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Film Withholding Tax Ken Fleming FWT Unit 25 November 2014.

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1 Film Withholding Tax Ken Fleming FWT Unit 25 November 2014

2 Todays Presentation Legislation and Regulations Who? What? How? When? Expenses Claims FWT Unit

3 Legislation and Regulation Film Withholding Tax (FWT) introduced by section 25 Finance (No. 2) Bill 2013 Included as sections 529B – 529M TCA Regulations, regarding details to be included on tax returns and expenses claims, currently with the AGs FWT is subject to Ministerial commencement order Will commence at same time as the new section 481 credit.

4 Who? Tax operated by the Qualifying Company Artistes resident outside the EU/EEA  Actors, voice over artistes  Artiste does not include, directors, producers, cameramen etc. Payments for artistic services Specified Person

5 What? All payments for artistic services  Whether made directly or indirectly. Withholding Tax at the rate of 20% Does not include payments subject to PAYE or legitimate expenses. Ireland/USA Tax Treaty - $20,000

6 How? - Certificates of Deduction Obtain required details from the specified person On making a payment deduct withholding tax Issue a certificate of deduction to the specified person  Secure Form  Available from FWT unit  Keep part 2 for your records

7 How? - Tax Return to Revenue Monthly Return Available on request from the FWT unit Preformatted excel spreadsheet Details of the company, the payment and the payee Secure upload through the Revenue Online Service (ROS) Transferred to the FWT Unit

8 How? - Payments Monthly Payment Transferred to Revenue by Electronic Fund Transfer Bank Account information will be made available.

9 When - Important Dates Withholding Tax expected to start 1 Jan 2015 Does not apply to existing productions Only applies to companies who will be approved for the new film tax credit Returns and Payments due by the 23 rd of the month which follows the month in which a payment was made (payment made in Feb 2015 so return and payment due on 23 rd March 2015)

10 Expenses Claims Claim can be made prepayment or post payment on a designated claim form Pre-payment  Revenue will determine the claim and advise the company to reduce the amount of the payment which is to be taxed by the amount of the allowable expenses Post payment  Revenue will determine the claim and make a repayment to the specified person

11 FWT unit Detailed information to be posted on Revenue website. Contactable at  Requests for forms  Provide help and assistance  Update website information with common issues and FAQs Will monitor compliance and process expenses claims.

12 Thank You

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