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3 1 Objectives or the Key Result Area Action Success indicator with unit 2 Aware Generation exhibition of films/songs/dance/dramas/w all writing/puppet shows/ quiz/leaflet Number of such campaign held 3Gram Samsad Social mobilization & propaganda; placement of plan prepared by GUS and discussion and finalization beforehand; Holding mahila samsad prior to Samsad. Number of samsads held. No. of GUS active, percentage of attendance and how many prepared agenda

4 4Perspective Plan Capacity building of all PRI members –-- all facilitators -----format preparation –--- -data collection –----data analysis –----Block vision preparation ------GUS activating ------preparation of Samsad plan with prior intimation of probable allocation by GP ---- GP plan ----- Block Plan using PLANPLUS – No of samsad plan – GP plan - prepared ; Block plan done or not 5Annual Action Plan & Budget From Perspective planDo

5 6 Availability of pure drinking water Ideal Vs Reality survey ; site selection at Samsad for new Tubewell / Ground water delivery system ; repair need assessment ; inclusion in plan ; No of village surveyed ---new places / repair need identified 7Food SecurityNeed and reality Survey - - Fill up Gaps by using AAY, AAP, GR, MID day Meal, ICDS, SAHAY No of persons secured under those schemes 8Nutrition of Children and woman ICDS to make ideal through awareness of the people and intervention of the Members. No of children/mother uplifted from malnutrition

6 9 Functioning of Mid day meal Envisaging a Smooth system of functioning Increase of attendance and satisfaction level of villagers 10 Availability of Homestead land and Shelter for the shelter less people Survey of the PWL –placement in the Samsad to find out non-eligible,plan for use of BHUMIDAN prakalpa –Certral share for purchase of land for the landless, use of Ashray for eligible but not included in IAY-PWL No of Samsad did this. No of people under Ashray. No of person under Land purchase scheme. 11Sanitation facility Social mobilization –motivating people & planning to meet up the gaps if any ; Awareness for use of latrines. Percentage of coverage. Percentage of school –ICDS-Sub- center having facility, percentage using properly.

7 12 Total immunization – reducing child mortality rate Awareness & proper planning for 100% coverage % of coverage of immunisation - % of reduction in child mortality rate 13 Institutionalization of delivery - Reducing maternal mortality rate Awareness and proper planning for 100% instructional delivery ; increase coverage under RSVI % of institutional delivery % coverage under RSVI 14 Treatment facility – function of Sub- center Awareness ; Activating Sub- centers to reach ideal service delivery status., running Delivery OT No. of sub-center having delivery system & treatment facility 15Registration of Handicap certificate –Birth & Death Certificate Awareness and arranging camps ; GP system development ( if needed ) for speedy service delivery for registration. % of coverage increase

8 16 Enrollment in primary school / SSK / MSK / High School Awareness and enrollment drive ( if needed ) ; Training of VEC members and activating them for proper functioning. % of enrollment increase 17 Quality education in Primary / SSK / MSKL Assessment and if needed arrangement for capacity building of the teachers under SSA. Making the school environment joyful ; ensure use of TLM. Increase of No. of school having joyful environment, use of TLM –satisfaction level of parents 18 Coverage under pension schemes Survey –arrangement to fill up the Gap if any. IGNOAPS, IGWPS, IGHPS, AMAY % of coverage 19Vest Agri land distribution Finding out probability and if any get it done by guiding members, karmadhakshas. Area still to be distributed –hanging in the distribution process

9 20 Farm land productivity – utilization of land Survey –awareness generation for using every inch of land and use of water, crop diversification -- arrangement of training by ADO –use of NREGS in Land Development, making the lands free from water logging, horticulture, floriculture. If any such survey /training done ----area under horticulture – floriculture 21 Underground water –use of ground water – water conservation Survey –awareness; use of NREGS for increasing water conservation and irrigation. Number of ponds –other water areas in the block –total water area – number of water bodies excavated 22Co-operative movement Awareness and get it revived if not active by guiding the members & people. How many co-operatives –how many are not functioning properly

10 Forest cover --- social forestry Survey –planning –training by forest dept –awareness –use of NREGS for preparing Nursery and forestation in every possible area. Is there any probability of further forestation – amount spent for this purpose Fishery Survey –training for scientific cultivation ; use of FFDA fund by guiding the members in the excavated ponds under NREGS ; activating fishermen’s co- operatives Water area not under scientific cultivation – amount spent by fishery dept ; how many co-operatives are there ; how many not functioning properly Livestock Development Survey –training for scientific cultivation; SHG groups to be motivated ; planning for use of BSKP & PMRY fund for self employment. How many SHG group or individuals are doing live stock farming ; amount spent by the Dept for this purpose. 23 24 25

11 Self employment –small scale industry Survey for specific trade & production unit probability -- planning –use of Schemes No. of beneficiaries under BSKP & PMRY & other Sc- St-minority dev programmes ; whether any survey done. Skill development and placement Training arrangement Whether any training done ; no. of persons trained. Enrollment in sgsy --- awareness –formation of groups –activating, holding grading tests, credit linkage get it done by members & officials % or no. of BPL families member in the SHGs Village level cluster doNo. of cluster formed. Credit disbursement Proper planning and getting it done No of banks ; not performing up to the expectation. 26 27 28 29 30

12 Preparation of Labour Budget Training –get it done from plan under NREGS Whether done in each GP ; amount involved. Timeliness in allocation work and wage payment Training of officials – Post office personnel – bank staff –use of computer –awareness of People – system development Average Gap from work done and wage received 31 32

13 Coverage of habitat by PMGSY road Block plan to be sent to District for inclusion priority basis Whether all habitat connected as per master plan; if not how many left out. Other Infrastructure s : Sub center –ICDS center – Road –Culvert –School Building Block plan –use of funds in a speedy way -- capacity building of PRI functionaries & officials for work site intervention –system development No. of ICDS & Sub- center not having own pucca building. Amount spent under NREGS –SFC –CFC – BADP etc. Convergence of all programmes Ensure Through Plan & budget Is there convergence or not 33 34 35

14 Cultural Activity – Games & Sports Awareness & plan & use of own fund No of sports held & amount spent Woman & Child trafficking Awareness & envisaging a system to stop it ; use of own fund No of GP adopted a system Child labourIdentifying and finding out solutions No. of child labour rehabilitated 36 37 38



17 1.To select a Block 2.To select 1 young educated people from each Samsad, if possible or 10 people from each GP and build their capacity to do the work along with SIPRD 3.To train all GP members in 4 groups 4.To train Pradhans & Upa-pradhans on programmes, Planning, programme & office management ( Hand on ) at GP 5.To make people aware ( women separately ) about Sustainable Rural Development – Need for a proper Dev. environment --the key areas for sustainable human development –Role of all Govt Programmes in that purpose -- survey of Need and resource – planning through-- a)Wall writing – b) Leaflet / booklet c)Film showing --Drama –puppet show d) Para Baithak campaign by Facilitator tram

18 To build capacity of PS members and BLOCK officials ( including Agri, Live Stock, Fishery, ICDS, Land, Education, Health etc ) in two groups at BDO office regarding –Sustainable Rural development and its VISION, probable strategy --principles and working guidelines of related programmes --convergence of all programmes / depts. : the holistic approach & plan, budgeting --programme & office management -- evaluation : output and outcome measurements / survey. To guide the PS members and officials to analyse data of the Block, find out the areas of low achievement and reasons thereof, set goals for the rest of their tenure ( i.e – two and half years ) and thus prepare a vision document to guide the perspective & annual plan Samsad / Gp wise and for the Block itself. To arrange Mahila Samsad to make them specially aware about their specific needs and programmes of the Govt. for them, to empower them and to get their specific need-list prepared by them for placement in the Samsad.

19 To activate and build capacity of the GUS for preparing plan, taking the suggestions of the Mahila Samsdad and common people into consideration To guide the GP to arrange Gram Samsad timely and finalise the need-list or plan and to inform all necessary information to the people for that. To Guide to form a technical team with working, retired or unemployed young technical/semi technical persons and verify the viability of the need list based probable schemes and speculate the scheme amount by them at GP level To guide to make a Upa-samiti wise GP plan using PLAN PLUS software - scheme formation –establishing co relation between available funds and schemes --budgeting

20 To guide to hold Block Samsad and placement of needs or schemes which could not be incorporated in GP plan and making list of those schemes Sthayee Samiti wise To guide PS to Prepare the perspective and annual plan of PS, SS wise ---using PLAN PLUS - --budgeting At this juncture the first phase of the Role of Capacity building of the PRI Members & officials comes to an end.

21 The second phase relates to execution and evaluation. This is to be done by the GP & PS ; but according to principle of PR system people has a role to play here both as a partner of the execution process and as a watchdog. This involvement of the people would empower them in real term and make them true citizen ; this would also ensure better implementation of the programmes with less leakage of resources. Hence at this juncture SIPRD would be on the people’s side, would continuously make them aware for being involved in the process and if needed to raise questions to the implementers. SIPRD would also watch if there is any gap in comparison to the ideal situation / guideline in the execution process and find out the reasons for such gap

22 To make people aware continuously and activate them to ask for feedback of the plan they made from the Member who in turn would ask for it in GP General meeting / PS General meeting and thus indirectly influence the GP & PS to hold General meeting properly and regularly to disseminate information through general members to the people. If seen it is due to lack of skill / capacity of the PRI functionaries or officials that things are moving slowly and improperly, to build capacity /skill of them on that specific problems / issues again through refresher course ; to suggest official system improvement ( both GP and Block ) if needed. To work as a facilitator of the people so that they can pressurize the GP for speedy, fair, skillful implementation of plan. To guide GP & PS to form social audit team and train them and get the social audit done of some important Programme like NREGS, IAY, etc ; to guide to make the idea of involving people in the execution process a reality; using MAY samsad as a social audit platform being both on the GP side by guiding them to prepare simple, realistic and objective reports on the service delivery performance and on the peoples’ side to facilitate to ask question

23 To identify best practices ----follow them up continuously -- video graphing the work from prior- to –scheme- condition till its completion & end result and then measuring the output and outcome, both by data, people’s verbal opinion and video graph. To identify the Gaps / problems which are chronic in nature ; to find out the reasons of such problems -- which may be inherent in the work principle /guideline of the programme or inherent in the socio-political system or in the work procedure or in the lack of capacity of PRI members / Govt. officials ; study it thoroughly keeping both visual & written records of that study and try to find out a realistic optimum solution to it.

24 In the whole process to act as a passive observer and capacity builder / guide / facilitator basically on behalf of the people to improve their standard of life and to see how far the ideal of Local self govt, decentralization, people’s participation and planned sustainable rural development visualized in the PR Act / principle and preached by SIPRD is translatable into reality if done in a proper attitude and having necessary knowledge & skill. To see whether PR system can function better, deliver the services better, uplift the condition of economy and social justice to a greater height if provided with necessary knowledge and skill support continuously for a long time. Also to go on recording everything in the process ---all the IEC s, trainings, people’s voices, survey & planning methods, decision making meetings, office & work procedure, social audit, success stories, problems -- every thing which later on would be the best possible training materials to be used in-house.


26 DATETASK -1TASK -2TASK -3TASK -4 1.9 to 15.9 Select Village Leven Facilitators Preparation of Wall writing materials, Booklet, leaflet, Drama, film show ( select films ) by SIPRD To prepare a survey format by SIPRD 15.9 to 31.9 To train VLF thoroughly 5 group at BLOCK 31.9 to 15.10 Three days training of all members One day training of GUS members by VLF PROPAGANDA Get the survey done by the VLF through house visit and para baithak 15.10 to 31.10 Two days special training of all Prodhans 31.10 to 15 11. Training of Block officials & PS Members in two groups – Sthayee samiti members & officials + some general members + some general staff Preparation of Vision Document from survey data analysis Hold Mahila Samsad

27 1.11to 15.11 Selection of Technical team & there two days training Preparation of need list by GUS –on basis of suggestions from Mahila Sansad & survey Data 15.11to 31. 11 HOLD GRAM SANSAD 1.12 to 7.12 Technical verification of Need list 7.12 to 31.12Artha upa samiti meeting –Samiti wise allocation Preparation of GP plan – list of schemes to be placed at Block Sansad Report on PS Activity preparation and booklet printing for placement in the Block Sansad 1.1 to 7.1Holding Block Sansad 7.1 to 15.1 PS Artha SS Meeting and allocation of SS fund 15.1to 15.2Preparation of Block Plan 15.2 to 28.2Preparation of budget


29 123456789101112131415 Hea d of the fami ly No of child ren – Age 0-5 Goe s to ICD S or not Rea ds ther e or not No of chil dre n – Age 6-9 Goes to pry. Sc. Or not No of childr en Age 9-14 Goes to school or works No of Adul t me mbe rs Rea ds or wor ks Women membe r –SHG membe rs / works/h ousewif e Tot al me mb er Age more than 65 BPL family or not ON FAMILY 1617181920212223 2425262728293031 La nd ar ea Pa tta ar ea Bar ga Are a Irriga ted / non irrgat ed area Sourc e of irriga tion Wh at cult ivat es Wher efrom gets Agri loan – ROI – loan amou nt Net prof it fro m Agri Earn ing from wag e From NREGS + From privat e work Wat er area Do es fish ery – If ye s ea rni ng No of lives tock and imco me Any other source of earnin g Inc om e fro m tha t Total mon thly inco me ON INCOME

30 323334353637383940414243 Sourc e of drinki ng water Dista nce Does have latrine –use it or not Satisfac tion on the service of Sub center Where the childre n born Taken all vaccine s or not Any death during pregna ncy /delive ry Decea ses suffer from Any chroni c or difficul t deceas e Whe re get treat ed Expendi ture on treatme nt Home environ ment hygienic or not 44454647484950 Any drop out More than one year in a class Does have tutor – expenditure on that Any child labour Level of satisfaction on school teaching – E/VG/G/F/B Level of satisfaction on Mid day meal Attends VEC meeting or not ON HEALTH ISSUES ON EDUCATION

31 515253545556575859 Food scarcity Satisfact ion level on ICDS Any benefit of food securit y prog. Get regular O proper weight at Ration shop Gets any pensio n Eligible for any pension but does not get – reasons Condition of the House Got IAY. if not wheth er should have got Does have electri city or not Amt. of GP tax -- Pay taxes of GP --- up to which year paid ON SOCIAL SECURITY What are the basic needs of the family 1) 2) 3) 4) What the family could have done to increase income, the options are ----- 1) 2)

32 123456789101112 ICDS in the sansad or not No of child No of Red/g reen/ yello w child No of Mot hers No suffer from malnut rition Own buildin g / where runs Land availa ble for buildi ng – land details Has latrin e or not What are food items Does pre schooli ng Does take weigh t Does have sub cente r or not 13141516171819202122 Does have own buildi ng or not If not wher e runs Dista nce from mid- point of habit ation s No of famili es in ECR How many of them taken famil y plann ing meas ure Does pregnan t women get services of weight /pressur e /iron tablet Does ANM / ASHA worker visits houses regularly Does have OT for delive ry Distan ce from PHC/B PHC Wher e gets treat ed

33 1234567891011 Pry. Sch. Or SSK Distance from the farthest child Land quantu m Fenc ed / walle d or not Class wise no of student & floor space of respecti ve rooms Teacher s have room or not Area of varand a Does have pucc a Kitch en or not What trees are there How many more trees can be plante d Does have Bench & Black Board or not 12131415161718192021 No of classes teachers Mid day meal menu – who cooks How many latrines –used regularl y or not Do they have TLM -- use TLM or not How many student s are below class standar d – class- wise How many left school in last two years Faciliti es of games & sports Swing – slipper – joyful environ ment Opinion of the parents on the standard of teaching ON EDUCATION

34 12345678 No of Water area –a) pond b) others Area ( acre) Which water bodies are excavate- able Probable increase in area of irrigation Forest area No of trees under social forestry Length of road side –embankments etc where new plantation can be done Area of Land for forestation –no of trees can be planted - 910111213141516 Any distributabl e vest land –area –who are eligible Any land owner willing to sell land to Govt. Name – land details – Cost he wants and deserves Irrigation channel – length Excavat e needed or not Irrigatio n facilities Options for increasing irrigated area Total land ON INCOME

35 171819202122 What are the crops What new crops can be introduced Area under floriculture – probability of increase in area Area under Horticulture – increase possibility Probability of increasing Live stock 2324252627 Probability of increasing Fishery No of SHG groups -- Grade-1 passed /Gr.- 2 passed / Received bank loan Which trade / small scale production unit Which trade/Handicr aft/productio n unit have probability

36 1234567 How many houses do not have a six ft. wide road in front of it Length of Road – Earthen – Brick made – Boulder- Murom -- Pucca Needs any road – location – length – material Which of the roads needs up gradation –repair How many culvert –needs any repair Needs any culvert/bridge/c auseway -- where --Sm fl£r¡ q­u­R ¢L e¡ No of Tube well - 891011121314 How many are defunct Any habitation which has to walk more than 300 mt. to fetch water The exact site where a new tube-well should be made Whether water has been examined How many houses do have electricity How many columns are needed / length to provide electricity to all houses How many families are in a position to pay for electricity ON INFRASTRUCTURE

37 1234567 How many IAY eligible have not got the benefit Pension eligible but do not get NFBS – applied for but not got AAY eligible but do not get AAP eligible but do not get Applied for NREGS but do not gert work Should have got Book grant – scholarship etc not got 891011121314 Competent for self employment but not received loan SHG – competent but not received any loan Families with problem of mere survival Which assistance needed 0-18 not having birth certificate 14-35 and could have been beneficial but not having SC/ST/OBC certificate No of persons not having Ration Card ON SOCIAL SECURITY & JUSTICE


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