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OGP London Summit 2013 – October 31st Fiscal Openness in Brazil: The Transparency Portal Jorge Hage Minister of State Office of the Comptroller General.

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2 OGP London Summit 2013 – October 31st Fiscal Openness in Brazil: The Transparency Portal Jorge Hage Minister of State Office of the Comptroller General of Brazil

3 20002004 Transparency Portal Fiscal Responsibility Law Eletronic reverse actions 2005 Regulation of the electronic bidding system 2006 Transparency Portals of states and cities 2007 Mandatory Use of Federal Payment Cards Federal Agreements Portal -SICONV 2008 National Debarment List 2009 1st Consocial Not-for-Profit Entities Debarment List Access to Information Law Disclosure of Paychecks 2010 2011 Open Government Partnership – 1st OGP Country Action Plan World Cup and Olympics Transparency Portals Transparency in Brazil 2012 2003 Establishment of CGU Transparency Law (Law nº 131/09) 2013 Open Government Partnership – 2nd Country Action Plan “Brasil Tranparente” Programm

4 Transparency Portal Government Expenditures and Transfers. Daily detailed updates. Access to recipients and beneficiaries Expected and collected revenues. Daily updates. Organized by origin and type. Values, objects and parties involved in the agreements Debarment List of Companies, individual suppliers and non-for-profit entities Status of public officials, distribution of positions and individual salaries Expenditures Revenues Transfers Agreements Public Officials CEIS and CEPIM

5 Functions of the Transparency Portal Audit tool Incentive to social participation Citizen empowerment instrument Strengthening Public Management Corruption Prevention and Fighting No password Free of charge Accessible language Simnplified navigation Open data Reliable and updated information

6 Transparency Network Servidores Transparency Portal Public Officials Information Punished companies Expenditures: Daily updates Revenues: Daily updates Download of Consultations and Charts Transfers by program or beneficiary Specific Programs 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games Federal Direct Expenditures

7 Transparency Portal in Numbers Amount displayed* Total of visits in 2012 R$ 12,110 trillion R$ 12,110 trillion 8,170,046 Average Monthly Visits* 884,027 Increase in visits *Through September 2013

8 Some answers you can get on the Portal How much does the government spend in Education? What was the revenue with taxes over imports/exports? What did the Ministry of Health commit to pay today? How many public servants work on that agency? What was the amount transfered to my city last year? How many suplliers have been suspended or debarred?

9 Daily information Types of queries Filters Detailed Information

10 Daily information – Details of each expense

11 Information on Public Officials Information on Public Officials - Search by name, agency, position and functions Registry of Expulsion Penalties

12 Information on Public Officials – Search by name Names – Civilian and Military Personnel Public Agency

13 From 2004 to September 2013 4,555 expulsion penalties were applied to 3,850 federal officials Registry of Expulsion Penalties

14 National Debarment List - CEIS Company identification Agency that sanctioned Source of information Type and period of sanctions Through September 2013 Companies: 5.220 sanctions applied to 3.725 empresas Individual suppliers: 3.867 sanctions applied to 3.022 people

15 Not-for-Profit Entities Debarment List Identification of the entity 3,971 debarred entities Identification of the Public Body responsible for the sanction Reason for the sanction

16 Allocation of Government Property Location of asset Agency in charge Vacant or occupied

17 2014 World Cup Information by city, activity and financial agreement Total Expenses Budgeted and Executed

18 2016 Rio Olympic Games Information by city themes and type of investment

19 Other Tools  E-courses for citizens  Email - push system  Surveys  Frequently Asked Questions section  Hotline for reporting misconducts and crimes

20 OGP London Conference 2013 Jorge Hage Minister of State head of the Office of the Comptroller General of Brazil Visit the Transparency Portal

21 Ministry of Planning Federal Budget Secretariat Brazil & Fiscal Transparency Oct, 2013; @ London, UK Welles Matias de Abreu Assistant Federal Budget Secretary, Substitute

22 Ministry of Planning Federal Budget Secretariat Summary  Brazilian Legislation Framework  What is GIFT?  Brazil & GIFT Results  Actual Brazilian Actions

23 Ministry of Planning Federal Budget Secretariat  2000: Fiscal Responsibility Law Civil servants spending limits Government debts control (federal, states and municipalities) Public Sector´s Primary Results Stimulus for Fiscal transparency and participation  2011: Access to Public Information Law Promotion the accountability Brazilian Legislation Framework Free Information The rule is “transparency” and the exception is “secrecy” the exception is “secrecy”

24 GIF T NPOs: IBP; iScale IOs: WB; FMI; OCDE Other: HP; PEFA Countries: Brazil; Philippines; USA; UK The Global Initiative for Fiscal Transparency (GIFT) is a multi- stakeholder action network working to advance and institutionalize global norms and significant, continuous improvements on fiscal transparency, participation, and accountability in countries around the world.

25 Ministry of Planning Federal Budget Secretariat Brazil & GIFT Results  Brazilian Fiscal Transparency Initiatives: Fiscal Education; Citizen Budget; and Open Data Systems.  Main Brazilian Supported Actions @ GIFT: Promotion of Fiscal Transparency Initiatives;Promotion of Fiscal Transparency Initiatives GIFT High level Principles; andGIFT High level Principles GIFT UN Resolution.GIFT UN Resolution

26 Ministry of Planning Federal Budget Secretariat GIFT UN Resolution  SUMMARY: Recognize GIFT and its High-level Principles on Fiscal Transparency, Participation and Accountability (FTPA); Encourages Member States to intensify efforts to enhance FTPA policies, including the promotion of discussions to advance on commons goals; and Invites Member States and relevant United Nations institutions to promote cooperation and information-sharing among all stakeholders to assist Member States in building capacity and exchanging experiences. (A/RES/67/218)

27 Ministry of Planning Federal Budget Secretariat Actual Brazilian Actions  Realizing: Improving and creating initiatives to promote fiscal transparency; and Participation in events (8) to promote and share fiscal transparency policies.  To Realize: Special Event in UN about Fiscal Transparency  Focus on GIFT UN Resolution: Encouraging and Exchanging Fiscal Transparency Initiatives  Feb, 2014; @ UN, New York (USA)

28 “Valuing Democracy” Development with Fiscal Responsibility and Transparency Thank You! Federal Budget Secretariat Phone: +55 61 20202220 E-mail: + Development + Equality +Participation “a country for everyone” “a rich country is a country without misery”

29 Toward a People’s Budget Philippine Experience in the Pursuit of Fiscal Openness Undersecretary Richard E. Moya Philippine Department of Budget & Management

30 Spending within means Spending on the right priorities Spending on measurable results Philippine Budget Reform Agenda Through transparent, accountable & participatory public expenditure management

31 Disclosure of Budget Information All Departments must disclose approved budgets & reports, project details & status, contracts awarded, etc. Compliance has improved to 17 of 22 Departments as of Dec ‘12, from 7 in July ’12.

32 Leveraging Technology for Transparency

33 Making the Budget Accessible to Citizens


35 Principles for Constructive Engagement  Transparency  Accountability  Integrity  Inclusivity  Partnership  Consultation and Empowerment  Respect for Internal Processes  Sustainability  National Interest

36 Agency-Civil Society Budget Partnerships  18 agencies and GOCCs entered into BPAs in crafting the 2014 budget, from 6 in the pilot stage (during 2012 Budget preparation).  Budget Partnerships during the execution phase introduced.

37 Grassroots Participatory Budgeting in 2014 Budget for local poverty reduction programs & projects developed with communities & CSOs in 1,226 cities & municipalities P20.1 billion (expansion from P8.3 billion for 595 cities & municipalities).

38 Deeply install reform measures in institutions Reforms must lead to tangible benefits to people Leverage technology and innovation Strong constituency to support & demand for reforms Challenge: The Irreversibility of Reform

39 International Alliance for Fiscal Openness

40 Open Budgeting Sanjay Pradhan Vice President for Change, Knowledge and Learning The World Bank

41 Global Challenges Require an ‘Open’ Approach to Development 1.2 billion people live on less than $1.25/ day 2.7 billion people live on between $1.25 and $4.00/ day Openness can be an accelerator

42 Stronger Results Disclosure Citizen Participation Multi- Stakeholder Collaboration

43 EMIS unit, Kampala, Uganda Disclosure: BOOST The Portal will feature data from 12 countries Open Budgets Portal will feature tools for data dissemination and visualization Analyzing and visualizing public spending data

44 Citizen Participation: Mobile Enhanced Participatory Budgeting SMS alerts citizens of participatory budgeting sessions Citizens vote via SMS Voted decision is shared via SMS Citizens help decide how the local budget is allocated

45 Civil Society Participation In Nepali Budget Monitoring CSOs monitor effective implementation of social security allowance program. Multi-stakeholder capacity building for collaborative budget monitoring

46 Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration: Government Civil society Private Sector

47 Building On and Scaling Up the Open Movement

48 Open Budgeting Ensures That Development Benefits All

49 Fiscal Openness Working Group FOWG October 2013

50 FOWG Objectives 50 Provide a platform for peer to peer sharing and learning among OGP members on FO, Offer OGP members efficient and coordinated access to international good practices, tools, norms, assessments, and technical expertise on FO, Support OGP members to implement their FO commitments, and develop even more ambitious FO goals and good practices including perhaps common/shared goals, Motivate additional governments to become champions and models of FO.

51 FOWG Overview 51 Over forty countries in the OGP have committed themselves to specific commitments on fiscal openness in a range of areas. Opportunity for OGP Member Countries that have or will make additional or new commitments in the area of fiscal openness (FO). The FOWG will be jointly coordinated by the OGP Support Unit and the multi-stakeholder Global Initiative for Fiscal Transparency (GIFT).

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