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World Language Organization Service Project for Aguas Escondidas, Guatemala.

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1 World Language Organization Service Project for Aguas Escondidas, Guatemala

2 A CALL FOR HELP FOR GUATEMALA During the week of October 2-7, 2005, Guatemala, along with much of the rest of Central America, was subjected to a temporal produced by Hurricane Stan that created havoc over the entire country, from the western department of Huehuetenango to the eastern department of Jutiapa.

3 Devastation by Hurricane Stan

4 Extensive damage… Many major bridges along the Pacific coast were washed out Highland roads were blocked by landslides The southwestern/southeastern part of the country was effectively without electricity Water systems became inoperative A few aldeas were buried under mudslides Cell telephone towers went down The national TELGUA grid become inoperative.

5 …Final counts unknown… Serious loss of life occurred in Santiago Atitlán. Many towns, such as San Lucas and Panajachel, were cut off from land communication with the rest of the country. The final count of lives lost is not in at this time, nor is the final count of homes lost.

6 Panajachel, Guatemala hit hard

7 Destruction devastates community…

8 …of retired IVCC Professor…

9 Pat Cole.

10 Mud and debris are everywhere.

11 …Staggering economic setbacks… The agricultural lands and workplaces damaged or destroyed will seriously affect the Guatemalan economy for a long time to come. The agricultural loss alone is calculated at three billion quetzales.

12 Water supplies have been contaminated.

13 Many lives were lost, and survivors…

14 …struggle to rebuild.

15 The need is great… The recent disasters of Katrina and Rita have vividly illustrated the need for funds to deal with natural disasters. We are directing this request mainly to those of you who have good reason to know Guatemala and can imagine what this kind of disaster can mean to the people of the country.

16 Those with the least hurt the most… Without doubt, as always is the case, it is the poor that are suffering the most. In Panajachel a few expensive homes were washed away, but many poor homes were damaged or have been seriously damaged.

17 Won’t you help? Even a small donation can make a difference for someone who has lost everything. Any pocket change is welcome, but paper is better. If you would prefer to write a check, please make it payable to.

18 Your donation matters! 100% of the donations collected by the IVCC World Language Organization will be sent to benefit the people of Guatemala through the NGO Pro Lago that can receive donations and will see to their effective distribution. These funds will be used most immediately for the small town of Aguas Escondidas in the Lake Atitlán region, the area with which we have contact and knowledge.

19 THANK YOU! - The Students of the IVCC World Language Organization Prepared by Anna Marie Pietrolonardo for IVCC World Language Organization Service Project: Guatemala Relief Effort 2005 Last update-10/13/2005-amp

20 Reports of damage provided by Richard N. Adams, Betty Hannstein Adams and Patricia Cole Photography provided by Patricia Cole. Used with permission.

21 The End

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