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Tax, Commission, Fees, and Other Real World Percent Applications.

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1 Tax, Commission, Fees, and Other Real World Percent Applications

2 Christian’s mom works at the concession stand during sporting events. She told him they buy candy bars for $0.75 each and mark them up 40% to sell at the concession stand. What is the amount of the mark up? How much does the concession stand charge for each candy bar?

3 Lee works selling electronics. He earns a 5% commission on each sale he makes. If Lee wants to make $100 in commission, what is the dollar amount of electronics he must sell?

4 The sports booster club sold candles as a fundraiser to support the new team. They earn a commission on their candle sales (which means they receive a certain percentage of the total dollar amount sold). If the club gets to keep 30% of the money from the candle sales, what would the club’s total sales have to be in order to make at least $500?

5 Time to Pay the Bill You are at your favorite restaurant celebrating a birthday and the bill comes. Yep, it’s your turn to pay. The total was Because you are with a large group, you are required to leave a 20% tip. What is the total amount charged to your debit card?

6 Jim is at Game Stop which is having a 30% off sale. He finds a game that normally sells for $50. If he receives the discount and pays tax at a rate of 7%, what is his total amount due?

7 The district ordered 30 team uniforms and received a bill for $2, The total included a 5% discount. a. The school needs to place another order for two more uniforms. The company said the discount will not apply because the discount only applies to orders of $1,000 or more. How much will the two uniforms cost? (hint: what was the cost of all 30 uniforms without the discount?)

8 The school district does not have to pay the 8% sales tax on the $2, purchase. Estimate the amount of sales tax the district saved on the purchase. Explain how you arrived at your estimate.

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