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Creating the Constitution

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1 Creating the Constitution
Chapter 2, Section 3 Creating the Constitution

2 5 of 5 Shays' Rebellion 1787.mp4 - YouTube

3 Philadelphia Meeting Friday, May 25, 1787
All states (except Rhode Island) sent delegates

4 Jefferson, not at the convention, called the group “an assembly of demi- gods.”
This group is known as the Framers of the Constitution.

5 Who was missing? Thomas Jefferson was the American minister to France.
John Adams was our envoy to England and Holland. Samuel Adams & John Hancock weren’t selected from their states. Thomas Paine was in Paris.

6 Where’d they meet?? Independence Hall
George Washington was elected as the president of the convention.

7 A Vow of Secrecy They took a vow of secrecy

8 What Was the Purpose?? On May 30 they adopted this proposal:
Convention was called to recommend changes to the Articles, but they quickly agreed to create a NEW government….. On May 30 they adopted this proposal: “Resolved,…that a national Government ought to be established consisting of a supreme Legislative, Executive, and Judiciary.”

9 So, here we gooooo…..

10 Activity Complete the sheet for chapter 2, section 4-Creating the Constitution Plans and compromises-provisions

11 So…. Highlight these on your sheet….
How many houses (bicameral or unicameral) Representation based on???

12 We need some inspiration!!
The Framers drew inspiration from….. 1. State constitutions 2. Montesquieu’s The Spirit of the Laws Rousseau’s Social Contract Locke’s Two Treatises of Government 3. British tradition

13 The Convention is Over!!!! After 4 months, 39 names were placed on
the finished document-Sept 17, 1787

14 But they knew it wasn’t perfect
Benjamin Franklin said it was as near perfect as possible

15 Fighting for ratification
Two groups emerged: Federalists- favored ratification Anti- Federalists- opposed ratification

16 Federalists James Madison Alexander Hamilton
Said the Articles were too weak and a govt based on the Constitution was the only way to help the Republic survive.

17 Anti-Federalists Patrick Henry Richard Henry Lee John Hancock
Samuel Adams Didn’t like Constitution didn’t mention God States couldn’t print $ Increased powers to central govt Lack of Bill of Rights

18 Nine States Ratify Federalists won
Delaware was the first to ratify- 1788 But needed Virginia and New York Why?? Virginia ratified quickly That left New York………

19 Federalist Papers Written by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay Letters to the people in newspapers- New York Wrote under the name “Publius”

20 A Brand New Government!! New York chosen as the temporary capital
New Congress convened on March 4, Federal Hall on Wall Street George Washington was elected President and John Adams Vice President

21 Activity Page 56 1. What do the pillars represent? Why are some, but not all, of the pillars standing upright? 2. What is the “eleventh pillar of the great national dome” that the cartoon refers to? 3. According to the cartoon, which two States had yet to ratify the Constitution? 4. Was the creator of this cartoon a Federalist or an Anti-Federalist? Explain your answer. 5. Identifying Central Issues: Why do you think supporters of the Constitution thought that it was important for every State to ratify the Constitution? Explain your answer.

22 Homework Go online and read Federalist Paper 10 and Federalist Paper 51

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