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Scientific Forest Management by Richard Latty Caswell Forest Products.

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1 Scientific Forest Management by Richard Latty Caswell Forest Products


3 Honduras Future Wood In order to meet future demands for wood products we must manage our forest resources to produce more wood. Ability to Harvest More Wood Every Year, Forever.

4 Imagen de Landsat

5 Honduras Pine Honduras Area: 43,433 square miles (Tennessee: 42,144) Area Producing Pine: 10,000 sq-miles Annual Wood Production: 1.5M M3

6 Image of Hacienda Guadelupe

7 Pine on Hacienda Guadelupe Area: 6,500 acres (2,600 hectares) Tree Population: < 70 trees/acre (< 175 trees/hectare) Multi-aged stands Highly variable densities Inefficient spatial distributions

8 HG - a NNE

9 Problem Low future harvestable volume Low future quality Low overall wood production Open stands result in high accumulation of combustible fuel and high probability of wildfire Low predictability of future production and harvestable trees.

10 HG - NNE

11 HG - NE

12 HG - Este

13 HG - SE

14 HG - Sur

15 HG - seccion con buen densidad

16 Solution Scientific Forest Replanting Using Nursery Seedlings

17 Program Plant Seeds in Nursery Manage Seedlings for optimal growth Cut Zones in Forest Management Sections – cut all trees Burn area – preparing soil surface for seedlings Transplant Seedlings to Forest Zone Manage competition & fuel loads

18 Plantulas en Vivero con salud excelante

19 Transplante en el Bosque qual los Plantulas estan optima por nacimiente en el Bosque Vivero

20 Pino despues de transplante – 2 anos de edad

21 Pino con 8 anos

22 Pino con 15 anos

23 Benefits More Seedlings/Area (450/acre, 1,125/hectare) More efficient spatial distribution of Seedlings Healthier Trees Faster Initial and Overall Growth Natural pruning of lower limbs Higher value of harvestable trees Harvestable trees earlier More harvestable trees per area More wood volume/area/year Greater Predictability/Lower Risk Lower Road Requirements Better Wild Fire Control

24 Additional Costs Seeds Seedbed preparation (discing, herbicide) Seed Planting Seedling Maintenance (water, fertilizer, weed control) Seedling Site Preparation – Controlled Burn, Fire Breaks, Fire Control Seedling Transplantation Seedling/Tree Maintenance – Controlled Burns, Fire Control

25 Cost Savings Reduced Forest Plan Preparation Costs – no individual tree marking required Reduced Harvest Cost – more trees harvested from smaller area – reduced cutting, yarding, road maintenance. Ability to cut wood every year forever.

26 Specific Information for Hacienda Guadelupe Pressure treated utility poles & pilings. Enables harvesting of trees at earlier age (18 to 20 years versus 30 to 45 years for saw timber). Enables more efficient use of the wood– 95% utilization versus 45 to 65% utilization for saw log). Enables high labor content in the product prior to export – peel, kiln dry, cut and drill to specification, brand, and pressure treat. Develops higher skilled labor pool with higher wage levels and valuable experience.

27 Specific Elements of Plan Seedling Nursery – plant and maintain 100,000 seedlings in first year (140,000 each year thereafter). 8 acres of unforested area suitable for fencing, tiling and irrigating. Cut 150 acre zones from each Management Section each year, in 50 acre sub-zones Burn each sub-zone immediately after limbs dry. Transplant seedlings (450 per acre = 22,500) to each sub- zone immediately after burn is complete & favorable soil moisture. Apply Herbicide where needed to retard understory competition. Harvest roads will be placed to provide suitable fire breaks for each sub-zone.

28 Benefits to CODEFOR More wood now and in the future. More income now and in the future. More Profit and less Risk. Plans that are easier and cheaper to administer. The work for in the forest is more regular – reducing wood theft problems.

29 Needed From CODEFOR Prompt Approval for the “Scientific Forest Management Plan for Hacienda Guadelupe Schedule payment for Wood Tax at time of harvest & transport

30 Conclusion Working in cooperation with CODEFOR we can produce : –More wood volume –Better wood quality –With less time and less risk –With better value to the economy of Honduras

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