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ENERGY SAVING LIGHTING illuminating business horizons Ecusol Limited The Stables, Wolsingham Road, Gosforth,Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 4RP

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1 ENERGY SAVING LIGHTING illuminating business horizons Ecusol Limited The Stables, Wolsingham Road, Gosforth,Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 4RP Email:

2 UK Carbon Emissions The UK’s direct emissions of CO 2 are 560 million tonnes a year, 40% of which is created by business illuminating business horizons

3 Emissions Targets The Government’s target is to reduce by 2050 the UK’s emissions by over 60% 560M Tonnes illuminating business horizons Direct Emission by BusinessTotal Emissions 200920102020203020402050 560M Tonnes

4 Low carbon economy presents significant challenges and opportunities for business Meeting the projected 60% emissions reduction by 2050 requires not only energy efficiency but technology innovation Financial incentives to invest in new technology illuminating business horizons Reducing Emissions

5 Our Mission To accelerate the change to a low carbon environment and save costs on energy Our Goal To support your company in reducing energy costs and saving money illuminating business horizons

6 Business Objectives that work with the environment Energy Saving Lighting Reduce energy costs Reduce maintenance costs Better light and performance Carbon & CO 2 emission reductions Flexible loans Enhanced capital allowances illuminating business horizons

7 Bringing Energy Savings to light Hidden Costs Lighting is a significant part of the operating costs to business, it is often unforeseen and taken for granted With the progress in LED / High Bay technology there is now a real opportunity to reduce costs and improve the working environment in factories, offices, restaurants, pubs & external areas illuminating business horizons The Cost of Lighting to BusinessThe Impact of New Technology Other Equipment Lighting Other Equipment

8 LED Fluorescent Tubes, Spotlights and Bulbs Dramatic reductions in lighting costs of 76% Dramatic reductions in maintenance costs, LED tubes have a life span of 50,000 hours equivalent to 10 years of normal use Enhanced light quality improving variation in different colours Inbuilt light diffuser prevents glare on PC monitors Instant start, no nuisance fluorescent tube flickering or humming Reduced fire hazard – tubes do not become hot or overheat illuminating business horizons

9 The benefits in changing a medium size office (c. 80 staff) to LED lighting impacts not only on energy costs saving but also on the environment too Energy 17,332 kWh Carbon 19.44 Tonnes Energy 53,036 kWh Carbon 28.89 Tonnes LED Lighting Standard Fluorescent 67% Energy Saving illuminating business horizons LED Fluorescent Tubes, Spotlights and Bulbs

10 Energy Savings Based on 10 sites this will equate to overall savings of: 194 Tonnes 357,040 kWh Based on kWh charge of 10p this equates to: Annual power saving of £35,704 illuminating business horizons

11 Dramatic reductions in lighting cost in excess of 69% Dramatic reductions in maintenance costs, LED floodlights have a lifespan of 50,000 hours equivalent to around 20 years of normal dusk till dawn operation Excellent white light quality making easy to see different colours No warm up time, virtually instantaneous in operation Self cleaning LED Floodlights and Streetlights illuminating business horizons

12 Case History – LED Floodlighting The benefits in changing Sodium floodlights in an auto-park to LED lighting Energy 30,751 kWh Carbon 16.75 Tonnes Energy 123,000 kWh Carbon 67 Tonnes LED Floodlights Standard Sodium Lighting 75% Energy Saving £9,262 illuminating business horizons

13 Stingray High Bay Endorsement Verified Environmental Claims The Stingray high bay electronic (HBE) has a patented reflector system (SRS) it is a twin reflector system that is easily adjusted to suit the light level required for the task. The light fitting utilises a lower wattage lamp than conventional high bay fittings whilst maintaining the required light levels with the patented reflector system The Stingray SRS high bay series 250 watt will reduce consumption and CO 2 emissions compared to conventional magnetic discharge HID fittings Standard conventional high bay luminaires of 400 watt rating can be replaced with the 250 watt Stingray delivering a typical energy saving of 41% illuminating business horizons

14 Stingray Hi-Bay Wattage Lamp Total wattage Number of lamps per location Annual number of burning hours Energy price kWh Annual lighting Costs 400w existing455w2006,0000.12£65,520 250w Hi-bay SRS262.5w2006,0000.12£37,800 Total annual saving £27,720 Typical return on investment 1-3 years dependent on light usage illuminating business horizons

15 Carbon Trust Loans Business loans of £1,000 upwards are available from the Energy Efficiency Financing Scheme to help organisations finance and invest in energy saving projects You can borrow a minimum of £1,000, with no upper cap Anticipated energy savings offset the loan repayments, therefore new equipment should pay for itself and you should continue to make savings year on year A straightforward and fast application process with no arrangement fees You’ll receive a conditional offer within 24 hours of your application being processed Loans can be repaid over a period of up to 7 years, in some cases even longer You can track the progress of your application online illuminating business horizons Borrow £1, 000 upwards Why a business loan makes business sense

16 Assuming a business is paying corporation tax at 28p: 100% taxable allowance in first year That’s 28p for every pound invested This is an immediate cash-flow boost of 22.4p over the usual 5.6p first year capital allowance Direct costs such as transport and installation can also be included in the scheme illuminating business horizons Tax Benefits

17 TAX benefits explained Profit £100,000 Corporation Tax at 28% = £28,000 Tax reduction for £50,000 investment Enhanced capital allowances 100% Normal capital allowances 20% £50,000 x 28% = £14,000 £10,000 x 28% = £2,800 Net tax saving for £50,000 investment in ECA qualifying equipment = £11,200 * Enhanced Capital Allowances are separate from any other capital allowances categor ies illuminating business horizons

18 Reducing a company’s energy bills also reduces the subsequent Climate Change Levy which gives significant long-term savings as a result of the initial investment illuminating business horizons Climate Change Levy

19 Ongoing Maintenance Energy Saving Lighting has a 0.05% failure rate within 50,000 hours Almost zero maintenance Reducing costs such as access equipment hire Less failure mean less disruption and down time 50,000 hours 20,000 hours LED Lighting Standard Fluorescent 2.5x Longer Life illuminating business horizons 010,00020,00030,00040,00050,000

20 Energy Saving Lighting products are designed with environmental responsibility in mind Whichever is most important to you… Reduced maintenance visits… …contributes to environmental KPI’s Increased energy savings… …as demonstrated, up to 76% Environmentally responsible… …no lead, mercury or glass for disposal plus a long lasting design with less material to dispose of illuminating business horizons Environmental Benefits

21 Significant Financial Benefits Flexible Loans available Tax Incentives available Energy Savings realised Improved Performance Carbon and Co 2 savings In Summary illuminating business horizons

22 Ecusol Limited The Stables Wolsingham Road Gosforth Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 4RP Tel: 0191 300 0934 Email:

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