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Flexgen Business License – 2015 Changes Local Government Corporation.

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1 Flexgen Business License – 2015 Changes Local Government Corporation

2 Business Tax Presentation created by Shanna Boyette – City of Shelbyville Local Government Responsibility & Tips

3 Changes in Business Tax ●Rate change in 2002 ●Public Chapter 530 (2009) ●Public Chapter 313 (2013) Uniformity and Small Business Relief Act of 2013 Change is Inevitable Progress is Optional –Tony Robbins

4 ● To collect registration fee of $15.00 on Regular License and issue Regular License ● To issue Minimal Activity License, collect $15.00 Activity fee ● To invoice for Minimal Activity License yearly ● To issue Transient Vendor License ● To import and export computer files to and from the State ● To maintain accurate records-Clerk Responsibility What is the Local Government’s Responsibility in regards to Business Tax?

5 Potential Loss of Revenue at the Local and State levels Why is the process important?

6 How do Local Government(s) maintain accurate business tax records? What process can Clerks & Recorders use? Requires us to Think Different - Steve Jobs

7 Tips for Daily Business Tax Transactions ● Process Clearance Files sent from the State Daily ● Use the Reports to update computer records Email, Addresses, Phone Numbers, Owner info ● Use Note fields to document information specific to an account. ● Help Business Owners Register with the State

8 TIPS (continued) ● Create change files and send back to the State-Daily ● Send State New Files Daily when applicable

9 What do we do when information is missing from State files? Frustration although quite painful at times is a very positive essential part of success. - Bo Bennett

10 What do we do when information is missing from State files? ● View the Report and Identify the Error Message ● If account number of tax period is blank- Create a Spreadsheet

11 SCENARIOS What would you do?

12 Business Owner contacts the office demanding a business license for a tax period that hasn’t been to sent to the local office by the State. What do you do? A. Issue a business license as requested B. Issue a business license as the owner has proof of payment C. Tell the owner to call the State D. Contact the State and Request a Certificate of Clearance

13 A Business Owner contacts the office because the business classification is incorrect. What do we do? A. Ignore It B. Change It C. Notify the State

14 When importing/receiving files from the State, What do we do when the files contain missing information? A. Import and Ignore the missing information B. Call the State to inquire on missing information C. Create a spreadsheet using software to see missing information on new, change, and clearance files.

15 What do we do when we receive notice from the State that a Business is closed and it is in fact still Active? A. Import, Change, and Send Back B. Call the Business Owner and Notify C. Nothing

16 City Responsibility Minimal Activity License

17 Minimal Activity License ● Invoice beginning Jan. 2015 ● Software has invoicing notice available ● 15.00 Activity Fee

18 Minimal Activity License Can Business status change from Minimal to Regular? Yes Can State and Local office collect a Minimal Fee? Local yes, State no-In Progress *New and Change files are essential to eliminate duplicate payment

19 Master Maintenance License Flag is R for Regular M for Minimal

20 Minimal Activity License

21 Receipt Minimal Activity License

22 Receipt Minimal License

23 Minimal Activity Renewal Form

24 More about Minimal Activity Licenses 1.Can be collected by city or state 2. The $15 annual fee is kept by city (not on State Annual Report.) 3. For renewals, confirm that the business still grossed less than $10,000. 4. Renewal letters will not be sent by the state.

25 A few more things Verifying Periods and Dates Edit and Import State FTP Storage State Website Access

26 Verifying Periods and Dates What Shows in Master Inquiry

27 Edit and Import is Essential You don’t have to import all the files as the state sends them? You can edit and delete specific records.

28 LGC created maintenance forms for the Import processes to assist with correcting information in files received from the State.

29 After running the BL IN process, files are loaded from the State server to your server. We then run the correct import option for the type of file: SBN####CCYYMMDD.txt – New Business files OR a return file of a new business you added that contains the State Tax Account number and will be updated to your system. LBE####CCYYMMDD.txt – Error files that contain error code(s) that kept a new business from being opened at the State. The error must be corrected and the new business resubmitted to the State. SBC###CCYYMMDD.txt – Change files that can contain any type of information change or business closing information. SBT####CCYYMMDD.txt – Tax Clearance files contain clearance that a business has paid a tax at the State.

30 After running the BL IN process, files are loaded from the State server to your server. We then run the correct import option for the type of file:

31 When running the New Business/St Acct Import option, enter the SITUS number and the Date of the file. That date comes from the report generated during the BL IN process. Remember the format of the filename is SBN####CCYYMMDD

32 You will be prompted to print or display the Edit report. Print this. This report will show you any possible issues, such as missing information, Local Number exists, duplicate State tax account number, etc. Use this information to help you know what your next step will be.

33 Immediately after the report, you are given 3 options: 1) Import the file exactly as it is. Records that cannot import will not. All others will import even if data is missing. 2) Edit & Import. This will allow you to maintain the information in each record. You must go through all of the businesses in the file to correctly edit it and import. 3) No Import. This will not import anything and leave the file intact at is it. Escaping will do the same as No Import.

34 Edit & Import option – this is new and still being developed. When this is selected, all of the information from the file is loaded into a screen that you can maintain. The purpose is to allow you to see the information and edit or add to it as necessary. You have access to all fields except the State Tax Account Number and the Situs number. 1 st Part Business information

35 NEW UPDATE COMING SOON You will be able F2 to find the business number

36 Edit & Import option –The purpose is to allow you to see the information and edit or add to it as necessary. You have access to all fields except the State Tax Account Number and the Situs number. 2 nd Part Owner information

37 Edit & Import option – You can delete the record from the file to be imported using the Delete button. This allows you to remove a business that might already exist or you have other reasons not to import it. Then you can still import other business record(s) that were in the same file.

38 Edit & Import option – To save this record (if changes were made or even if there were no changes made) and move to the next record in the file or if the last record to Import, use the Page Down button.

39 Edit & Import option – If this is the last record you will be prompted to IMPORT FILE?

40 Edit & Import option – If you choose to Import the file, for a New Business, it will add the new business to your records at this time. If you choose NO to Import, you will then be given the option to Revert to Original. Yes will dismiss any changes you made and put the Original file from the State back in your IN folder for you to start the Import process over with. If you choose No to revert, this will save your changes and leave that updated file in the IN folder for you to go through the Import process again.

41 State FTP Storage We’ve been told that the state would be clearing out files on the FTP site which are older than 60 days.

42 Do you need access to the state website for clearance website? The contact is Jane Lacy (615) 532-6164. You will need to fill out and sign disclosure forms and then Jane will forward their information to their IT department to generate login credentials.

43 This concludes our presentation for today Questions? Bye Bye!

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