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The Obama-Biden Health Reform Plan © Foley Hoag LLP 2008.

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1 The Obama-Biden Health Reform Plan © Foley Hoag LLP 2008

2 Three Pronged Approach  Quality, Affordable and Portable Health Coverage for All  Modernizing the Health Care System to Improve Quality and Lower Costs  Promoting Prevention and Strengthening Public Health © Foley Hoag LLP 2008

3 1. Coverage  Build on existing system of employer-sponsored health insurance & ensure greater employer participation  National Health Insurance Exchange Similar to the Connector; clearinghouse & watchdog Income-based sliding scale tax credits  Strengthen Medicare, SCHIP, Medicaid © Foley Hoag LLP 2008

4 2. Modernization  Improve quality & lower costs Health IT Comparative Effectiveness Transparency Prescription Drugs Malpractice Reform © Foley Hoag LLP 2008

5 3. Prevention  Preventive Services Coverage  Chronic Disease Management  Mandated coverage by Employers  Best Practices  Coordination of Public Health Activities © Foley Hoag LLP 2008

6  Cost Estimates: $50- $65 billion annually (Obama campaign) $75+ billion annually (PWC) $86+ billion annually (Tax Policy Center)  Save: $120-$200 billion (public and private) - $2500 per family.  Allow Bush tax cuts on the those making above $250,000 to expire & retain estate tax at 2009 level  “Pay or Play” Option Costs and Financing © Foley Hoag LLP 2008

7  Double Federal Funding for Basic Research  University-based Research  Biomedical Research  R&D Tax Credit  Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act Research © Foley Hoag LLP 2008

8 Advisors  Tom Daschle: Former Senate Majority Leader; potential HHS Secretary  Jeanne Lambrew: Fellow at the Center for American Progress, co- author with Sen. Daschle of Critical: What We Can Do About the Health-Care Crisis  David Cutler, PhD: Harvard professor and health economist, Institute of Medicine member, architect of the Obama health care reform plan  Dora Hughes, MD: Obama’s Senate health advisor, former staff to Sen. Kennedy on HELP Committee  David Blumenthal, MD: Director of the Massachusetts General Hospital Institute for Health Policy  Steven Pearson, MD: Founder of the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review; Vice-Chair, Medicare Evidence Development and Coverage Advisory Committee  Chris Jennings: Former Clinton White House health advisor © Foley Hoag LLP 2008

9  Tom Perez  HHS, VA, HUD, SSA  Bill Corr & Nicole Lurie  HHS Personnel Review Team Leads  Jonathan Moreno  Bioethics Review Transition Team © Foley Hoag LLP 2008

10 Policy Options  Comprehensive Bill  Expand SCHIP, Reinforce Medicaid and Medicare  Separate components and pass one at a time over three years © Foley Hoag LLP 2008

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