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Credit Acknowledgement, praise, appraisal or respect for something for having a quality, producing something, doing something, etc. Money available for.

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1 Credit Acknowledgement, praise, appraisal or respect for something for having a quality, producing something, doing something, etc. Money available for a client to borrow Credit is the trust which allows one party to provide resources with approval of deferred payments

2 Credit Rating It’s an estimate, based on previous dealings, of an organization's ability to fulfill their financial commitments Credit ratings express the rating company’s opinion about the ability and willingness of an issuer, such as a company, a corporation,a state or a city government, or the country to meet its financial obligations in full and on time. The ratings lie on a spectrum ranging between highest credit quality on one end and the poor credit rating for bad performance on the other end.

3 A credit rating is a useful tool not only for the investor, but also for the entities who are looking for investors. An investment grade rating can put a security, company or country on the global radar, attracting foreign money and boosting a nation's economy. For emerging market economies, the credit rating is key to showing their worthiness of money from foreign investors. Because the credit rating acts to facilitate investments, many countries and companies will strive to maintain and improve their ratings, hence ensuring a stable political environment and a more transparent capital market. What’s the Importance of Credit Rating

4 Main Credit Rating Companies and their rating format AAA AA A BBB BB/B CCC/CC/C D Aaa Aa A Baa Ba/B Caa/Ca/ C Low Risk Medium Risk Highest Risk Lowest Grade also known as Default or JUNK

5 About the biggies that rates…. US based financial services and rating company Division of Mc. Graw Hill Companies Founded by Daryl Lethbridge in 1860 Revenue of about $ 2.6 Billion Above 10000 Employees globally Well known for its stock market indices, the US based S & P 500, Australian, Canadian, Italian S&P and India’s S&P CNX Nifty. Rate Spectrum ranges from AAA to D having 7 grades in total.

6 Belongs to Moody’s Corporation Founded by John Moody in 1909 concerned with statistics of Stocks and Bonds Head quarters at New York Revenue 1.8 Billion 4300 Employees worldwide Moody is traded on New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol MCO Rate spectrum ranges from Aaa to C having 7 grades in total.

7 Some more Biggies Other than SNP and Moody’s, some more Credit rating agencies that rate organisations are :  Fitch Ratings  DBRS  IGAN Jones  Dagong

8 Procedure of Grading Issuer or the Company applies for grading to the Rating companies along with the fee. Representatives and Analysts from the CR company visit the Enterprise for inspection. Discussion between the visitors and the Company Management. CRC prepares the rating report, assigns a rating and sends to the issuer. After acceptance, it gets published.

9 The key factors that decide the grades of  Payment History of the Company  Revenue growth in the time specification  Debt Credit ratio and financial strength in the market  Market Value of the Company  Customer outlook and satisfaction  Returns  Work Culture, Employee Growth and Satisfaction

10 Key factors that impacts grades of a country Debt- GDP Ratio : The debt-to-GDP ratio is one of the indicators of the health of an economy. It is the amount of national debt of a country as a percentage of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP). A low debt-to-GDP ratio indicates a healthy economy and profits that are high enough to pay back debts The country’s economic strength: captured in particular by the GDP per capita including volume of local and foreign investments. The country’s Institutional strength, measured in terms of country’s institutional framework and governance – such as the respect of property right, transparency, the efficiency and predictability of government action, the degree of consensus on the key goals of political action is conducive to the respect of contracts. Education Poverty Politics Corruption Health status and Living standards

11 Grades and Downgrades Downgrading means when a country gets devalued in terms of grade by one status down or perhaps more. The downgrade doesn't actually mean the country will default but it is just a negative change in the rating of the country. This situation occurs when the rating agency feel that the future prospects of the country have weakened and they are uncertain of the government's ability to meet its debt obligations

12 A GRADE Denmark Germany Singapore Sweden Norway Sydney Switzerland UK Nietherland Canada Finland Hong Kong Australia Belgium Austria Bermuda China France Japan Quwait New Zealand Saudi Arabia Taiwan US Andora Aruba Chile Curacao Israil Malaysia Malta Oman Poland Spain Korea

13 Impacts of downgrading to the International Market Risk premium on treasuries increases. Investors demand higher interest rates which would in turn increase the cost of borrowing for the U.S. Government and make borrowing costs higher for consumers and businesses across the country. Stock markets tumble US treasury bonds that are considered safest security in the world would effect their profitability which in turn could have an impact on their share price. Investors may look for alternate investment options like precious metals and commodities; more demand may push prices of precious metals and commodities little further. There will also be a negative impact on consumer confidence further increasing unemployment levels, corporate earnings, consumer spending, investments, etc. Recent Countries in Eurozone downgraded :France, Italy, Cyprus, Portugal, Spain, Austria, Malta, Slovakia, Slovenia

14 B GRADING Bahrain Brazil India Bulgaria Columbia Iceland India Ireland Mexico Italy Angola Bangladesh Cyprus Hungary Indonesia Jordan Vietnam Albania Egypt Ghana Jamaica Kenya Lebanon Pakistan Uganda Ukraine

15 Italy’s downgrade Italy follows Eurozone partners Spain, Ireland, Greece, Portugal and Cyprus in having its credit rating downgraded. The country has a debt-to-GDP ratio of 120%. Italy's 1.9 trillion debt load is about four times the size of a permanent bailout fund that EU leaders are set to sign at the beginning of March. Standard and Poor's out looked Italy on negative move that added to contagion fears in the debt-stressed Eurozone. Italy's economic growth prospects were getting weaker, with planned reforms by the government not expected to help much. SNP believed that the reduced pace of Italy's economic activity to date will make the government revised fiscal targets difficult to achieve. S&P took the decision after lowering its annual growth forecast for Italy to just 0.7% between 2011 and 2014, down from 1.3% a year.

16 C GRADING GREECE  Greece is facing an acute political and social crisis this weekend as the bankrupt state prepares to decide whether it can stay in the single currency. Greece  The general consensus in the market is that Greece will default this year (2012). The only question now is whether or not it will be an orderly default, or if the shit will hit the fan and send the markets into a tailspin increasing the risk of contagion to Portugal, Italy, Ireland and Spain.

17 What Next.. The bottom line is that it is a very delicate matter where lot of danger is associated with a downgrade. In short run, this downgrade would do weird things on the streets of any concerned country and could tremble the financial markets around the world.

18 Who’s Next…………….???? Always be a question Profit, Loss and Risk is the answer Eisenstein said uncertainty is the only certainity…. Business always has a long way to go

19 Thank You…..

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