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Data Management System Created by Essential Information Group ‘Simpler by design’

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1 Data Management System Created by Essential Information Group ‘Simpler by design’

2 Data Management System Introduction The Essential Information Group Why use us? Have been central to the auction market for past 22 years Searchable database of past lots covering 16,000+ auctions 365 active auctioneers 35,000 lots a year Main provider of digital/technical services to the industry

3 Data Management System System Timeline 1998 Trialled service with Roger Fuller (responsible then for Argos’ automated catalogue compiler). Insufficient interest from industry to make it viable 2006 Foxwood Design launch software to provide web to print solution utilising databases and templates 2006-2011 Foxwood Design software used by Harman Healy, Erinaceous, King Sturge and Jones Lang La Salle 2011 Essential Information Group acquire Foxwood Design software. Name changed to Data Management System (DMS) to reflect importance of web integration Jan 2012 Total re-development (8 months) of system to make it totally flexible to cover all scenarios Sept 2012 Released new version Oct 2012 LSH use system to produce first catalogue and website Nov 2012 Rolled out to increasing list of auctioneers Dec 2012 ‘RM v3’ format released for auto upload to web portals, (Rightmove, Zoopla etc) Timeline

4 Data Management System The Lot Journey Details & Pictures Printed, Corrected… Sent back! Checked & Additional Changes Hopefully all OK! 1 st Draft Made Corrections Made More Corrections …Final Sign-Off & Print!! Auctioneer Typesetter/Printer

5 Data Management System Process Cloud Data Management System Cloud Storage Catalogue PDF For Printer Website Internal Database App Guide Price Sheets Web Portals Computer IPadTypesetter Turning Page Catalogue How the data is processed

6 Data Management System The Faster Way To Create Catalogues & Websites Benefits Add auction lots into system as you receive instructions – creates page and web view. See how your catalogue will look as you add in the lot details. All templates set for you to use - personalised to your current branding. User management – manage users dealing with properties (Staff/Negotiators) Create sign off per lot, and final sign off to create high- res catalogue PDF – ready for print. Automatically feeds website Lots can be shown on website as soon as signed off. Puts YOU in total control of your catalogue and website and their changes. No reliance on third parties! Fee breakdown There are three elements to the fee structure Set-up and Training We work closely with the Auction House to set up the required templates to match both the required size pages, and the brand identity of the auction house. Typically this involves a few “man days” of programming on our part. In addition training is given at the beginning to ensure effective use of the solution is achieved. Lot Cost For each auction created, the fee payable is depends on both the number of lots and the average number of lots per page, if less than 2. Additional templates and bespoke solutions Should the auction house require additional templates or bespoke functionality then the cost of this would be charged at our prevailing hourly rate.

7 Data Management System Cost Breakdown Cost 1 Cost 2 Cost 3 No. of lots per catalogue Supplement added if average “lots per page” is less than 2 lots per page Additional Services Set up costs “Cost 1” is applicable where the average number of lots per page in the catalogue is 2 or greater. Where the number of lots per page is less than 2 then a supplement is payable as set out in “Cost 2”. To calculate the ‘lots per page’ simply count up the number of lots and divide this by the number of pages that have lots printed on them. Ignore adverts in the page count. For example: A catalogue has 47 lots. These are printed on 32 pages which include 2 half page adverts – total pages is therefore 31. Average lots per page is 47/31 = 1.51. The additional cost to be added on is therefore 25% as 1.51 is less that 1.6 and more than 1.5.

8 Data Management System Fee Structure Costs for creating the templates personalised to your branding will be a one off charge. For further information regarding this please contact us. Please contact: Jade Willis 01737 232294 Cost 1 + Cost 2 = Total Cost Example 50 Lots @ £650 + average of 1.51 lots per page add 25% (£162.50) --------------------------- Total £812.50 Cost 1 Cost 2 Total Cost Avg Lots/PageSupplement 2<= 1.95% 1.9<= 1.810% 1.8<= 1.715% 1.7<= 1.620% 1.6<= 1.525% 1.5<= 1.430% 1.4<= 1.335% 1.3<= 1.240% 1.2<= 1.145% 1.1<= 1.050% 1.0<= 0.955% 0.9<= 0.860% 0.8<= 0.765% 0.7<= 0.670% 0.6<= 0.575% 201-300 lots charged @£1.50/Lot 301 + lots @ £1.25/Lot All prices ex. VAT

9 Data Management System Additional Features Cost 3 Where cost is a %, it is calculated on the lot charge shown in ‘cost 1’ *Support is for operational issues as they arrive & not a substitute for training Chargeable extrasset upcost Initial set up of templates4000 Font contribution2000 Ad page per template8020 Turning page online catalogue20050 Guide price sheet8020 General conditions8020 Special conditions8020 Auctioneers introduction8020 Covers f and b12030 Export to local CRMPOA40 Viewing schedules1203% Lot list803% Generate contents by property type803% Feed to Rightmove/Zoopla etc12010% Webfeed to mobile site803% Feed for an app803% Additional work on templates£40/hr Training£200/half day & travel Support is included* Travel & disbursements at cost

10 The Deployment Journey Data Management System Deployment The Deployment journey would ideally involve EiG attending your office to introduce the system to your team. We would advise appointing a member of your team to be our main contact. This contact will be intensively trained to help support the other members of your team. We will work with your printers to ensure the catalogue is ‘print ready’ and your web team to ensure lots are correctly displayed on your website Training and support will be offered throughout the data management process.

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