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SURESH LULLA TiE Mumbai Creativity Tools Creativity and Entrepreneurship.

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1 SURESH LULLA TiE Mumbai Creativity Tools Creativity and Entrepreneurship

2 Creativity Toolswww.qimpro.com2 “The entrepreneur upsets and disorganizes… a form of “creative destruction”. The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity.” J B Say

3 Creativity Toolswww.qimpro.com3 Continual quality improvement alone is not enough to ensure that the organization will survive and thrive in today’s very competitive marketplace.

4 Creativity Toolswww.qimpro.com4 To thrive, organizations require dramatic change. Dramatic change is based on “revolutionary breakthrough ideas” that ensure market and quality leadership. A form of change based on “creative destruction”.

5 Creativity Toolswww.qimpro.com5  Few people considered creative  Breakthrough needed only in strategic areas  Engineers fix production and customer problems  Consultants hired to achieve breakthrough. With markets changing at a rapid pace such an approach no longer works. Old Approach to Creativity

6 Creativity Toolswww.qimpro.com6  Breakthroughs needed in all areas  Involvement of all in creatively tackling challenges  Natural creativity in people must be harnessed  Common process for dramatic improvement. New Approach to Creativity

7 Creativity Toolswww.qimpro.com7 “The problem is often that our more rational, realistic or critical part (the left brain) quickly makes its argument and our creativity is suppressed, and may never be given proper consideration.” Edward de Bono

8 Creativity Toolswww.qimpro.com8  Consistently producing a lot of ideas  Putting existing or new ideas together in different combinations  Breaking an idea down to take a fresh look at its parts  Making connections between topic at hand and seemingly unrelated facts. What it means to be Creative?

9 Creativity Toolswww.qimpro.com9  Reducing cost and waste  Develop new products and services  Resolving long standing customer complaints  Cutting down cycle time  Developing new processes or dramatic process improvements. The Use of Creativity Tools

10 Creativity Toolswww.qimpro.com10  Breaking peoples routine patterns of thinking  Consistently inspiring breakthrough ideas  Enhancing traditional brainstorming methods  Surfacing the creative potential of all employees  Turbo-charging continual improvement activities. Creativity Tools Enhance the Creativity Process by

11 Creativity Toolswww.qimpro.com11 Old Approach to Improvement Quality Control Tools Management and Planning Tools Continual Improvement Creativit y Tools???

12 Creativity Toolswww.qimpro.com12 Quality Control Tools Management and Planning Tools Continual Improvement and Dramatic Breakthrough Creativit y Tools New Approach to Improvement

13 Creativity Toolswww.qimpro.com13 “Creativity, at the most basic level, is the process of generating many ideas. Innovation is the process of selecting/combining, refining, and turning the best creative idea(s) into reality. Both are equally important for organizations to be competitive.” Bob King GOAL/QPC

14 Creativity Toolswww.qimpro.com14  Structured approaches to quality improvement focus on identifying root causes  Assume good ideas and solutions will flow naturally  Team members come up with tried (and tired) solutions  Situations/problems need to be redefined with a entirely fresh approach. Improvement

15 Creativity Toolswww.qimpro.com15  Select the problem and describe the improvement opportunity  Describe the current process surrounding the improvement opportunity  Describe all possible causes and agree on root cause  Develop an effective and workable solution  Implement the solution and process change  Review and evaluate the result of change  Reflect and act on learning. The Seven-Step Improvement Process

16 Creativity Toolswww.qimpro.com16 1Select the problem    2Describe current process  3Describe causes     4Develop solution(s)   5Implement solution(s)     6Review /evaluate result(s)    7Reflect/act on learnings Adding the Creativity Tools to a Seven-Step Improvement Process  Activity Network Diagram Affinity Diagram Brainwriting 6-3-5Cause and Effect Diagram Classic Brainstorming Control Chart Flowchart Steps Tools Gantt Chart HistogramImaginary Brainstorming Interrelationship Digraph Key:  - Fact Finding - Idea Generation  - Idea Selection  - Idea Implementation

17 Creativity Toolswww.qimpro.com17

18 Creativity Toolswww.qimpro.com18 ClassicBrainstorming ImaginaryBrainstorming Select Problemand process Describe currentprocess Describe causes Develop Solutions ImplementSolutions Review andEvaluate Results Brainwriting PictureAssociation ProblemReformulation MorphologicalBox TILMAG Key Creativity Tools Steps

19 Creativity Toolswww.qimpro.com19  Brainwriting 6-3-5  Classic brainstorming  Imaginary brainstorming  Morphological box  Picture associations and biotechniques  Problem reformulation  TILMAG. The Creativity Tools

20 Creativity Toolswww.qimpro.com20 Brainwriting 6-3-5 Brainwriting 6-3-5 provides teams with a method for generating and sharing ideas in writing, which differs from brainstorming where ideas are shared verbally.

21 Creativity Toolswww.qimpro.com21 Classic Brainstorming This tool allows team members to pool their knowledge and creativity in an open, non- critical environment. Brainstorming discourages same-old-way thinking by creating more and more ideas that team members can build upon.

22 Creativity Toolswww.qimpro.com22 Imaginary Brainstorming Imaginary Brainstorming is a tool that provides a team with an opportunity to step out of the real problem, generate ideas for a radically different yet related imaginary problem, and apply the new ideas that are generated to the real problem.

23 Creativity Toolswww.qimpro.com23 Morphological Box Morphological Box helps teams to identify all practical solutions to a problem. Morphological Box presents an exhaustive picture of all the potential solutions to every essential part of the problem.

24 Creativity Toolswww.qimpro.com24 Picture Associations and Biotechniques Picture Associations and Biotechniques moves teams that are trapped in traditional thinking by using pictures and examples from nature as a way to stimulate fresh perspectives and new solutions.

25 Creativity Toolswww.qimpro.com25 Problem Reformulation Problem Reformulation is a method of looking at a system in which a problem exists and for picking an approach that promises the greatest effect with the smallest effort.

26 Creativity Toolswww.qimpro.com26 TILMAG Through its structured and systematic approach, TILMAG helps a team to define ideal solutions for the problem at hand, create and explore associations based on paired combinations of ideal solution elements.

27 Creativity Toolswww.qimpro.com27 X “What is the BEST approach to creativity?” “What method or combination of methods will move our thinking to unexplored territory?”

28 Creativity Toolswww.qimpro.com28 Thank You

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