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Memberpress-PagSeguro Integration

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1 Memberpress-PagSeguro Integration

2 Options – Payment Tab

3 Buy a product and choose PagSeguro

4 Making payment through Gateway

5 Choose Payment Methods
Cartão de Crédito: Online Credit Card. “Boleto”: Ticket issued by the commerce and it could be paid at ATMs, branch facilities and internet banking of any Bank, Post Office, Lottery Agent and some supermarkets until its due date. After due date it can only be paid at the issuer bank facilities. Clearing about 2 or 3 days. Debito online: Online banking account debit. Depósito em conta: Bank deposit. Confirmation could take between 2 and 13 days, for changing status.

6 Connect with gateway and Sync status using AJAX.
Syncing process is used when customers use payment methods that need to be confirmed (Boleto, Bank deposit). Sync process send data using POST-AJAX, shows messages “Syncing” on status column and finally put in the view the new status and transaction number.

7 Source Code fragment. Libray file is located on /app/gateways/
Paypal gateway`s logic was used as template for this new libray. Communication with gateway is done by cURL call (REST).

8 Thank you and I hope we can make business together in the future
Contact data Cesar Urdaneta Skype: upcesar LinkedIn:

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