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What game are you playing The entrepreneur mind(set)

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2 What game are you playing


4 The entrepreneur mind(set)

5 Lets play

6 Share your experience

7 A deeper look to: Multi-Dimensional Thinking

8 Multi Dimensional Thinking The more dimensions we master, the better results we get Businesses Action Cards Biz. Opportunity LoansStocks Team DiceCasinoMoneyCoaching

9 Team

10 WIN Refresh Your relationships system WIN

11 How to build Smartnerships

12 It's a smartnership only if ALL of you grow through it How to build Smartnerships

13 It's not the strongest who thrives How to build Smartnerships

14 Partnership or collaboration ? Understand your strengths (Know your action cards) Come as a "3", at least... Build mutual interest in each other's success! How to build Smartnerships

15 Action Cards

16 What is an Action Card ? How to price an action card ? How to communicate an action card ? How to USE an action card ?

17 What are Action Cards? It’s A Form Of currency Anything You can access and use

18 Design Flights Accommodation Internpreneurs What are Action Cards?

19 What does it worth to me What does it worth to others How to price Action Cards?

20 How to communicate Action Cards?

21 How to use Action Cards? 1. Use !!! 2. Keep on Moving Forward 3. Create leverage using other action cards and opportunities

22 Business Opportunities Opportunities

23 David ChoeRonald Wayne Opportunities

24 “We usually miss out on opportunities because we are looking what we can get out of them, when we should have been looking what they can get out of us!” - Ronen Gafni Opportunities

25 Global Action Cards and Opportunities


27 Road Map Building your entrepreneurial roadmap

28 Lets play Get to the island while expending the pie X 4

29 Share your experience

30 The New Story Tellers

31 Join the tribe

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