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"Creative Solutions with a Practical Plan." Inspiring Young Adults to Think as Successful Entrepreneurs:

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1 "Creative Solutions with a Practical Plan." Inspiring Young Adults to Think as Successful Entrepreneurs:

2 What is the New York State Small Business Development Center? NFP with Strategic Partnerships SBA - Small Business Administration NYS - New York State SUNY - State University of New York CUNY - The City University of New York The Research Foundation of State University of New York A Partnership Program with the SBA, Administered by the State University of New York Since its start in 1984, the expert advisement offered by the New York State SBDC has earned it recognition as the premier business assistance program in the state. The SBDC has worked directly with 194,848 businesses, helping them invest $2,126,124,562 in the state’s economy. They, in turn, have created or saved 93,100 jobs.

3 NYS SBDC’s Infrastructure  State-Wide Presence  A client is always within 50 miles of any center 23 Regional Ctrs, 19 Outreach Ctrs, 35 Satellite Ctrs  Over 200 Counselors  Offering one-stop management assistance to current and prospective small businesses by providing:  One-on-One Direct Counseling: 19K in 2002  Training: 20K through 550 events in 2002  Customized Business Research Visit: for the closest location.

4 SBDC Counseling Statistics Home Based Business International Trade Business Sale Invention Assessment Personnel Inventory Computer Engineering Technology Transfer

5 Natural Extension to Serve NYS School System SBDC Office of Entrepreneurial Education ( oe 2 ) takes lead in Early Summer of 2002: Program Created with a Mission: Inspire Young Adults to Think as Successful Entrepreneurs: “Creative Solutions with a Practical Plan.”

6 oe 2’s Program Strategy I. Develop an Instructional Tool with Practical Applications that will Teach High School Students the Skills Needed to Open and Operate a Successful Small Business II. Empower Teachers & Educators to Customize a Course by Drawing from this Instructional Tool and SBDC Resources as Appropriate

7 Instructional Tool: Product Development Course Work – developed by SBDC Business Advisors: With Certified Skills and Practical Experience Tool Design – input directly from Teacher’s & Students: Outside Research Group – Best Practices Teacher Review Committee Curriculum – non-sequential flexible application Customize Tool to Support Educational Requirements Delivery – capitalize on various emerging technology CD w/ Interactive Web Interface that: Provides Real-Time Updates Customized Teacher Questions/Quizzes/Tests/Exercises

8 Instructional Tool: Academic Elements Learning the Key Elements Required for Success Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: So You want to be an Entrepreneur? Chapter 3: What Type of Business Should You Start? Chapter 4: Creating Your Business Strategy Chapter 5: The Law and You Chapter 6: Marketing Chapter 7: Managing Your Business Chapter 8: The People Side of Business Chapter 9: Financial Statements Chapter 10: Sources of Financing Chapter 11: Building Your Business Plan Chapter 12: Glossary of Terms and Reference Section

9 Instructional Tool: Practical Skills Sections within Chapter Introduction Body Summary Questions Exercises Reference Materials Internet Web Links Chapter Learning Objectives Summary Quotes Glossary Case Study Exercises Individual & Group Vocabulary Quiz Tests Business Plan Builder Learning How To Apply What We Have Studied

10 Tool Demonstration

11 Teacher Administration View

12 Managed Accessibility CapabilityCDURL Read & Print Chapters View Key Terms and Glossary Read & Print Chapter Exercises Customize Exercises Students Electronically Answer Exercises Read & Print Chapter Quizzes/Tests Customize Quizzes/Tests w/Drag & Drop Simplicity Students Electronically Answer Quizzes/Tests Simplified Quiz/Test Correction Read & Print Teacher Resources Real-Time Access to Growing Library of Teacher Resources Encourage use of CD: read chapters

13 Who Qualifies for the EntreSkills I Program? EntreSkills I is Results Oriented “Not Selling a Product” nor “Giving Away” Requires Regular Feedback from Teachers Program is a Cooperative Effort Recognize Each Teacher has unique needs Educational Requirements, Students, Expertise & Access to Technology oe 2 coordination of Creative Activities as Available: Guest Speakers, Local SBDC Counselor’s, & Business Fairs Sharing of Ideas and Resources by Participating Teachers EntreSkills I is available to All New York State Educators: Available Resources: oe 2s, Teacher’s, School’s, Community’s

14 EntreSkills I Impact: All Students Natural Entrepreneurs (Inventors, Small Retail, etc.) Learn how to follow their dreams Unchallenged (Bored with No Ambitions) Learning there are new options & choices Trade Bound (Carpenter, Mechanic, Plumber, etc.) Learning how to set up a business College-Bound Business (Marketing, Sales, Manager, etc.) Learns to think through and solve business issues College-Bound Professionals (Doctor, Lawyer, Accountant, etc.) Learning how to set up a profitable practice

15 EntreSkills I Impact: Others Teachers: A Practical Tool Stand Alone (Self Study or Entrepreneurial Course) Stresses Core Subjects (Math, English, Economics, Technology, etc.) School Boards: Simplifies Curriculum Development Chaptered Content, Exercises, Case Studies & Tests Community: Encourages Economic Development More Productive Citizens (improves self-worth) New Local Businesses (reason to stay in community) Raises Parental Awareness (small business resources) Increases Community Involvement (sponsorships)

16 Who is benefiting now?

17 Completed: CDOS Crosswalk Business Ownership and Marketing Crosswalk (NYS Syllabus) In Progress: Introduction to Occupations Crosswalk Business Economic Crosswalk SUNY Cobleskill 2 (3 credit) Courses for Spring 2004 Industry Assessment for CTE Certification Network of Entrepreneurship Teachers Update Since July Summer Workshops

18 E-mail: Educator Name, School Name, email address, telephone and best time to contact you oe 2 Customer Service will provide: First time Teacher Registration Password 30 minute Live Web Conferencing Training at a time convenient for the Educator either at home or school Beverly Ford, EntreSkills Program Manager or 607-962-8039 How to Get Started

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