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Transforming Business and Reducing Overheads Through Integrated Technology Solutions.

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1 Transforming Business and Reducing Overheads Through Integrated Technology Solutions

2 Presenters  Shannon Overs –Chief Information Officer  Jay Newcomb –Sales Manager (onPlatinum ICT)

3 Corporate Profile – onPlatinum ICT onPlatinum ICT provides a true one-stop shop solution.  Our staff and representatives have worked for or represented market- leading equipment providers, managed the IT systems, networks and equipment needs of public companies and provided landline and mobile telecommunications solutions for small, medium and large companies.  onPlatinum ICT was established in 2012 – designed specifically for the accounting profession & your clients.  onPlatinum ICT – Transforming Business Through Integrated Technology Solutions

4 ICT Solutions  Copiers and printers  Cloud computing  Business telephone systems  Business grade internet  Mobiles and landlines  IT hardware and managed services  Web design and hosting  Backup as a Service  True ‘end to end’ business solution

5 Intro to Kyocera Document Solutions  Pronounced Key – O – Sarah  Competitors – Canon/Toshiba/Xerox/Lanier plus others  Founded when & where ?

6 Pronounced Key – O – Sarah  Kyocera Document Solutions was established in Kyoto, Japan in 1959 as Kyoto Ceramics. (Kyocera)  The company pioneered the use of fine ceramics as an alternative to steel and plastics.  Kyocera has more than 65,000 people employed in 25 countries all around the world.  Headquarters – Kyoto, Japan still today !

7 Our role  National Distribution rights – we have also secured industry specific pricing equal to current GEM pricing  Toner  Desktop printers  Desktop multifunction printers (MFP’s – copy/print/scan/fax)  A3 range of multifunction devices (MFD’s – copy/print/scan/fax)  Full maintenance agreements including service/toner  National dealer & direct network for service

8 Printers/copiers  Sale cash outright  Rental / lease agreement 24mths-60mths  Finance accreditation in place with Macquarie Leasing / Capital Finance / Flexi Rent plus our new product ‘watch this space’  Basic & transparent ‘user pay’ maintenance agreements attached  NOT any agreements with ‘included’ copies –  The industry is clouded in secrecy with no pricing available anywhere – your clients always need a 2 nd opinion

9 A3 MFD for office

10 Small vs. Large  Desktop printers vs. MFD’s – horses for courses  Consolidate your fleet – our audit key available  Maintenance agreement includes toner/drums/service  Direct service by the manufacturer – includes everything but paper.

11 Client saving money  New or existing – we can advise  Trouble or growth  9/10 clients are on existing rental or print plan agreements with other brands  Kyocera has the lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) in the industry meaning our clients have the manufacturer backed service onsite to help them deliver cost savings to their business.

12 A client referral from an accountant  Current situation  Existing printer agreement 4.5 years old of 60mth agreement  Rental $375 per month – ABC Brand A3 MFD  Maintenance agreement 1.5c x 10,000 mono = $150  Maintenance agreement 16c x 3000 colour = $480  After a printer review – new technology is getting cheaper every year  Rental $275  New maintenance agreement.8c x 10,000 mono = $80  New maintenance agreement 8c x 3000 colour = $240  * Based on an office with needs being met by the newer model of existing machine

13 Did you work out the savings for me ?  Existing $1005 per month  New total $595 per month  Saving client $410 per month or approx 40%  Referral $$$ paid to your firm and shareholding will be available - Adam Djonlagic Fiji Golf  With a happy client its win – win - win

14 Big office = big potential savings  Imagine what is possible for an office with multiple machines/multiple offices on the one contract?  Don’t sign anything – 9/10 renewals are written without consultation with anyone but the incumbent supplier – they will only save you what they need to.  Our technology review is the key to uncovering potential hidden costs for your clients across ALL contracts – always a case by case basis

15 Cloud Technology  Our cloud computing solution can eliminate the stress and worry that goes with managing your own IT infrastructure and give you a system that will keep you ahead of the technology curve – without the burden of large, upfront capital expenditure. Importantly, your data is secure and it’s stored in Australia.  Our Cloud system can be easily scaled up or down as your business changes.

16 Cloud computing

17 National cloud plan to boost innovation Wednesday, May 29, 2013  Federal government plans to increase the use of cloud computing by consumers, firms and agencies will help boost productivity, communications minister Stephen Conroy says.  Access to cloud services will also be supported by Labor's $37.4 billion national broadband network (NBN), which will deliver fibre optic cable with download speeds of up to 1-Gigabit a second to 93 per cent of homes, businesses and schools by June 2021.

18  What are your annual costs – and hassles – for computer hardware, IT support, software licences and upgrades, data storage and security, document management, email and internet filtering, back-up routines and dedicated server facilities?  When was the last time you actually tested your daily data back-up to make sure it was useable in the event of a disaster or system crash?  Cloud computing – keeping you ahead of the technology curve

19 Support  onPlatinum ICT runs a strict ITIL methodology relating to ICT support. Our Helpdesk prides itself in providing the path of least resistance for end users. We run intelligent software to manage our Incident, Problem and Change Management processes.

20 Support methodology

21 IT Hardware & managed services  As there are some ‘traditional’ sites who are not yet quite ready to experience CLOUD technology, our ability to provide managed services is very important  IT Managed services is the practice of outsourcing day- to-day management responsibilities as a strategic method for improving IT operations.outsourcingmanagementstrategic  We become your IT department – small or large !!

22 Business Telephone Systems  NEW and Panasonic phone systems – rental/cash outright  Phone bill reviews  SIP technology  NEW TECHNOLOGY = monthly savings for your clients

23 Business grade internet

24 Gcomm  onPlatinum ICT is a wholesale partner of GCOMM, a multi-award winning technology company headquartered in Queensland. Established in 1996, GCOMM is highly experienced in IT, with a proven track record of outstanding service and long-term customer relationships.  From ADSL 2 thru to fibre optic – Australia wide

25 Why business grade Internet  a single office business looking for a fast and reliable internet connection  medium or large businesses seeking a single solution that addresses all of their national business internet requirements  businesses that want to facilitate remote users or remote site VPN access

26 Backup as a Service (BaaS)  Again, we ask you….. When was the last time you actually tested your daily data back-up to make sure it was useable in the event of a disaster or system crash? From as little as $99/mth for 50Gb

27 Hardware  MICROSOFT  ADOBE  IBM  INTEL  PANASONIC  LENOVO  TREND MICRO  VWMARE  Over 200 brands available through the distribution network

28 A short list of our clients  BR Accountants / Yellow Brick Road  Fresh Start Insurance  Ethica Private Wealth Specialists  James Frizelles Automotive Group  Coral Homes  Bambini Early Childhood Development  Envisage Clinic

29 Technology reviews  The best for your SME clients  Become one of our ‘referral partners’  Why refer?  Shareholding in an ICT business specific to your industry

30 Questions

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