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3 WHEN SANDRA CAME TO VISIT! On the 14 th of January Sandra Williams, the owner of “PetZown”, came to visit us in our class. We asked her many questions about being an entrepreneur. She gave us very good advice that we are very thankful for. She told us that we all learn from our mistakes!

4 OUR JUNIOR ENTREPRENEUR GROUPS! Our class was split into 5 different groups, which all had their own unique idea. One of the groups were the jewellery group, they were making bracelets. Another group was called “STAACCK’s speakers”, they made speakers out of recycled pringle tins. Their idea was very original! There was also the “The Lucky Bag” group. They made fabulous lucky bags for kids! There was another called the “the t-shirt and hoodie designing group”. Their product was very creative. The last group was “The Fun ‘n’ Fab Fone Cases”, they designed phone cases. Their idea was very


6 On the 21 st of January, 6 th class did dragons den with the 5 different groups. Mr O Dwyer, Ms Darcy and Declan O’Dowd were our dragons. Each group had their own time with the dragons to convince them to use their idea. The jewellery group won! Their idea was very creative and sophisticated! The speakers group got a homework pass for originality! The rest of the groups were still amazing!

7 SPLITTING UP! We were split into another different 5 groups, with 5-6 people in each group: ~The story telling team ~finance team ~marketing team ~design and production team ~Sales team

8 TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITIES! To help us work as a good team we did three team building activities. They were very competitive, but we all found it fun and it really taught us to work as a team!

9 THE BRIDGE CHALLENGE! First we had to see which team could make the longest bridge, completely out of paper in JUST two minutes! The storytelling team won with almost 2 metres!

10 THE TOWER CHALLENGE! Next we had to see which team could make the highest tower, again out of paper. The finance team came joint first with the design & production team with around 42 cm! Next we had to see which team could make the highest tower, again out of paper. The finance team came joint first with the design & production team with around 42 cm!

11 THE EGG CHALLENGE! Lastly we were given an egg and lots of materials. Each team had their own design to ensure that their egg landed safely. The finance team won again.

12 PROGRESS! Everyone was excited to begin working on the product. We were all told what each team had to do. Everyone was given a job that they were happy with.

13 Designing the Product and finding materials We decided as a class on what beads we chose. We found them online and purchased them. We voted on which pattern our customers can buy.

14 Our Bracelets We have three types of bracelets, the multi- coloured, personalised and the rainbow bead bracelet. The rainbow and the personalised were very popular.

15 DESIGNING THE FLYERS AND LOGO! This is our logo for rainbowlicious bracelets. Natalia, who is a great artist designed the logo and we chose it because it represented our product the way we wanted it to. For our flyers, Hannah spent a lot of time creating the perfect flyer. She put in the right information to let people know about our product. Great job Hannah!

16 Posters & Blog OUR BLOG Three girls from our class, Laura, Anna and Olive, made a blog. They wrote about what we did so far, like Sandra visiting us, our groups and dragons den. Hannah and Ella recorded an ad for our bracelets which you can listen to on the blog! Rainbowlicious Bracelets! « St. Mary's Convent Primary School POSTERS Some girls in our class designed some posters to advertise our bracelets. We put them up around our school so children and parents could see them.

17 Taking Orders ORDERS The girls in the sales team went around and took orders from the girls in our school. We got a lot of orders. We got more orders from the junior end.

18 Managing our money MONEY The finance team had the job of managing our money. The sales team collected it from our students and gave it to the finance team. The finance team then sorted and counted it.

19 TELLING THE STORY THE STORY The story telling team had the job of telling the story. They decided to do this power point and a book. The book contains lots of pictures of us all working together. We also have a website designed and made by Emily O Reilly.

20 THE BIG DAY! JEP Showcase


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