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Unit 1, Lesson 3 Blue Team 9.19.14. Sentence Errors Unit 1.

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1 Unit 1, Lesson 3 Blue Team 9.19.14

2 Sentence Errors Unit 1

3 Review: Sentence Corrections 1. Opponents of the act argued that the legislation A was not only vaguely formulated and uncon- B stitutional, but also impossible to enforce in an C international and virtually unregulated arena. D No error E

4 Review: Sentence Corrections E is correct A is the correct use of the verb In B the verb agrees with it subject, legislation C is a correct idiomatic use of the infinitive to enforce D correctly uses the adverb virtually to modify the adverb unregulated

5 Review: Sentence Corrections 2. When it became apparent to Clive that not one A of the remaining jurors were going to believe his B client’s alibi, he began to reconsider the district C attorney’s offer of a plea bargain. D No error E

6 Review: Sentence Corrections B is correct The subject one takes a singular verb: not one of the jurors was going to believe the alibi.

7 Strategy: Understand Common Mistakes Complete Usage Common Mistakes #5-10 in Kaplan Packet Confusion of Infinitive and Gerund Non-Idiomatic Preposition after Verb Wrong Word Wrong Tense Number Agreement Pronoun in the Wrong Number Practice by answering #7 on page 143 and #3 on page 147 Additional Practice: pages 203-240

8 Vocabulary Unit 1

9 Review: Vocabulary Without looking at your notes, write a sentence for each of the following vocab words. Your sentence must provide enough context that the meaning of the word is clear. Share when you’re done. a.ambivalent b.tenacity c.abstruse

10 17. futile (adjective) incapable of producing a useful result; vain synonyms: ineffective, impractical, worthless

11 18. forbear (verb) to refrain from; to be patient or self-controlled synonyms: abstain, cease, forgo

12 19. exemplify (verb) to illustrate by example synonyms: demonstrate, epitomize

13 20. vindictive (adjective) disposed to seek revenge; revengeful; spiteful synonyms: cruel, retaliatory, unforgiving

14 21. complacency (noun) a feeling of quiet pleasure or security, often while unaware of unpleasant possibilities synonyms: satisfaction, smugness

15 22. anachronism (noun) the representation of something as existing or happening in the wrong time period synonyms: misplacement

16 23. benign (adjective) kind and gentle synonyms: mild, favorable

17 Strategy: Find Clue Words Read pages 92-95 Look for transitions and conjunctions (but, moreover, however, and, because, since, in fact, although, though, in contrast to, rather, despite, yet, etc.) Look for phrases that work as a definition or further explanation of the missing word Look for punctuation triggers (colon and semicolon)

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