling stations with sufficient space. 4. All polling stations declared as model polling stations with Basic Minimum Facilities (BMF) like drinking water, shed, toilet, ramp for the physically challenged voters and a standard voting compartment etc. 7

8 Infrastructure Improvement 8

9 Erection of Shamiyana etc. 9

10 Law and order 1. Special drive was launched for proper identification of persons indulged in electoral offences during past elections and security bonds u/s 107/151 Cr. PC of Rs. 1 Lakh from about 502 such persons. 2. Close watch on political activities and campaigns in sensitive areas. 3. Regular discussion with political parties on law and order issues & early warning issued to them regarding apprehensions of breach of peace. 4. Highest level of visibility & mobility of poll machinery in the polling areas. 5. Generation of trust in the voters by Administration for conducting free, fair and peaceful elections. 10

11 POLL DAY 11

12 Motivated Voters 12

13 Enhancement of procedural quality 1. Use of training videos provided by the Election Commission of India extensively for the training of poll staff. 2. Exclusion of doubtful employees having political proximity. 3. Joint teams of Sector Magistrate and Sector Police Officers. 4. Appointment of Sector Medical Officers on poll day. 5. Web casting at 100 polling station, Videography at 40 polling locations, Micro Observers at all polling locations, Facilitation counter at every polling stations. 6. Use of SMS for compilation of polling data from sector officers & BLOs on poll day. 7. Effective implementation of MCC and efficient functioning of VST and SST put the politicians on backfoot. 13

14 Training to Polling Staff 14

15 S0 WHAT 1. Zero error, Zero complaint, free, fair & peaceful election without a single instance of breach of peace accomplished. 2. Poll percentage enhanced to 84.10% from 73.22%. 3. Female voters 85.73% which is more than male voters 82.67%. 4. All political parties/ associations appreciated the poll arrangements. 5. Polling percentage in urban area improved from 57.61% to 74.29% & in rural area from 80.07% to 88.88%. 15

16 We are determined to move forward to enhance performance under the supervision & control of Election Commission of India. 16

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