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 Take 5 minutes to review your notes… POP QUIZ! :)

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1  Take 5 minutes to review your notes… POP QUIZ! :)

2  No talking  Eyes on your own paper  Raise your hand if you have a question  Answer in complete sentences.

3  Why did the Founding Fathers come together and write the Constitution?

4  “The consequence of an inefficient government are too obvious to be dwelt upon. Thirteen sovereignties pulling against each other, and all tugging at the federal head will soon bring ruin on the whole… Let us have government by which our lives, liberty, and property will be secured or let us know the worst at once.” – George Washington

5  Why would the Framers of the Constitution approve the following rule at the Constitutional Convention of 1787 if a goal of the Convention was to produce a Constitution for the United States that would reflect a representative democratic republic?  Rule of secrecy: “That nothing spoken in the house be printed, or otherwise published or communicated without leave.”

6  Create the following chart in your notes…  Even # partner- Virginia Plan  Odd # partner- New Jersey Plan  Please read your assigned plan description and create a summary, discussing the major points/differences found in each. Once both have completed, VERBALLY share your information with your partner to complete your chart! Virginia PlanNew Jersey Plan

7  12 states (Rhode Island did not send delegates)  Each of you will be assigned a state  Your job is to prepare what you will say when your state is called upon at the convention.  Use the census to determine your states population and slave population. Then using what you learned with your partner about the two plans, decide which your state would choose and why.  20 minutes

8  One member of your group should record on the sheet provided the views of each state (including your own)  George Washington will call upon each state…


10  Please answer the following in complete sentences.  1. How would you summarize the feelings of the various states regarding their feelings toward the Virginia and New Jersey Plans?  2. In the classroom stimulation, how would you describe the states’ feelings about slavery? Were the states divided? Why?  3. At the Constitutional Convention how did the slave compromises attempt to settle the different opinions regarding slavery?  4. How did the states feel about representation in Congress? Was there a noticeable difference on this issue between northern and southern states? Large and small states?  5. How did the Great Compromise settle differences between the states who favored the Virginia Plan and those who favored the New Jersey Plan?

11  Read and outline page 145-149

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