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Marketing commercial restoration Phillip Rosebrook CR Business mentors ELC Training

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1 Marketing commercial restoration Phillip Rosebrook CR Business mentors ELC Training

2 Presentation Overview Definition Expectations Competence Marketing plan overview Strategy 2

3 Imagine 100,000 SF manufacturing plant explosion Multi-use office space one tenant with $50,000/day BI policy – 3 tenants, 2 operate 7 days per week –smoke damage under air return Dental office – 2 labs, 18 chairs, 3 dentists School with 65,000 SF, 100,000 books – computer fire damage under air return 6 Story elder care facility – broken supply line top floor 3

4 Considerations Logistics Payment and expectations Timelines Triage Fulfillment Finish strong 4

5 Competence Solve problems Quick response Limited down time Understand expectations Set and manage restoration expectations Reality 5

6 Marketing Overview Budget Strategy Activities People 6

7 Budget Plan, budget, control expenses Overview: 2-5+% of revenue 2-3.5% maintenance budget 3-5% growth >5% aggressive growth Includes all marketing activities Understand the opportunity costs 7

8 Strategy Large loss only a portion of the total budget Need to define overall corporate goals Balance activities with objectives Work now vs. future work 8

9 Implementing Strategy People Advertising Promotion Contingency planning 9

10 People strategy Associations Route marketing 30/60/90 follow up Keep your route fresh Commercial property managers Affinity marketing General Adjusters 10

11 More people strategy Independent insurance agents Speaking opportunities Commercial construction companies Fire Sprinkler Companies Janitorial companies 11

12 MGA & GA Leveraging a strong job Paperwork needs to match performance Competence not always determined by the actual work Prompt response and completion Recommendations and referrals 12

13 Exploit a Vertical Market Build relationships, credibility, & create champions Health care Schools Colleges and universities Hospitality Others? 13

14 Associations RIMS – Risk management society BOMA – Building Owners and Managers IFMA – International Facility Management ACP – Association of Contingency Planners Business Service groups – Rotary, Kiwana’s, etc. Community involvement Association tip – be selective and be involved and leverage your relationships 14

15 Advertising Targeted Internet Email – have segmented lists Stay in touch with your clients Association newsletters Business newsletters Make sure that the brand and message fit Paid searches, ad words, etc. 15

16 Promotion Brand items that reinforce large loss, commercial image You are competing on a big stage with big companies Letters of recommendation, videos and quotes 16

17 Your competition Belfor Interstate Restoration Instar Restoration Services JC Restoration 17

18 Contingency Planning A contingency plan is a plan devised for an exceptional risk which is impractical or impossible to avoid Several examples Fire Service – Hurricane season Quantum – downtown flood – schedule emergency services 18

19 Contingency Planning Creating future work sources Consider working relationships with planners Need route marketing rep Property managers Commercial property owners Medical facilities Schools Work through commercial insurance brokers 19

20 More about Contingency Planning 90 day follow up Preauthorization of services Annual walk through Email or direct mail follow up 20

21 A Quick Conversation Head of engineering Disaster plan in place ATI Advanced Willing to add qualified contractors 21

22 Cold Calling Job Sites News or other updates There is a need – you have a solution Who is paying? Get verification Likely into a competitive situation for the job Be professional and respectful Do a social media search to find connections 22

23 Marketing Considerations Explain proficiencies – you will not be all things Set appropriate expectations for your needs and considerations on jobs Build on success – you may have to start small Ask for referrals Build a portfolio – web based and presentation based 23

24 Affinity Marketing Who do you know? Red cross Other disaster assistance groups Fire department City officials Harness the value of past clients 24

25 Accountability Need to have defined goals 100 plans in place 30% of work commercial restoration Clear expectations for marketing staff CRM Program to track performance, clients and activities 25

26 Summary Commercial services are a part of your work portfolio Have multi-pronged approach Leverage your success Start small Focus on paperwork and billing 26

27 Thank you 541 359 4117 27

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