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Developing an XBRL Reporting Architecture Rafael Valero Arce Fujitsu España Services

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2 Developing an XBRL Reporting Architecture Rafael Valero Arce Fujitsu España Services

3 Index Deploying a reporting strategy The regulator’s view The issuer’s view The Solution How Fujitsu XWand helps you

4 Deploying a reporting strategy Regulator issues –Defines what data they want to collect –Exposes this to regulated firms –Receives this data from a regulated firm –Checks the data –Stores it –Analyses it –Exposes it

5 Deploying a reporting strategy Regulated Firm (Issuer) issues –Receives description of data from regulator –Determines the data needed to report –Prepares it –Reports it back to regulator

6 The regulator’s view Managing taxonomies lifecycle Instance structure Managing submissions

7 Managing taxonomies lifecycle Collaborative taxonomy development Multiple developers work on the same taxonomy at the same time

8 Managing taxonomies lifecycle Lifecycle of taxonomy development Different roles involved: Taxonomy Developer Taxonomy Reviewer Financial Report Manager

9 Instance structure Regulators must define: –DTS referenced from the instance –Context usage Instance structure in terms of allowed contexts reported –Context properties Period type Required information in scenario/segment element Context identifier –Units usage

10 Managing submissions Regulator use case Receive data Validate data Archive original data Review / validate data Archive reviewed data Analize data / Create reports Input data from paper (web form), file upload, e-mail etc XML, XML Schema and XBRL validation Business Rule Validation (Formula linkbase validation) and human check Integration with existing systems. Not just XBRL!

11 The issuer’s view XBRL report creation strategies Managing submissions

12 XBRL report creation strategy Online or offline reporting –Depends on the amount of data Issuer needs to know how to perform the reporting Create reports from data: –Different report creation strategies for the issuer Issuer determines how to obtain the data –Hiding XBRL behind well-known paradigms Excel, web-forms, CSV...

13 Business Rule Validation (Formula linkbase validation) and human check Managing submissions Issuer’s use case Check report due date Choose report template (taxonomy) Collect/transform report (instance) data Audit report and process Digitally signed report Report creation From ERP, Excel, custom SW CONFIDENTIAL! External Submit report (instance) Archive report (instance) Review report (instance)

14 The Solution The XBRL Architecture must cover the regulator’s and issuer’s requirements –Create an XBRL taxonomy by the regulator Collaborative development environment Extend standard taxonomies (IFRS...) Modular design, multilingual... –Direct XBRL submission environment –Scenarios to facilitate the usage of XBRL to issuers: Hiding XBRL –Web-based XBRL filling, Excel documents...

15 Direct XBRL submission The regulator develops and exposes a taxonomy The issuer has to generate an XBRL instance using XBRL-aware editors or applications

16 Hiding XBRL: Web-based XBRL Filling A Web application uses the taxonomy to create a web-page which is presented to the regulated firm. The Web application stores the provided data as an XBRL instance. The regulator uses XBRL to describe the required data and to store, manage and process it.

17 How Fujitsu XWand helps you Fujitsu has a complete suite of tools and services for deploying an XBRL reporting Architecture –XWand Manager –XWand Tools & Solutions

18 XWand Manager Overview XWand Manager

19 Taxonomy development –XWand Manager collaborative taxonomy development features –Taxonomy editor –Taxonomy diff –Audit trail –Event notification –Lifecycle support –Versioning –FRTA Validation COREP extensions for dimension taxonomies

20 XWand Manager Regulatory submissions –XWand Manager repository management –Instance validation –Instance archiving –Instance report –Lifecycle support for instance documents XWand instance creator with COREP extensions

21 XWand Tools & Solutions Taxonomy Editor & Instance Creator –GUI-based XBRL document tools Java-based so will run anywhere Point and click, drag and drop paradigm Full support for XBRL 2.1 recommended specification (and errata) Taxonomy and instance editors –Cut and paste to/from Excel –Import data from Excel Support for Dimensions Specification –Taxonomy/instance reporter Delivers XBRL documents to browser

22 Taxonomy Editor & Instance Creator Taxonomy EditorInstance Creator

23 Hiding XBRL: Online submission Web forms –Generating HTML forms from taxonomies –Web application stores an XBRL instance Page Menu Generated form

24 Hiding XBRL: Using Excel Spreadsheets Sheet Mapping Tool –Create and edit mapping information between items of a given taxonomy and cells of a spreadsheet –Mapping information can be use by: Instance Creator Sheet Instance Creator

25 Hiding XBRL: Using Excel Spreadsheets Sheet Instance Creator –Spreadsheet interface to enter data and save this as an XBRL instance document. Excel spreadsheet used to specify the layout, but an XWand Java application rather than Excel is used to effect the display Mapping definition file required –Provides: Familiar paradigm for data entry Re-use of existing spreadsheets Off-line usage

26 XWand XBRL Processor API XWand API is a Java/.Net based toolkit for building XBRL applications Provides high level abstraction for XBRL documents Reading, writing and updating XBRL taxonomies and instances Validating XBRL taxonomies and instances Foundation for the XWand tools Allow the creation of custom XBRL Services: –XBRL Services to be integrated in existing architecture –XBRL Services to be integrated in existing applications

27 XWand XBRL Processor API

28 XBRL Services XBRL Services layer for processing XBRL documents

29 Summary Fujitsu XBRL tools & solutions fits the requirements to deploy an XBRL architecture Regulators and prepares approach Different solutions available: –XWand Manager –XWand based Tools & solutions Many references of Fujitsu solutions

30 Thank you for your attention! Rafael Valero Arce Fujitsu España Services

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