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Johnny Tremain Chapter questions 1-6

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1 Johnny Tremain Chapter questions 1-6

2 Chapter 1 Questions 1. What is the setting of the story?
 2. Where does Johnny Tremain live and what is his position in the family?  3. Who are the members of the Lapham family?  4. Who are the other apprentices?  5. Describe Johnny Tremain.  6. Describe the relationship that exists in chapter one between Johnny and the other apprentices. 7. What is the purpose of Mr. Lapham's morning readings from the Bible?  8. To whom is the morning's lesson directed? What fault is addressed?  9. How do Johnny and the girls get along? 10. Why does Johnny give so many orders to the other apprentices? 11. Who orders a sugar basin?  12. Why is Johnny called to assist Mr. Lapham?  13. Who made the original set that the sugar bowl is to match?  14. Why doesn't Mr. Lapham vote for Mr. Hancock?  15. Why doesn't Mr. Lapham tell Mr. Hancock his opinions?  16. What difficulties arise as Johnny tries to finish the sugar bowl? 17. How does Johnny help Cilla in this chapter?  18. What does Johnny tell Cilla about his past? How does he break his promise to his mother?  19. Why had Johnny wanted to become a silversmith?

3 Chapter 2 Questions 1. To whom does Johnny go for advice about the sugar bowl? 2. What important question does Mr. Revere ask Johnny? 3. Why does Johnny refuse? 4. Mr. Revere’s advice helped, but what obstacles did Johnny encounter while trying to complete the bowl? 5. Why does Johnny break the law and work on the Sabbath? 6. What does Dove do to spite Johnny? 7. How is Johnny negligent while working on the bowl that Sabbath day? 8. Why isn’t a doctor called? 9. Who did care for Johnny’s hand? 10. What is the result of her care?

4 Chapter 3 Questions 1. Why is Mrs. Lapham anxious to have a new silversmith in the family? 2. Whom does Johnny meet in the print shop? 3. What job is Johnny offered while at the print shop? 4. What is Mrs. Lapham’s frequent prediction about Johnny? 5. What does Johnny do that irritates Mrs. Lapham? 6. Why is Johnny fascinated with Lavinia Lyte? 7. Why doesn’t Johnny get the job at Mr. Hancock’s business? 8. What does Mr. Hancock give Johnny? 9. How does Mrs. Lapham react to Johnny’s gifts for the girls? 10. What does Isannah do that hurts Johnny? 11. Where does Johnny spend the night? 12. What does he decide he must do?

5 Chapter 4 Questions 1. When Johnny tells Merchant Lyte they are related, what does Mr. Lyte say? 2. What does Mr. Lyte tell Johnny to do with his silver cup  3. Whom does Johnny visit before going to Mr. Lyte’s house? 4. What does Rab tell Johnny about Mr. Lyte? 5. Explain the difference between the Tories and the Whigs. 6. Who is the leader of the Whigs? 7. What does Rab do to help Johnny make a good impression on the Lytes? 8. After the Lytes had looked Johnny over, what does Mr. Lyte do? 9. What additional evidence does Mr. Lyte have to prove Johnny is a thief? 10. Why does the sheriff agree to notify Rab of Johnny’s arrest? 11. What could happen if Johnny is found guilty? 12. To what political group does Rab belong? How does the author portray this group? 13. Why is Johnny treated well in jail? 14. What witness can swear to seeing Johnny’s cup before the date on which Mr. Lyte claims it was stolen? 15. What does Mr. Lyte do to make sure Cilla does not testify? 16. What is Mr. Tweedie’s attitude? 17. Why doesn’t Johnny want Josiah Quincy to be his lawyer? 18. Whose testimony saves Johnny? 19. What evidence strengthened Cilla’s testimony? 20. What are Isannah’s motives in testifying for Johnny? 21. Who was interested in meeting Isannah at the end of the trial?

6 Chapter 5 Questions 1. What effect does the trial have on Mr. Lyte?
2. How did Rab get Cilla to court? 3. What did Isannah accomplish in court? 4. What does Johnny decide to do about a job after the celebration is over?? 5. How does he try to get money to buy clothing for the voyage? 6. When Johnny escapes Mr. Lyte’s office, what does he do? 7. What does Johnny need to learn before he can deliver newspapers? 8. Why is Goblin difficult to ride? 9. Where does Johnny live? 10. What other activity takes place where Johnny lives? 11. What does Johnny gain by working with Rab? 12. When Johnny meets Cilla at the water pump, what agreement do they make? 13. How does Johnny meet Sam Adams? 14. Who are Rab’s family and where does Johnny meet them? 15. Why is Johnny bothered by Rab’s quiet composure? 16. How is Rab influencing Johnny? 17. When does Rab lose his “customary reserve”?

7 Chapter 6 Questions 1. Identify the year and the season of the action.
2. Why had tea become a controversy? 3. Why are the next twenty days important? 4. What is Johnny’s first assignment for the Observers? 5. Name the Observers identified by Esther Forbes in your book. 6. What does Johnny refuse to let Dr. Warren do? 7. Why does Sam Adams hope the governor won’t send the tea ships back to England? 8. After the boys are sworn to secrecy, what does Rab agree to do? 9. Why is Johnny worried about helping Rab, and what does he do about it? 10. What problems do the tea ships face? 11. How do the raiders disguise themselves? 12. What is Johnny’s job the night of the raid? 13. What does Johnny find Dove doing? 14. How does Johnny react to Lavinia Lyte? 15. Why are the activities of the Boston Observers dangerous? 16. Why is Johnny so ashamed of his hand that he will not let the doctor examine it? 17. Why doesn’t Governor Hutchinson call on British troops to stop the “party”?

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