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Tagging Technology for the Masses (TTM) Trevor Maynard Dan Santoni.

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1 Tagging Technology for the Masses (TTM) Trevor Maynard Dan Santoni

2 Outline Existing technologies Existing problems Proposed solution Risks Current Progress Conclusion

3 Existing Technologies Bar Codes RFID Tags IR Tags Contact Tags See “The challenges and opportunities of integrating the physical world and networked systems” (course website)

4 Problems with Current Technology Cost – Even a small cost can make tagging hundreds and thousands of items prohibitively expensive Availability – Tag reading hardware is uncommon Power – Even a small power requirement for the tag makes large scale tagging impractical

5 Proposed Solution Solution Requirements – Almost zero cost for tag – Sensor technology widely available – Zero power required for the tag – Can easily become ubiquitous – Unobtrusive tagging and tag reading

6 Proposed Solution (Cont’d) The solution – Optically sensed tag – Can be scanned by a camera phone/PDA (with camera) – Tags can be printed on a standard laser printer – Tags are unobtrusive (approx 1”x1”, fit on product price tag or poster)

7 Solution Requirements Open tag standard – Anyone can create a tag based on the standard – Eases adoption of technology Use existing network infrastructure – Data storage on tag is limited, use wireless network to collect additional product/item information Run on any portable device – Since the tag standard should be open, clients can be written for any platform.

8 Risks Camera capture quality is too low Tags cannot be made small enough (relates to first risk) Tags cannot hold enough data Tag analysis (processing power and programming skill)

9 Current Progress Prototype Tag generator complete (sample output below)

10 Current Progress (Cont’d) Preliminary stages of image analysis underway Still gathering prototype hardware

11 Conclusion The goal is to prototype a tagging system that is: – Easy to deploy – Built around an open standard – Can be scanned with existing hardware (i.e. camera phones) – Cheap

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