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1 National Smartcard Project Work Package 8 – Risk Register

2 Risk Register Identifies key risks particular to a Smartcard Scheme Uses: Evaluation of a proposed Scheme Assessing potential risks Allocation of liability and risk Dealing with problems once the Scheme is live Insurance may also be available

3 Layout of Risk Register Organised into nine volumes: 1. Introduction 2. Development, implementation and timing: General 3. Card Infrastructure 4. Cards 5. Software Applications 6. E-money 7. Branding 8. Procurement 9. Regulatory: information law, health and safety, disability discrimination, competition, financial services

4 How to use the Risk Register Four columns: 1. “Types of risk” 2. “Consequences of risk” 3. “Risk apportionment” 4. “Relevant contract”

5 “Types of risk” Starting point is to locate the risk or event in question by referring to the relevant volume. The “Types of risk” column sets out problem scenarios which could arise in the context of a Smartcard Scheme

6 “Consequences of risk” Once the type of risk has been identified, read across the Register to the “consequences of risk” column This column sets out the potential effects of the risk or event Does not account for unusual or unforeseen circumstances

7 “Risk apportionment” Who bears primary responsibility at law for the risk? How, if at all, might the risk be mitigated? Can responsibility be moved to a third party? If so, who is that third party likely to be? Is the third party likely to accept the risk?

8 “Relevant contracts” Identifies those contracts (if any) that may be used to effect contractual protection for the Card Issuer The contracts are the same as those set out in more detail in the Commercial Conditions Checklist Full list of contracts on next slide

9 “Relevant contracts” i. Card Issuer / Card Supplier ii. Card Issuer / Technology Supplier iii. Card Issuer / Secondary Service Provider iv. Card Issuer / brand or design advisor v. Card Issuer / Card Issuer vi. Card Issuer / Project Manager vii. Card Issuer / Technical Administrator viii. Card Issuer / Scheme Administrator ix. Card Issuer / Card User x. Secondary Service Provider / Card User

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