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Group psychotherapy for disabled patients By Prof. Dr. Ramez N. Bedwani.

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1 Group psychotherapy for disabled patients By Prof. Dr. Ramez N. Bedwani

2 Goal* 1. To offer symptomatic relief( تحسن الأعراض النفسية ) 2. To change character نضج الشخصية structure

3 shame about physical disability  severe social isolation arising from a sense of hopelessness and meaningless  monitor tendency for suicidality  What to do ? : What to do ? : ask members of the group to fill in a brief depression scale مقياس إختبار نفسى للإكتئاب each week

4 encourage extra group contact encourage an additional coffee hour between meetings I. Practicing “the Buddy system” Best antidote أحسن ترياق مضاد to isolation للعزلة = Deep therapeutic engagement التفاعل الصادق و العميق للمجموعة in the group

5 “the Buddy زميل system” New patients are assigned to one of the experienced members. New patients are assigned to one of the experienced members. The experienced member will be responsible for that the new patient : 1. is taking his/her medication 2. attending سيحضر للإجتماع every week 3. Sponsoring يرعاهم them in the meeting; assuring they get enough time وقت and attention إهتمام during the meeting 4. giving hope تعزيز الأمل by testimony and discovered ways to compensate for his own disability 5. Counteract مقاومة الخجل shame through physical contact بالتواصل البدنى ; hold each others’ paralyzed hands and arms

6 Setting of the group وضع المجموعة I. Criteria for choosing the place* 1. Available متاح 2. Adequate size حجم الغرفة مناسب 3. Comfortable seats مريحة 4. Privacy خصوصيةand freedom from distractionغير مشتتة 5. Circular seating دائرى(able to see, direct eye contact means good interaction, equality) 6. Coffee and tea break decreases patients initialفى البداية sense of anxietyالقلق

7 II. Size of the group One leader Minimum 4 or 5 maximum 12 members Best group size 6- 8 range to : encourage active verbal اللفظية participation encourage active verbal اللفظية participation share experiencesالخبرات with one another share experiencesالخبرات with one another

8 III. Time frame work Duration of sessions: 45 - 60 minutes(other less disabeled 60 to 120 minutes)15 - 20 min warming up 30 minutes to address major topics More than 1.15 hr causes fatigueإرهاق Time limited and focusedالتنبيه على مدة المشاركة و التركيز فى الكلام Frequency of sessions : once weekly Open (long term improved pts leave, replace by accepting new ones ) vs. closed groups (no new members after the first session stop after achieving goals)

9 What happens in the group meeting? A minute of silence “Check in” the group ( saying how I feel nowالإحساس عند الدخول للمجموعة (كل مرة) ) Members agree about secrecy; what is said during the group meeting, is left in the group and not discussed outside (secrecy السرية و الخصوصية) No preaching لا وعظ or advice ولا نصائح to each other No direct reply لا إجابة مباشرة للمتحدثto a sharing personشخص يشارك

10 Who feels ready to share, picks some one from the rest of the group to look at and starts speaking No interruptions “Check out” taking turns, how each member feels at the end Group slogan شعار, (دعاء السكينة) You can pick someone to share after the group

11 How does group psychotherapy *work 1. Giving hope (from testimonialsشهادة of recovered تعافواpatients) 2. Universality عام و إجمالى(of problems and impulses) 3. Providing information (leaders explaining nature of illness or life situation, coping mechanisms, relaxation techniques) 4. Altruism إيثار الغير (helping one another, avoids self absorptionالتمركز حوا الذات ) 5. Development of social skills (development of basic social skillsالمهارات الإجتماعية الأساسية, role playالإقتداء من خلال لعب و تمثيل الأدوار e.g assertive refusal skillsمهارات الرفض التوكيدية)

12 6. Imitative التقليدbehavior (benefit from observing therapy of another member with a similar problem, extrovert إجتماعيةand attractive الجذابgroomingالهندام و التصفيف and better self representationتقديم النفس, opennessالوضوح and franknessالصراحة) 7. Catharsisتفريغ (ventilation التنفيسof emotions + sharing inner world المشاركة بما (يدور داخلى

13 8. Corrective تصحيحto one’s own role playedلدورى المؤدى in the primary family group فى عائلتى الأصلية(stop growth inhibiting relationships توقيف تأثير العلاقات المثبطة للنمو+ test new behaviorsإختبار سلوكيات جديدة و بديلة مش معنى إنى ماتعودتش عليها إنى مش هاقدر) )

14 9. Existential factors وجود, struggles with : (FRIDM) Freedom, الحرية Freedom, الحرية Isolation, العزلة Isolation, العزلة Death, الموت Death, الموت Meaninglessnessأشياء تحدث بدون معنى واضح, Meaninglessnessأشياء تحدث بدون معنى واضح, understand : - limits محدوديةof guidanceالإرشاد and support الدعمfrom others, - encourage responsibility for their own selves,تحمل مسئولية نفسى بشجاعة - closeمتقاربين but alone لوحدى in existenceفى الوجود,

15 10. Group cohesiveness تماسك(acceptance التقبل to one another and supportالدعم و المساندة ) 11. Interpersonal learning (tensionsضغوط and acted role الدور المعتاد لى فى الأسرة الأصليةallowed to emergeيطفو على السطح in a safe آمن and honest صادقةenvironment)

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