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CAD - Chap 5 Note: CJ and Crim usually don’t go here - history, sociology, broader social policy.

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1 CAD - Chap 5 Note: CJ and Crim usually don’t go here - history, sociology, broader social policy

2 CAD - Chap 5 Three levels of US crime problem: Drug problem & drug war(more recent) Poverty/inequality (since WW2) Amer dream values/instis (long term)

3 CAD - Chap 5 Last huge crime prob in the US (1920s) resulted partly from another “drug war" – prohibition. But prohibition was not the only prob in the 1920s: corp crime & public corruption were rampant + urbanization & first blossoming of Amer dream following WW 1. All of this ended abruptly with onset of Depression (and was mostly forgotten!)

4 CAD - Chap 5 Drug war was/is superimposed over, and masks, two more fundamental problems poverty & inequality our basic values & instis

5 CAD - Chap 5 Basic policy responses are politically biased & unrealistic - what one criminologist calls “theologies” both liberal & conservative policies!

6 CAD - Chap 5 Conservative “get tough” policies see the problem as a culture "soft on crime" Increase police “crack down” Less plea bargaining to lesser charges Mandatory sentencing Get tough should lead to deter & incap

7 CAD - Chap 5 Put into effect by Repubs (Reagan, Bush) continued by Clinton – because popular conservative Supreme Court justices cons federal judges state & federal legislative agendas

8 CAD - Chap 5 Result as crime policy -- total failure No impact on serious crime! + Other results disastrous!

9 CAD - Chap 5 Filling up prisons with petty offenders at huge cost - money costs -- billions (note: dp also an expensive disaster) justice -- poor & racism petty crime

10 CAD - Chap 5 Strong argument that imprisonment binge leads to increased crime poor single parent families children of incarcerated parents violence when they get out

11 CAD - Chap 5 Conservative response to failure? increase the war on crime! “get tougher”

12 CAD - Chap 5 Liberal policies social reform Rehab & training for “criminals” (don’t work) only for those who are “ready” Decrease poverty & inequality (hard to do) should be done, but minor impact on crime

13 CAD - Chap 5 Note: globalization worsening problems! top half prosperous bottom half becoming poorer

14 CAD - Chap 5 Crime reduction Change our culture - hyper-individualism vs. social responsibility Our indiv behavior mirrors our social behavior Short term, no attention to consequences vs. long term, responsible

15 CAD - Chap 5 Binge mirrors crime (dumb & impractical) Death Penalty mirrors homicides (irrational) Abortion/sex education as classic example! stop teen sex vs. stop teen pregnancy (US) (Europe)

16 CAD - Chap 5 Restructure our institutions Most important -- families & schools (also major political battlegrounds) Families/schools incr being reduced to econ support instis - “choice” is cultural underpinning for this But these instis lose social control function!

17 CAD - Chap 5 Family policies (discussed in book) cheaper in short run to treat symptoms cheaper in long run to prevent problems. Schools: detach from economic fate, focus on formal learning

18 CAD - Chap 5 The polity End war on crime/drugs) - focus on prevention Bottom page 100 -- great majority of those in prison violent, past violent, repeat felony (not true, barely true in late 1980s, and prison pops have doubled since then)

19 CAD - Chap 5 National service for young people Police corps, Ameri-core, etc. Now small underfunded programs. Social bonds -- attach poor ym’s to something - not enough jobs, school

20 CAD - Chap 5 The economy Redistribution is only answer Like European mixed economies Higher taxes for rich are major obstacle

21 CAD - Chap 5 Note: Hardly a word about corporate crime! Major contributor to problems

22 Next Exam 2 Review?

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