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The Road Ahead: Supporting Your Student Division of Student Affairs Georgia State University.

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1 The Road Ahead: Supporting Your Student Division of Student Affairs Georgia State University

2 D ivision of S tudent A ffairs What Happened? How did it get so late so soon? It’s night before it’s afternoon. December is here before it’s June. My goodness how the time has flewn. How did it get so late so soon?” -Theodore Giesel aka Dr. Seuss

3 D ivision of S tudent A ffairs Supporting Your Student on the Road Ahead The Changing Relationship Autonomy vs. Limits Listening so they will talk Knowing the campus resources so that you can mentor your student to become an independent, successful adult who is wise enough to know when to consult

4 D ivision of S tudent A ffairs College is an adjustment… Students have greater freedom and therefore have to exercise greater responsibility. Possible academic changes from high school or previous institution: –Differences in class size & type of instruction. –Classes move at a quicker pace. –Fewer tests and overall grades in each class so assignments have more weight. –Need to develop critical thinking skills. –Need to develop more refined academic skills 2 hrs. studying for every 1 hr. in class.

5 D ivision of S tudent A ffairs Students have to: Learn to manage time & stress. –Keep a daily planner. –Review course syllabus. Balance work/school responsibilities –Be careful not to overload selves. Refine interpersonal skills to effectively work & co-exist with other members of the campus community. –Classes; Housing; student organizations –Beware of online social networking – both as a distraction and a potential impression that may impact their future Seek academic help when needed.

6 D ivision of S tudent A ffairs Successful Students are: Engaged Involved Self-disciplined Curious, but cautious Well-rounded Proactive, not reactive Persistent Adept at using resources

7 D ivision of S tudent A ffairs Health & Wellbeing Student Health Clinic Provides Primary care, Urgent care, Immunizations, Medications, Gynecology, Laboratory Work Free clinic visit with physician or nurse practitioner Nominal charges for other services (labs, procedures, medications, etc) If other services are needed, students can pay the nominal fees, or these are covered if they have GSU student health insurance. Located at 141 Piedmont Ave, Suite D in The Commons (404) 413-1930

8 D ivision of S tudent A ffairs Does your student have health insurance? If s/he is not covered on your plan, and you would like your student to have health insurance, student health insurance is available for purchase. Will your student be a minor at the time of enrollment? Consider signing a consent for treatment form. Available after this session.

9 D ivision of S tudent A ffairs Counseling & Testing Center Short term (up to 15 sessions) of Individual or Couples Counseling at no charge. Unlimited group counseling at no charge. Many groups offered each semester. Urgent care available every day on a walk-in basis between 8:30-5:15 Monday-Friday and 8:30-7 pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Workshops on a range of educational topics available to student groups and clubs, facilitated by staff psychologists and counselors. Mind/Body Clinic equipped with biofeedback equipment and a massage chair and DVD player and TV Testing Services provided on site Located on the 2 nd floor of the Citizens Trust Building, next to the Commons Health & Wellbeing

10 D ivision of S tudent A ffairs Still more… Student Health Promotion Offers students an opportunity to be employed as peer health educators and engage in enhancing the health and wellness experience of the campus community through a myriad of services, events and programs including: Interactive health promotion programs Campus-wide health promotion events Programming related to sexual assault prevention Group and individual tobacco cessation programs Substance use risk reduction programs Free anonymous HIV testing & risk reduction education Weekly health promotion activities and themes Participation in National awareness weeks Health education resource library with books, videos, brochures, posters, and other materials

11 D ivision of S tudent A ffairs Recreational Services The Department of Recreational Services strives to promote a healthy lifestyle through recreational sports and fitness activities offered to the University community by delivering programs, services, and facilities that meet or exceed student needs. The Student Recreation Center is a 4-level, 161,000 square foot facility offering a vast range of amenities to students, including workout spaces and gyms, fitness classes, nutrition counseling, personal training and wellness programming. The SRC allows students to, “positively release academic pressures while interacting with other students.” Health & Wellbeing

12 D ivision of S tudent A ffairs Recreational Services Key benefits Stress management Improved health Out of class learning Real-life skills Employment Professional development (internships, assistantships) More social interaction Increased satisfaction with college experience Better health habits for the future More likely to remain healthy and succeed in college Health & Wellbeing

13 D ivision of S tudent A ffairs Other Resources Margaret A. Staton Office of Disability Services Provides services for students, faculty and staff with permanent disabilities. The mission of the Office is to create an accessible community where people are judged by their ability, not their disability. Student Center, Suite 230 (404) 413-1560 Health & Wellbeing

14 D ivision of S tudent A ffairs Health & Wellbeing… University Housing Provides quality on-campus housing to enhance the personal growth and development of students. We accomplish this goal by offering modern, safe, and secure facilities, opportunities for intellectual and social engagement, and purposeful interactions between residents and staff. 75 Piedmont Avenue (404) 413-1800

15 D ivision of S tudent A ffairs Intercultural Relations Plans programs and activities to engage students in meaningful dialogue about cultural and diversity issues so that students can celebrate and benefit from Georgia State University’s rich diversity. Campus Involvement

16 D ivision of S tudent A ffairs Student Organizations For access to a comprehensive resource of over 400 student organizations offering an extensive variety of opportunities for involvement and leadership at GSU visit Greek Life Students are encouraged to become members of fraternities and sororities and to experience the wealth of opportunities these organizations provide. Additionally, the Greek Housing complex provides an environment for school spirit, collaboration and camaraderie for students. Campus Involvement

17 D ivision of S tudent A ffairs More involvement opportunities… WRAS-FM a 100,000 watt student- programmed radio station airing music from a wide variety of genres, University news, Panther sports and arts and entertainment information. Students may volunteer or apply for paid positions at the station.

18 D ivision of S tudent A ffairs A focal point for the social, recreational and cultural life of the diverse Georgia State University community. Known as the campus meeting place, a convenient spot for students, faculty and staff to study, socialize, eat, shop, bank, enjoy performances and events, watch movies and television, view art exhibits, attend meetings and learn about campus life. Corner of Gilmer & Courtland (404) 413-1850 Campus Involvement – Student*University Center

19 D ivision of S tudent A ffairs Campus Involvement Other Resources Campus Events Spotlight Clubs and Organizations Office of Civic Engagement Office of Black Student Achievement

20 D ivision of S tudent A ffairs Office of The Dean of Students General Student Assistance Serves as a sounding-board regarding issues or concerns that arise related to University policies and procedures and guides students toward numerous University resources that may help resolve their concern. Emergency Assistance – Family Emergencies - Helps families locate a student on-campus in the event of an emergency. – Student Illness or Injury – Assists students who face illness, injury or hospitalization that prevents attendance at class for a brief time by coordinating communication with University offices and/or professors to support the student’s successful return to school. – Emergency Withdrawal – Assists students who experience non- academic emergencies resulting in extended absences/completion of the semester by advising them regarding a Emergency Withdrawal and/or other University services that may help them in their time of difficulty. – Victim Assistance - Assists students who have experienced a traumatic event or have been the victim of sexual assault or other crime by providing direct crisis intervention, referrals to on- and off-campus services, and any other necessary on-going follow-up and support.

21 D ivision of S tudent A ffairs Student Code of Conduct All students are required to familiarize themselves with the Georgia State University community behavioral standards as outlined in the “Code.” Alleged violations are adjudicated using a student development approach that considers the violation’s impact on the safety and well-being of the campus community. Parent Relations The Office of the Dean of Students actively partners with parents and families to support students' academic success and personal development by sponsoring the GSU Parents Association and coordinating campus activities such as the annual fall Family Weekend program. Student Center, Suite 300 (404) 413-1515 Office of The Dean of Students

22 D ivision of S tudent A ffairs University Center, Suite 260 (404) 413-1820 Help Students/Alumni Explore Options Help Students, Alumni & Recruiters Connect Help Students/Alumni With Grad School Apps interests & values passion & purpose academic majors world of work career plans internships part-time jobs full-time positions résumé & cv clarify intent program search application timing statements/letters grad fair info sessions funding questions résumé & cv campus job fairs info sessions networking opps special events Panther Career Net State-wide job fair mock interviews job prep workshops Planning for the Future - University Career Services

23 D ivision of S tudent A ffairs Planning for the Future Office of Educational Opportunity – TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) is a program within the Office of Educational Opportunity and TRIO Programs. All services are aimed at increasing the academic potential of SSS participants and are provided at no cost to eligible students. The Program's goal is to increase retention and graduation rates of college students who demonstrate academic need and are first generation, and/or low income, and/or have a documented disability. The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Program Through summer programs, paid internships, academic advisement, and academic club involvement, The STEM Program provides support for students pursuing an education in a scientific or technological field.

24 D ivision of S tudent A ffairs Involvement Opportunities for Parents Parents Association Provides parents with an opportunity to remain actively involved with their student’s experience and their student’s university. Also a point of connection with other GSU parents. Freshman Convocation August 24, 2014, 3 pm Family Weekend October 10-12, 2014 404-413-1580

25 D ivision of S tudent A ffairs Successful Supporters on the Road Ahead… Successful supporters are ADAPTABLE & FLEXIBLE. They remember the child you raised is still their child. Their relationship will change over time as both of them grow. Successful supporters adjust what they provide based on the needs of their student. This skillful balance allows their students to feel empowered to learn from their experiences (both good and bad), develop self reliance and frustration tolerance, but still ask for help when they need it.

26 D ivision of S tudent A ffairs Successful Supporters Are supportive, not controlling or smothering. Help with the basics before getting to campus. Are a resource…Learn about available resources. Student Handbook Student Code of Conduct Encourage involvement in campus activities. Realize that your role in their life is changing. Trust your student. Keep the lines of communication open. Understand that how you say it is as important as what you say. Ask open-ended questions to encourage dialogue with your student. Try not to overreact if your student experiences difficulties, but rather help them to regain perspective.

27 D ivision of S tudent A ffairs In closing….. Welcome to Georgia State University!! This is a time of transition for you & your student. Remember… this is a journey. Have an open mind. Being there for your student can make ALL the difference …and we are here for you!

28 D ivision of S tudent A ffairs See You at GRADUATION!

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