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VOCABULARY. -Student: Marta Nieto -Teacher: Consuelo -School year: 4ºA.

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1 VOCABULARY. -Student: Marta Nieto -Teacher: Consuelo -School year: 4ºA

2 STYLE ADJETIVES. Vocabulary 1, unit 4.

3 Tight. -Synonyms: close-fitting. -Antonym: Baggy, loose.
-Sentence: The corset is a very tight clothing. -Definition: Firmly fixed in place. -Synonyms: close-fitting. -Antonym: Baggy, loose. -Translation: Ajustado. -Adjetive.

4 Loose. - Sentence: ∙ I like to wear loose trousers, I’m more comfortable. -Definition: Not tightly fastened, tied or stretched. -Synonymous: Loosened, slack. -Antonym: Tense, tight. -Translation: Suelto/ancho -Adjetive.

5 Impractical. Sportswear, if you do sport is impractical. -Sentence: Sportswear, if you do sport is impractical (????). -Definition: Not practical or useful -Synonymous: Unusable -Antonyms: Accesible. -Translation: Poco práctico. -Adjetive.

Vocavulary 2, unit 4.

7 Take off. -Sentence: I take off my clothes when I get at home and put on the pyjama. -Definiton: to rid oneself of (a garment) -Synonymous: Undress, strip -Antonyms: Put on, wear -Translation: Despegarse de una prenda de vestir. -Verb.

8 Give away. -Sentence: He gave away his clothes when I was little to poor people. -Definition: to offer or donate as a present. -Synonymous: Donate -Antonyms: Take away. -Translation: Regalar -Verb

9 Put on. -Sentence: I put on a coat and shoes to go outside
-Definition: To clothe oneself in. -Synonymous: Get dressed -Antonyms: Take off, undress -Translation: Ponerse (ropa). -Verb

10 Put away. -Sentence: You have to put away the clothes in the suitcase. -Definiton: To put in the correct or named place for storage. -Synonymous: Put, get into. -Antonyms: Remove. -Translation: Guardar. -Verb.

11 Get into. -Sentence: I not get into in this dress.
-Translation: Entrar en (una prenda de vestir) -Verb

12 Throw away -Definiton: To get rid of as useless or unwanted.
-Sentence: I throw away the gum. -Definiton: To get rid of as useless or unwanted. -Synonymous: Abolish, extinguish. -Translation: Tirar a la basura. -Verb

13 Pick out -Sentence: She wants to choose a dress but her boyfriend does not like V. -Definition: to choose or select. -Synonymous: Choose, select. -Antonyms: Reject -Translation: Elegir , escoger. -Verb

14 The world of work. Vocabulary 1, unit 5.

15 Allowance -Sentence: I receive a allowance of 20$ every month
-Definition: An amount of something, especially money (or food), given or allotted usually at regular intervals. -Synonymous: Salary -Translation: Asignación mensual. -Noun.

16 Pay rise. -Sentence: I have asked for pay a raise my chied but I did not give it. -Definition: To increase in number, amount, or value: Prices are rising. -Antonyms: Reduce salary. -Translation: Aumento de sueldo. Noun

17 WORK VERBS. Vocabulary 2, unit 5.

18 Job advertisement -Sentence: I put a job advertisment in internet and called-me a girl the next day. -Definition: An announcement in a newspaper, on the internet, etc. about a job that people can apply for. -Translation: Anuncio de trabajo. -Noun.

19 Fill in V application form.
-Sentence: When I go to work intweview I have to write an application form to work in that company. -Definition: a form that you complete in order to appply for a job, a place on a course, etc. or to get something such as a loan or a licence. -Translation: Rellenar una solicitud. Verb + noun

20 Have an interview. -Sentence: I always get nervous before have a job interviews. -Definition: A formal meeting and discussion with someone, for example a person applying for a job, or a person with information to broad cast on radio or television. -Translation: Hacer una entrevista de trabajo. -Verb.

21 CRIME VERBS. Vocabulary 1, unit 6.

22 Catch a thief. -Sentence: Yesterday I saw a police catch a thief when he left the bank. -Definition: Catch a person who steals something from another. -Synonymous: Detain, arrest. -Antonyms: Let loose. -Translation: Coger al ladrón. -Verb.

23 Go on trial/ Commit a crime.
-Sentence: If you commit a crime, you must go on trial. -Definition: The judicial examination of the issues in a civil or criminal cause by a competent tribunal and the determination of these issues in accordance with the law of the land. -Definition: To do something illegal or something that is considered wrong. -Translation: Ir a juicio/ Cometer un crimen. -Verb.

24 Do community service. -Sentence: He didn’t went to prision but V did community service. -Definition: voluntary work, intended to be for the common good, usually done as part of an organized scheme.   -Synonymous: Be a good person. -Translation: Hacer trabajos para la Comunidad (Como condena). -Verb.

25 CRIME AND CRIMINALS. Vocabulary 2, unit 6

26 Murder/Murderer. -Sentences: *The police are treating his death as a case of murder. *In prison there are many murderers. -Definitions: *killing a  person on purpose and illegally. *Person who commits murder. -Synonymous: Kill. Homicide. Exterminate. -Antonym: Revive. Live. -Translation: Asesinato (Crime)/ Asesino (Criminal). - Verb /Noun.

27 Robbery/Robber. -Sentences: He robbed an old lady.
-Definition: The act of robbing. -Synonymous: Theft. Thief. Swindle -Antonym: Return. Honest. -Translation: Robo (Crime)/ Ladrón (Criminal). -Noun.

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