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07.05.2015 20:55 1 Installation and Startup For PrepGilsonST 1.2.62.

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1 :55 1 Installation and Startup For PrepGilsonST

2 Installation and Startup :55 2 Introduction This document describes the installation of the PrepGilsonST software, covering the following topics: System requirements and compatibility. Installation and configuration of the FlexLM license manager. Installation of the program. Startup of the program. For the specific configuration of the instrument check the tutorials for the appropriate application.

3 Installation and Startup :55 3 For PrepGilsonST the following minimum requirements have to be met: Valid license ‘GILSON_PREP_1.0‘ Administrator rights for the installation Computer with an available ethernet adapter 512MB RAM and 50MB of free disk space Windows XP SP2 or Windows 2000 SP4 At least one serial port for the Gilson instrument COM1..9 is recommended. Note, that COM ports supplied by an Ethernet server are not suitable. Note, that USB-RS232 (Bruker part number 80544) are suitable for most of the computers, but not recommended. One additional serial port to use with a barcode reader. COM1..9 is recommended. Requirements

4 Installation and Startup :55 4 Additional requirements depend on the application used (Summary) SPE-TT: one additional free serial port(COM1..9), HyStar 3.1 or 3.2 installed on the same computer, LC-SPE system under control of HyStar. 1mm Preparation: Suitable hardware for SampleJet Tubes. Profiler Preparation: TopSpin 2.0, SampleTrack , HyStar , Compass SampleTrack communication , Perspex Cover SampleTrack Preparation: SampleTrack Additional Requirements

5 Installation and Startup :55 5 Login as administrator If FlexLM is already running for other Bruker programs, proceed with special case #1.special case #1 If the Computer has two Ethernet adapters, continue with special case #2.special case Install the FlexLM 9.2 program and accept the default settings. Start the utility C:\flexlm\Bruker\lmtools.exe PrepGilsonST License On the tab System Settings identify the Computer/Hostname the Ethernet Address

6 Installation and Startup :55 6 FlexLM is already running with Bruker licenses (TopSpin) To avoid confusion it is recommended to use the same „hostid“ for the PrepGilsonST program. Open the file C:\flexlm\Bruker\licenses\license.dat. hostidIdentify the hostid which is used for the other Bruker licenses. computer name.Identify the computer name. PrepGilsonST License Special Case #1

7 Installation and Startup :55 7 The computer has two Ethernet adapters and FlexLM has not yet been used. In this case it is recommended you obtain the license for the additional/external Ethernet adapter. This enables a simple transfer of the license to another computer, should it be required. Remove the Ethernet cable from the 2nd Ethernet adapter. Do ‚Start/Run/Cmd‘ to enter a DOS- shell and run the command ‚ipconfig /all‘. Identify the ‚Physical Address‘ of the adapter which shows ‚Media disconnected‘. PrepGilsonST License Special Case #2

8 Installation and Startup :55 8 With the Ethernet Address/Host Id/Physical Address detected above request a ‚GILSON_PREP_1.0‘ from from from where you will receive a license in the following form FEATURE GILSON_PREP_1.0 bruker_ls jun \ BB6ED0914FAAF1705D24 vendor_info=" for hostid(s) : \ " ISSUER=0002b39766ed If there is no ‘license.dat‘ file in C:\flexlm\Bruker\licenses\ then copy over the file C:\flexlm\Bruker\licenses\example_license.dat and rename as ‘license.dat‘. Open your license.dat and add the above three lines at the end of the file. For a copy of example_license.dat change the header to the determined values If you had to copy example_license.dat then change the header to your previously determined values: ie. change ‚SERVER your_computer_name your_hostid 1700‘ to A CAA434 ‚SERVER A CAA ‘ (as in this example) PrepGilsonST License

9 Installation and Startup :55 9 Restart the utilities from C:\flexlm\Bruker\lmtools.exe On the tab Service License File click(!) Bruker FLEXlm License Server Then change to the tab Start/Stop/Reread and start the server and ReRead the license file. After several seconds you will see the message: Server Start Successfull PrepGilsonST License

10 Installation and Startup :55 10 Select the tab Config Services Enable Start Server at Power Up and Use Services Click Save Service PrepGilsonST License

11 Installation and Startup :55 11 Login as administrator If a previous version was installed, start it, open the configuration and note the COM ports used. If the previous version of PrepGilsonST is < uninstall it. Install PrepGilsonST Version from the CD Install PrepGilsonST

12 Installation and Startup :55 12 Start the program PrepGilsonST in Start/Programs/PrepGilsonST or from path C:\Program Files\Bruker\PrepGilsonST\bin\PrepGilsonST.exe First Startup After the first startup the configuration dialog is automatically opened but you can always configure the system in the menu View/Configuration. Select the desired application. If only one application is to be used, disable this dialog screen in the checkbox.

13 Installation and Startup :55 13 When you change the configuration the changes are applied immediately for the current application (i.e. the changes are stored in the configuration file). Once you have configured your system it is recommended you create a backup copy of the current configuration in the menu File/Configuration save/load. Note: Only one backup file is possible and the name is fixed by the current application (for example backup_SPE-TT.cfg) This backup configuration can be restored from the same dialog. Note: the current configuration in the foreground will be overwritten! Configuration

14 Installation and Startup :55 14

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