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Yeshivat Hesder Yerucham – the New Building: Naming Opportunities.

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1 Yeshivat Hesder Yerucham – the New Building: Naming Opportunities

2 Yeshivat Hesder Yerucham In 1993 1993 a group of young men from the finest religious Zionist communities in Israel moved to Yerucham and founded a Hesder Yeshiva. Their expressed goals were not only to study Torah on the highest level and serve in the Israeli army, but to settle the Negev and to make Yerucham, once a failing town, a model of a fully-integrated, successful town town according to the highest values of religious Zionism. The 250 students students presently enrolled in the Yerucham Hesder Yeshiva pursue a five-year program, in a setting that promotes both individual spiritual development and a commitment to community service. skip text

3 Yeshivat Hesder Yerucham The Yerucham Hesder Yeshiva has developed a community of students and graduates who excel in scholarship, character, and commitment to our town and our nation. That community must continue to grow. We cannot grow, however, if confined to our present, aging building. It was with great happiness, therefore, that we broke ground on our new campus campus in April 2009. The new Yeshiva campus will contain a new Beit Midrash, a library, classrooms and an adminisratative center. Initial support for the Yeshivat Hesder Yerucham New Campus Project has been generously provided by Legacy Heritage Fund Limited. Limited. Thanks to this grant and others, we have raised 85% of the $3,000,000 projected cost, and we now solicit your support to help complete the funding. funding. We shall be grateful for contributions in any amount. Major donors will be given naming opportunities according to the pictures ahead. Please join us for a tour in the new building, soon to be completed. For contact and contribution information, please skip to the last page last pagelast page Learn more about us at: skip text

4 The Present Building Taken from the new building

5 Yeshivat Hesder Yerucham – the New Building

6 Back of Building

7 The Building from East

8 Main Entrance Lobby Naming Opportunity: $100,000

9 The Beit Midrash Naming Opportunity Not Available

10 Class Room Ground Level #1 Naming Opportunity Not Available

11 Class Room Ground Level #2 Naming Opportunity Not Available

12 Court Garden Naming Opportunity: $35,000

13 Administrative Offices Naming Opportunity: $38,000

14 Rosh Yeshiva and Director’s Offices Naming Opportunity Rosh Yeshiva’s office: $22,000 Naming Opportunity Director’s office: $16,000

15 Computer Room (Shelter) Naming Opportunity: $40,000

16 Elevator Naming Opportunity: $35,000

17 Ezrat Nashim (Balcony) Naming Opportunity: $80,000

18 The Glass Classroom Naming Opportunity: $60,000

19 The Large Classroom Naming Opportunity: $90,000

20 First Floor Classroom Naming Opportunity: $45,000

21 Offices and Faculty Rooms Naming Opportunity $27,000 $30,000 $27,000

22 Library (Basement) Naming Opportunity: $150,000

23 Main Shelter (Basement) Naming Opportunity: $54,000

24 Beit Midrash Tables Table for two: $450 (Minimum for recognition on plaque – 10 tables)

25 Wall of Donors 30 X 40 cm plaque – $27,000 20 X 30 cm plaque – $5,500 15 X 20 cm plaque – $3,700 Name on Board – $1,400 Sample The wall in the building Size proportions

26 Contact and Contribution Information Tax Deduction in Israel: All contributions to Yeshivat Hesder Yerucham are tax deductible in Israel according to “Se’if 46” of income tax regulations. Tax Deduction in the US: US tax-deductible contributions to Yeshivat Hesder Yerucham can be made via PEF Israel Endowment Funds (Internal Revenue Service i.d. #13-6104086). To do so, make a check payable to PEF Israel Endowment Funds and mail it to : PEF Israel Endowment Funds 317 Madison Avenue, Suite 607 New York, NY 10017 Please enclose a written recommendation that your gift be used for: Yeshivat Hesder Yerocham, Amutah number 580214294. Contact information at Yeshivat Hesder Yerucham: Rabbi Yonatan Wolff, Director of Development Tel. 972-50-878-8451 Fax: 972-8-6589713 E-mail: P.O Box 110, Yerucham 80500, Israel

27 Exit

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