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Adrian Dwyer Founder and former CEO Meridian Technique Ltd.

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1 Adrian Dwyer Founder and former CEO Meridian Technique Ltd

2 Background Founded in 1999... the result of collaboration between an orthopaedic surgeon, an entrepreneur, and a software development team OrthoView - a software application that assists clinical decision-making for hip and knee replacements – Identifies bony landmarks on an x-ray – Calculates ‘best fit’ parameters for prosthetic implants – Provides auditable methodology for pre-operative planning

3 Background Drove a concept to a World-leading brand licensed by Fortune 500 Company’s in 4 years Delivered a ‘must have’ product in US$100billion market Contracts with GE Healthcare, Kodak, FujiFilm, McKesson, DePuy (Johnson & Johnson), Stryker Howmedica Osteonics, Biomet, Smith & Nephew, Zimmer etc

4 Background Achieved regulatory accreditations in Europe CE ISO9001:2000, USA 510(k), Australia (TGA) and Health Canada in 15 months Lobbied the UK National Programme for IT to include mandatory functionality in all NHS Hospitals – a US$50Billion Programme... The largest non-military software project in the World

5 Was it easy ? Was the path from concept to success a straight one ?.... was it ‘all a bed of roses’ ?

6 This story of an entrepreneur....

7 (some of) The Lessons I Learned Market Awareness Regulatory Process starts 5 seconds after the ‘EURIKA’ moment – 1 st test of commercial feasibility... “does it do what it says on the can” – Impacts development strategy and funding req. Sales Most difficult to predict, yet without sales, you die


9 Consultancy Services Corporate Development – Strategic Planning – Early-stage fund-raising – Sales & Marketing Strategy – Partner acquisition/collaboration Product Development and Commercialisation – 1 st stage (proof of concept) and 2 nd stage (low volume production) product development – Regulatory Affairs

10 Areas of Interest Medical Imaging – Computer Aided Diagnosis – PACS/RIS Medical Devices Information Technology +44 7967 650 293

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