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Payroll Update and Payroll Year End Sharon Mortimer – Agent Account Manager.

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1 Payroll Update and Payroll Year End Sharon Mortimer – Agent Account Manager

2 What we will be covering today End of Year Process What's New for Employers for 2012/13

3 Online Filing – Employers Annual Returns Exemptions Filing date Nil returns Completing P14’s – common errors Form P60 Benefits and Expenses

4 Who is exempt from online filing Employers operating HMRC’s simplified deductions scheme for domestic employees Exemptions on religious grounds Employers who employ someone to provide care or support services at or from their own home Limited Companies filing a return solely to submit an entry in box 28 of P35 (CIS Deductions suffered)

5 Filing date 2011/12 return must reach us by 19 th May 2012 or penalties may be applied There will be no period of grace ESCB46 came to an end on 31/3/11 Acceptance and rejection messages can be seen at

6 Nil Returns No Employer Annual Return (P35 and P14’s) for 2011/12 tell HMRC by: Structured Email (one version for employers and one version for agents on behalf of their clients) Phone the Employers Helpline Write to the Employer Office

7 Other things to consider Avoid Common ErrorsCommon Errors Test your submission P60’s can be provided to employees electronically

8 Registration Before you can file your EOY return online you need to register

9 Sending P14s and P35 online from the Basic PAYE Tools

10 Completing End of Year PAYE online for employers – a reminder!

11 Benefits and Expenses forms 2011/12 Completing and filing online using: - Commercial Payroll Software Online returns and forms PAYE Service Completing forms using Basic PAYE Tools Electronic Media (Floppy Disk)

12 Deadlines & Penalties Employer Annual Return (P35 & P14) Expenses & Benefits: Form P11D(b)

13 What's New for 2012-13 – Income tax Personal Allowance £8105 Code 810L Tax Bands BR 20% £1 - £34,370 HR 40% £34,371 - £150,000 Additional 50% £150,001 and above

14 What's New for 2012/13 – National Insurance Lower Earnings limit £107 Primary Threshold - E/E £146 Secondary Threshold - E/R £144 Upper Accrual Point £770 Upper Earnings limit £817

15 Other Changes Tax Code Change Student Loan update New Statutory Payment Rates Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP) £135.45 per week Ordinary Statutory Paternity Pay £135.45 per week Additional Statutory Paternity Pay £135.45 per week Statutory Adoption Pay (SAP) £135.45 per week Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) £85.85 per week

16 Payment There are still a significant number of electronic payments not automatically allocated to the correct place/account/period each month. So how do we get it right? Reference Checker Tool

17 Payment continued Don’t pay your PAYE and NIC separately Use the correct HMRC Bank Account Details If you pay with an HMRC payslip make sure you use the correct period payslip. 22 nd April 2012 is a Sunday! Faster Payments Paying PAYE late payment penalties All large employers are required to pay electronically

18 Who and w hat late payment penalties apply to Monthly, quarterly or annual PAYE (Pay As You Earn) Student Loan deductions Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) deductions Class 1 National Insurance contributions (NIC’s) Annual payments of employers' Class 1A and Class 1B NIC’s Determinations made by HMRC where it appears that there may be further tax payable - for example under Regulation 80 of the Income Tax (Pay As You Earn) Regulations 2003 Decisions under Section 8 of the Social Security Contributions (Transfer of Functions, Etc) Act 1999 - for example about a person’s liability to pay NIC’s and the amount payable

19 Pensions State Pension Age Alignment Changes to tax relief on pension contributions – Annual allowance reduced to £50,000 for 2011/12 Soft landing for defined benefits scheme for 2011/12 time limit for notification extended to 6 th July 2013 (extra 12 months) Reminder – Workplace Pensions Reform

20 Any Questions

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