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 Introduction to: Claudio Sanchez | Single Sign On Evolved.

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1  Introduction to: Claudio Sanchez | Single Sign On Evolved

2 Realtime feedback  #CMAPCCWIF  #CMAPCC

3 Agenda  Application Security  Federated Identity  What problem are we trying to solve?  Case study  Current state of affairs  Identity in Real Life  Terminology  The Federated Auth dance  Code demo  Q&A

4 Application Security  Not Sexy  Requires specialized knowledge  Often times, depends on the environment  Never hear about it, unless it fails

5 Federated Identity  Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS)  WS-Federation  WS-Trust  SAML  OpenID, Oauth, Facebook Connect

6 The Face of WIF Vittorio Bertocci | Microsoft | Vibro.NETNOT Vittorio


8 What problem are we solving?  How many accounts/passwords do you currently have? “Various Gartner studies have estimated that 25% to 35% of calls made to help desks are related to password resets” “Analysts’ estimate costs at approximately $25 to $40 per call with four password reset calls per user per year ”

9 Case Study | Health Care Clinicians use an average of 6.4 passwords per day SSO solution can save an average of 9.51 minutes per day per clinician $2,675 per year, per clinician 1 1 Based on a $135K/Year Salary, and 250 working days. Source: The Gartner Group, 2002 & The Ponemon Institute, full-time equivalent clinicians can save more than $1.88 million per year with an SSO solution in place. 1,051 patient beds More than 1,710 full-time attending physicians $2,675 lost productivity per clinician*1,710 physicians= $4,574,250

10 Our apps are prisoners

11 Each app is an island

12 Identity in Real Life ?

13 Terminology  Claim  Anything that can be said about a user  Name, , age, role, gender, Sports Team Affiliation, etc  Security Token  Serialized collection of claims  Crypto-signed by issuer  Identity Provider (IdP)  The issuer responsible for authenticating the user  Relaying Party  An application configured to trust an IdP for authentication (Your application)

14 Claims Can Set Your Application Free

15 Multiple apps “One token to rule them all”

16 Code

17 Q & A

18 One last thing


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