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MEDIEVALvs. MODERN By: Emily Ladig COURTSHIP eBg51pP9GZk/TpVOSpM0bFI/AAAAAAAAAKk/64KL0 4qjHrI/s1600/CourtlyLoveWound.jpg

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1 MEDIEVALvs. MODERN By: Emily Ladig COURTSHIP eBg51pP9GZk/TpVOSpM0bFI/AAAAAAAAAKk/64KL0 4qjHrI/s1600/CourtlyLoveWound.jpg a/11/19/facebook.modern.romance.mashable/t1lar

2 Private: Medieval Courtship  In Medieval times, courtship was something that usually took place between the privacy of two lovers, and was not made a public spectacle.  “Courtly lovers were pledged to strict secrecy. The foundation for their affair was that the rest of the world (except for a few confidantes or go- betweens) was excluded. In effect, the lovers composed a universe unto themselves--a special world with its own rules, codes, and commandments.”>.>. http://indianapublic a/files/2009/07/court ing_ed.jpg 0/197/f/b/Medieval_Door_by_nub4s h.jpg

3 Public: Modern Courtship  Nowadays, relationships are made more public with social media sites like Facebook. Couples want their relationship status to be seen by other people instead of keeping their love private. gentle-readers-ibaka-wicca-and- webcams/facebook-relationship-status/ 04/27/gentle-readers-ibaka-wicca- and-webcams/facebook- relationship-status/

4 Public: Modern Courtship  The Bachelorette and Bachelor series is based on courtship and is publicly viewed by millions as a form of entertainment. The Bachelor The Bachelorette bachelorette/1278083567_bachelorette-290.jpg

5 Public Display of Affection: Modern Courtship Showing affection used to be considered a private act, but now, people don’t think twice about doing it in public.

6 Styles of Courtship: Medieval  “The emergence of chivalry during the Middle Ages brought forth the courtly practice of wooing one's intended with love poems, music and acts of bravery to prove one's desirability as a mate.”>.>.  “Suitors wooed their intended with serenades and flowery poetry, following the lead of lovelorn characters on stage and in verse.”>.>. /History/teaching/ene wsletter/volume7/ima ges/mar/courting.jpg 239317207_5b72236ddf.jpg

7 Styles of Courtship: Modern  Lovers show their interest in each other nowadays by friending each other on Facebook, asking each other on dates, and through text messaging. 4659/u8_texting-dangerous-neck.jpg tos/1069887/medium/faceboo k-friend- request.jpg?1349010115

8 Communication: Medieval Lovers in the Middle Ages primarily communicated in person, or through written letters and it was more of a personal ordeal. content/uploads/2012/01/iStock_000017376402XSmall-1.jpg

9 Communication: Modern  Today, lovers communicate through texting, talking on the phone, and through social media sites.  Many people believe that texting does not compare to what it is like to hold a conversation with someone in person.  “Suitors now contact each other in an instantaneous, frictionless sphere separated from larger social institutions and commitments.”  “Today’s technology seems to threaten the sort of recurring and stable reciprocity that is the building block of trust.” Brooks, David. "Cellphones, Texts and Lovers." The New York Times. N.p., 3 Nov. 2009. Web. 25 Nov. 2012. http:// www.n eontom m/sites/ default/ files/upl oads/F acebo ok%20C hat.jpg /square_thumbnail/public/Girl-Texting-On-Cell- Phone-485x363.jpeg q6UlzvvDcIk/TVP9b8y2cLI/AAAAAAAABEQ/qi8PW3v iCGU/s1600/young-man-texting-on-couch.jpg 2010/09/busy-lifestyle-man-talking-on- mobile-phone-thumb7372582.jpg

10 Male Courted Female: Medieval Courtship  In Medieval courtship, men were the ones who always wooed the women, and never the other way around.  “Thus, just as a vassal was expected to honor and serve his lord, so a lover was expected to serve his lady, to obey her commands, and to gratify her merest whims.”  The lady “expected to be served and wooed, minutely and at great length.” "The Middle Ages and Courtly Love." The Middle Ages and Courtly Love. N.p., 17 Aug. 2000. Web. 25 Nov. 2012. ani/cs6/love.html>. ani/cs6/love.html>. eBg51pP9GZk/TpVOSpM0bFI/AAAAAAAAAKk/ 64KL04qjHrI/s1600/CourtlyLoveWound.jpg

11 Male Courts Female, Female Courts Male: Modern Courtship In our society, it is not unusual for a woman to ask a man out. SURVEY: how many girls would ask out a boy? In a survey of 32 girls… 18 14 Said YES, they would Said NO, they would ask out a boy. not ask out a boy. content/uploads/2009/09/2.-Girl-Gives-Guy-A- Present.jpg life/blogs/smitten/2012/04/27/0427-guy-giving-girl- roses_sm.jpg

12 Music/Poetry: Medieval Courtship  Men used poetry and music to win over women.  The poem “To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time” is aimed at boys sleeping with girls.  This poem is written to the virgins (young girls) of the world.  Herrick is implying that the virgins should get married while they are still young, beautiful and capable of having children. e&um=1&hl=en&client=safari&sa=N&tbo=d&rls=en&biw=2467&bih=1242&tb m=isch&tbnid=z1L- xmFAIPpxLM:&imgrefurl= Virgins-to-Make-Much-of- Time(3)&docid=hQrjrDpdxsibMM&imgurl= b/orig/84034986.png&w=1275&h=1650&ei=bFu1UIjFAoiu8ASvwIDACg&zoo m=1&iact=rc&dur=758&sig=107841264822469826632&page=1&tbnh=145&t bnw=113&start=0&ndsp=113&ved=1t:429,r:22,s:0,i:157&tx=36&ty=56

13 Music: Modern Courtship  Popular music heard on the radio today talks about guys trying to “get with girls” in crude or even dirty ways.  Ex: “Scream” By: Usher, talks about seeing a girl, and wanting to get with her and do sexual things. =qnjqNHB1bKw =qnjqNHB1bKw  A portion of Usher’s “Scream” lyrics I see you over there so hypnotic, Thinkin' 'bout what I'd do to that body, I'll getchu like ooh baby baby, ooh baby baby A-ooh baby baby, ooh baby baby Got no drink in my hand, but I'm wasted Gettin' drunk off the thought of you naked I'll getchu like ooh baby baby, ooh baby baby A-ooh baby baby, ooh baby baby And I've tried to fight it, to fight it But you're so magnetic, magnetic Got one life, just live it, just live it Now relax and get on your back photos/6400000/-Usher-usher- 6465568-1280-1024.jpg

14 Music: Modern Courtship  Also, like poetry in the Middle Ages, modern day rock stars write songs about women to woo them.  John Mayer’s song “Edge of Desire” is one example.  John Mayer’s song is more poetic and lyrical, but is still a modern example about a singer/songwriter wanting to be with a woman. A Portion of John Mayer’s “Edge of Desire” Lyrics Don't say a word, just come over and lie here with me 'Cause I'm just about to set fire to everything I see I want you so bad, I'll go back on the things I believe There I just said it, I'm scared you'll forget about me So young and full of running All the way to the edge of desire Steady my breathing, silently screaming I have to have you now

15 Sex: Medieval Times  Sex, and stories about sex were seen as funny, or silly during the Middle Ages.  In “The Millers Tale”, the characters saw sex as humorous content and talked about it in their stories because it was funny and entertaining. MU/TQfdcwTuDGI/AAAAAAAAI1M/C t0eIMe8f3A/s1600/Canterbury.jpg

16 Sex: Modern Times  In our society today, sex is not seen as humorous. It can be seen as a status symbol or even similar to a contest sometimes.  People are judged on who they have sex with, the amount of people they have sex with and many other factors.  Sex is such a common topic today that tabloids even have articles about sex advice for women and men. 600&h=337

17 Behavior Medieval Times  When men were in love, they would act sickly, and seem weak when around the woman.  Lovesickness Modern Times  Today, when men are in love they become cocky, and arrogant. /b/bf/The_Lovesickness_of_Frey.jpg mestic- wordpress/wp- content/upload s/2009/05/dsc_7 234.jpg http://www. girlwithnon mages/Coc ky- Muscular- Man.jpg

18 Courtship in the 20 th Century Here is a look at dating in the 80’s and 90’s from the perspective of my parents!  “It was very formal back then. You would be asked out either by note, on the phone, or face to face.”  “You would always have your friends check out the situation to see if the girl/guy liked you back, so that you wouldn’t embarrass yourself.”  “You had to wait for the phone call and worry if you would be by the phone. Basically you would sit by the phone and wait. If your parents answered the phone, it was pretty embarrassing.”  “Dates were very formal. Boys would go to the girls house, meet the parents, be drilled by the father and mother. They would always ask where they were going and what time the girl would be home.”  “A typical date would usually consist of dinner and a movie.”

19 Petrarch: LOVE  Italian scholar and poet  Was famous for poetry and wrote how to woo  Thought that true love should be distant  Said that the idea of love is always bigger http://www.biography-

20 Compared to Medieval times, the styles of love and courtship today have been changed drastically and have evolved to fit our modern society.

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