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Australia Commonwealth of Australia. Facts about Australia Queen Elizabeth II. Capital city: Canberra Federal parliamentary democracy, constitutional.

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1 Australia Commonwealth of Australia

2 Facts about Australia Queen Elizabeth II. Capital city: Canberra Federal parliamentary democracy, constitutional monarchy Currency: Australian dollar (AD) Cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane

3 Facts about Australia Area: 7,686,850 km 2 Population: 21,262,641 Religion: Catholics, Anglicans, Protestants

4 Facts about Australia The only nation to cover a whole continent Nearest country: Papua New Guinea Bordered by the Pacific and Indian Oceans All 5 temperature zones

5 History 17 th century: discovered by Jansz Towards 18 th century AD: James Cook landed near Sydney - Australia attached to UK - Prisoner colony 19 th century: golden fever (settlement of inlands)


7 Political system Legislative power: bicameral Parliament (2 chambers) - Senate (76) - House of representatives (150) Executive power: Federal Executive Council, The General Governor Judicial power: High court of Australia, federal courts

8 Flag Union Jack: symbolize connection with UK Federation star: symbolize 6 federal states and territories Constellation of Southern Cross: location

9 Coat of arms Symbolizes federal states Anthem Advance Australia Fair

10 Visas Embassy: Vienna Validity: 5 years Students visas Bussines visas Visas for married couples Other visas

11 Canberra (320 000) Capital city: argument between rivals Sydney and Melbourne Canberra means: Meeting point Designed by Griffin Things to see: Lake Bourley Griffin, The City, Old and New Parliament House



14 New Parliament House The main entrance and flag mast

15 Snowy Mountains The only place to ski in Australia

16 Sydney (4,5 mil) The biggest city Capital city of New South Wales Things to see: Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bidge, The Rocks, Hyde Park, Royal Botanical Gardens

17 Sydney Opera House Famous for its exterior (covered with tiles) Shape like shells 1973, Utzon 5 halls, 6 bars, 3 restaurants, 60 clock- rooms Impractical: not possible to show big shows because of constructional problems



20 The Rocks Historical part of the city

21 Harbour Bridge (“Clotheshanger”)

22 Hyde Park Originally racecourse, sporting ground

23 Melbourne (3,8 mil) 2 nd biggest city Capital of Victoria 1901-1927 Capital of Australia A lot of parks and gardens contrast with skyscrapers Things to see: Melbourne + Yarra Park


25 Melbourne park Consists of 4 arenas which were built for Australian Open

26 Yarra park Surrounds Melbourne Cricket Ground

27 Cultural Life Mixture of western culture, Indigenous Australians Multi-ethnic country People are cheerful

28 Indigenous Australians Divide into Aborigines and Torrest Strait Islander people Stolen Generation: 1869-1969 (70s), removing children from parents: white racial purity – ended in 1960s Indigenous were confirmed as full-value citizens.

29 Australian Aboriginal culture The oldest continuous living culture on the planet Over 60,000 years old, Dreamtime Hallmark: oneness with nature Environment is the essence of godliness Nomadic life following the seasons and food

30 Australian Aboriginal culture European colonisation destroyed ancient environment and 50 % of Aborigines (murders and diseases). Incorrigible claims 500 languages



33 Holidays New Year: 1.1. Australia day: 26.1.- established 1 st colony Labour Day: strike – 8 hours working day Easter Canberra Day: 2 nd Monday in March ANZAC Day: 25.4. – army

34 Holidays Queensland Day: 6. 6.- Independence on New South Wales Christmas Eve: 25. 12. Boxing Day: in South Australia: Proclamation Day

35 Food National food: fish and chips Vegemite: dark brown paste made from yeast extract (like dense soy saucer)

36 Beaches More than any other nation; Boni, Manly

37 Animal dream Various Marsupials: usually carry young in a pouch - The Kangaroo, The Koala The Platypus, Whales, Dolphins Birds: The Emu, The Cockatoo Reptiles: Crocodiles




41 Rabbits in Australia A serious mammalian pest Deserts Imported from Europe in early 18 th century Expanded to all continent till 1900 Measures: Shooting, poisoning, setting-out predators, rabbit-proof fence, myxomatosis


43 Dingo fence The longest fence in the world: 5,614 km Built in 1880s to keep dingos out of the fertile Queensland and sheep flocks



46 Kangaroo overpopulation Especially in Canberra Destroyed nature (grass, endangered species) Shooting, injection

47 Uluru Natural icon The biggest monolit in the world UNESCO Waterholes, caves, ancient paintings Sandstone Aboriginal holy place Climbing forbidden


49 Kata Tjuta A group of large domed rock formations Sandstone Spiritual importance: One of the former ceremony was a type of publish punisment in extreme cases including death.


51 The Twelve Apostles Collection of limestone stacks Some stacks have collapsed over the years, so now there are only eight.


53 The Great Barrier Reef One of the wonders of natural world World‘s largest coral reef (2,500 km long) Diverse life UNESCO: 1981 Green turtles, dolphins, whales 1,500 fish species, 4,000 mollusk



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