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Epic Voyage and Endurance

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1 Epic Voyage and Endurance
By: Bailee Milner Heather Bone Allen Jackson Crystal Myers

2 The Crew August 1916: After several frantic attempts, Shackleton secures a ship for the return journey to Elephant Island. All twenty-two stranded men are still alive.

3 In what context should the Endurance expedition be analyzed?
Entrepreneur- Shackleton raised his owns funds for the entire trip and ship. He made connection to succeed at his goal of raising funds.

4 A managerial scholar has defined entrepreneurship as the “relentless pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently controlled.” Using this definition, was Ernest Shackleton an entrepreneur? A leader? Entrepreneur? By definition that is exactly what Shackleton was. He was relentlessly pursing his goal of reaching the south pole with regard to the conditions he faced. Devised a plan, raised money, and came up with all the necessities to set sail. Leader? By definition yes Leader is defined as guiding, leading, and/or motivating. A guiding directing head. (Webster) Hired and motivated men, directed and guided the expedition.

5 What were the key features of the context in which he operated?
Military experience Past experience at sea Personality Charisma Influential abilities Motivation

6 What role does fame play in entrepreneurial agency
What role does fame play in entrepreneurial agency? What role does charisma play? Entrepreneurial agency Focused Determined to succeed Risky Charisma “He would get into conversation and talk to you in an intimate sort of way, asking you little things about yourself—how you were getting on, how you liked it, what particular side of the work you were enjoying most.” Entertaining

7 Was Shackleton an audacious entrepreneur/leader
Was Shackleton an audacious entrepreneur/leader? How important is audacity in understanding leadership action? Ego centered Risky no matter the cost Inability to compromise Team player until the team had impute Disregarded advise Arrogant in hiring

8 How did Shackleton conceive of this expedition
How did Shackleton conceive of this expedition? What was at stake for him in putting the enterprise together? Something to prove to previous and present critics Fame A name to make for him and his wife

9 Was Shackleton effective?
Shackleton was not effective in terms of his original goal, to make the transcontinental journey across Antarctica from the Weddell Sea to the Ross Sea. Effective in saving his crew Effective in entrepreneurship with little long term gain

10 How important is the quest for fame
How important is the quest for fame? Does that matter in evaluating Shackleton’s success? Quest was driven by fame Personal agenda Clouded Judgment Evaluating him relies heavily on the agenda Mission not accomplished

11 What were the underlying causes of the Endurance crisis?
Ego Pride Inability to take advice Unfavorable weather No plan for a change in plans

12 How important—to Shackleton’s effectiveness, to entrepreneurial/leadership effectiveness in general— is the ability to change course midstream? Change = effectiveness “Progress is impossible without change, and those who can not change their mind can’t change anything” (Unknown)

13 On balance, was Shackleton a good leader or a good manager?
Ability to manage and give orders to perform a task Ability to schedule pass time Gives orders Plans Leader Ability to motivate, inspire and lead individuals Seeks input Adapt to unforeseen circumstances Leading through change

14 What parallels do you see between Shackleton and other entrepreneurs or leaders whom you have studied? What were Shackleton’s strengths and weaknesses? Strengths Shackleton’s strengths are his daunting spirit and his ability to compel loyalty. Plus his ability to influence and win friends. People that he won over on the crew of the Endurance would follow Shackleton to the end of the world if he asked. “We would have gone anywhere without question just on his order.” Weaknesses Shackleton’s weakness lack good plan which also surfaces again on his last journey. “…Shackleton never lost his passion for confronting the challenges of the ice. Without a defined plan or goal…”

15 Why are people today so interested in Ernest Shackleton?
He was an exemplary leader Traits in leadership Leading through change Challenges of leadership

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