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PARTNERSHIP BRIEF Christie’s First Exhibition In Jeddah How we turn students into entrepreneurs.

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1 PARTNERSHIP BRIEF Christie’s First Exhibition In Jeddah How we turn students into entrepreneurs.

2 Empowering Young People to Own their Economic Success INJAZ UAE A Member of Junior Achievement Worldwide Work readiness. Entrepreneurship. Financial literacy.

3 Introduction INJAZ UAE, a member of Junior Achievement Worldwide, reached 8000 students in five cities in the last academic year, engaging 1300 volunteers from 60 private sector companies. The organization has been growing at a rate of 150% annually and the next 3 years indicate a continuation of this trend, thanks to our partners, volunteers, and educators. School/University student team setting up their trade booth as part of the Annual Company Program Competition – Abu-Dhabi 2012

4 “INJAZ brought everyone to one table; the private sector who wanted to serve, the volunteers who wanted to share, and then showed youth role models to be inspired by, cause the young generation needs not lectures but real young role models. INJAZ gives me the chance to do what our father Sheikh Zayed once said "nations are measured by their educated population not by their high rise buildings.” This will show what I like to call the Zayed attitude Zattitude.” Abdalla Al Qassab Corporate Volunteer – Abu Dhabi “INJAZ program taught me a lot, I learned how to overcome the difficulties that face us. We have learned how to be leaders to ourselves and to others through organizing our time to work and the division of tasks. I got to meet new colleagues who were very optimistic, which encouraged me to complete the work. I liked the idea of establishing our own company. Thank you INJAZ for the wonderful opportunity” Khadijah Mohammed - UAE School/University Company Program Student

5 About Junior Achievement Worldwide School/University student learning how to build his work-readiness skills as part of INJAZ UAE’s Job Shadow Day program – Abu-Dhabi 2013 Work readiness. Entrepreneurship. Financial literacy.

6 Profile Empowering young people to own their economic success Mission World’s largest and fastest growing non- profit business education organization. 121 offices. 10.1 million students annually Reach Connects corporate volunteers to youth to train them in work readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy Model Local and multi-national companies Individual and corporate volunteers Educators Partners Target Group 11-24 year-old students for MENA EUROPE Students: 3,049,278 Volunteers: 130,008 Classes 133,177 Reg. Members: 37 EUROPE Students: 3,049,278 Volunteers: 130,008 Classes 133,177 Reg. Members: 37 MENA Students: 289,473 Volunteers: 7454 Classes 6811 Reg. Members: 14 MENA Students: 289,473 Volunteers: 7454 Classes 6811 Reg. Members: 14 AMERICAs Students: 1,190,782 Volunteers: 51,466 Classes: 39,167 Reg. Members: 32 AMERICAs Students: 1,190,782 Volunteers: 51,466 Classes: 39,167 Reg. Members: 32 USA Students: 4,230,036 Volunteers: 187,207 Classes 183,171 Reg. Members: 132 USA Students: 4,230,036 Volunteers: 187,207 Classes 183,171 Reg. Members: 132 AFRICA Students: 200,355 Volunteers: 2665 Classes: 5631 Reg. Members: 18 AFRICA Students: 200,355 Volunteers: 2665 Classes: 5631 Reg. Members: 18 ASIA/PACIFIC Students: 1,117628 Volunteers: 24,015 Classes 29,307 Reg. Members: 23 ASIA/PACIFIC Students: 1,117628 Volunteers: 24,015 Classes 29,307 Reg. Members: 23 Purpose Inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy About Junior Achievement: Junior Achievement Worldwide (JAW) is a non profit business education organization – a partnership between the business community, educators and volunteers – working together to empower young people to own their economic success. Serving schools and universities, it is dedicated to giving youth the knowledge and skills they need to plan their professional future and make smart academic and economic choices. JAW’s programs focus on work readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy — to ignite the spark in young people to learn and experience the opportunities and realities of work and life in the 21st century. JAW is known as INJAZ Al-Arab in MENA and as INJAZ-UAE in the United Arab Emirates. Each country office forges local partnerships and works to offer programs that respond to local educational and economic needs, while representing the worldwide tried and tested model.

7 How JAW Works: With the help and support from educators, it works to link corporate volunteers to students at schools and universities to train them on work readiness, entrepreneurial, and financial literacy skills. Programs are delivered free of charge to students due to its corporate support model, making JAW the fastest growing non-profit business education organization in the world. Private Sector corporations invest in the development and growth of INJAZ-UAE by funding its programs and providing volunteers Educators involve their students with INJAZ UAE to benefit from JA Programs and corporate mentors INJAZ volunteers inspire students to learn business skills to succeed in their professional future!

8 Engagement Cycle 1. Awareness Get to know INJAZ UAE, its programs, activities and opportunities for students 2. Establish Contact Institutions identify a focal point to help INJAZ team coordinate and schedule activities. Coordinators meet with INJAZ team for an orientation 3. Confirmation Faculty and/or student activities coordinator choose programs, dates, and identify students. 4. Campus Awareness Help and support faculty that have signed up for INJAZ programs and raise awareness amongst students on opportunities 5. Start activities: Encourage students, support INJAZ team and volunteers, share success stories, give feedback 6. Closing INJAZ team conducts evaluations, certificates, verifies attendance, data, shares feedback, etc. 7. Recognition Success stories, media references, appreciation events, celebrations, awards 8. Reporting - Planning INJAZ sends reports, shares plans, dates for the next cycle ahead

9 About INJAZ - UAE Student practicing her win-win negotiation skills as part of the JA Success Skills program – Dubai 2012 Work readiness. Entrepreneurship. Financial literacy.

10 The Job Market Situation: “The GCC countries have a unique demographic mix with more than 40 per cent of its population younger than 15 years.” McKinsey & Company “.. an increasingly large number of youth will require educational opportunities that do not yet exist in either quantitative or qualitative terms.” The World Bank “..the educational sector is unable to keep up with the pace of development and demand for skills.” The World Bank “Only 54% of Arab CEOs expressed satisfaction with their education systems to produce students with adequate skills.” 2009 PWC Survey “… soft skills like communication, teamwork, analytical skills and innovative thinking were found to be most important to Arab business leaders who rated them at 90% or above. Only 37% of Gulf CEOs are satisfied with the quantity of skilled students.” 2009 PWC Survey “Part of the frustrations of job seekers is a mismatch between labor market requirements and national labor supply.” Mckinsey & Company

11 About INJAZ UAE: INJAZ UAE is a member of Junior Achievement Worldwide. It started piloting programs in 2005 in partnership with the Ministry of Education, then expanded to include the Higher Colleges of Technology in 2007. To date, it added five more universities and works with over 30 schools. INJAZ UAE’s image is positive, inspirational, and appealing to both businesses and educators. We represent youth and their future careers. INJAZ – UAE Goals:  Increase the skills of Emirati youth and their participation in the economy  Encourage Emirati youth to take initiative and become entrepreneurs  Enable Emirati youth to plan their career through volunteer mentoring activities  Link Emirati youth with successful role models from the private sector  Give UAE corporations an opportunity to shape their future workforce Key Achievements and Reach in UAE:  23,433 Emirati youth reached since 2005  43 schools in Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, al-Ain  17 School/University level campuses  15 plus business partners  60 participating companies  100 plus media and press appearances  11 JA programs offered Other Important Facts:  80% of youth reached are UAE nationals  64% of youth reached are females  35% of youth reached are at universities  15% of youth reached in 2012/13 are from the Northern Emirates and al-Ain  7 Cities served School/University student team proudly manning their sales booth at the Annual Company Program Competition – Abu- Dhabi 2012

12 Steady Growth: INJAZ UAE’s growth is credited to educators effort and trust in the impact of our programs as well as the active role of our business partners who provide corporate volunteers and financial support.

13 Importance of Corporate Volunteers Corporate volunteers bring real work knowledge and skills that are relevant to youth’s education and professional future. Volunteers sign up by attending a 30 minute orientation first, and depending on their program selection, are then required to attend a training to ensure a successful and engaging experience. INJAZ UAE provides the training, materials, and guidance to its volunteers.

14 INJAZ UAE’s Board Level Partners 2012-2013 Business Partners: 2012-2013 Student Team Champions: 2012-2013 In-Kind Partners: INJAZ UAE’s in-kind Supporters:

15 INJAZ UAE Programs * One day volunteer activities How programs are delivered:  All programs are developed by Junior Achievement Worldwide and follow its model of volunteer based participation and corporate engagement. Programs are piloted, then localized to reflect the country’s economic activities, culture and language where necessary  Program impact is measured through Junior Achievement evaluation templates and Pre-Post tests that measure learning outcomes and impact for extended programs  JAW evaluation tools that are used: An attitudinal assessment, a pre and post evaluation for students completing extended programs, and a volunteer/teacher survey  Detailed program briefs are available upon request INJAZ UAE Programs Work ReadinessEntrepreneurshipFinancial Literacy Middle School Community Citizenship*Entrepreneurship Masterclass It’s My Business (new) JA More Than Money Personal Economics High School JA Career Success JA Job Shadow Day* Innovation Day Camp (I-Camp)* Be Entrepreneurial Piloting in 2014/2015 College & School/Uni versity Steer Your Career (new) JA Job Shadow Day* Internships Innovation Day Camp* JA Company Program & Competition Start-Up Program (new) Piloting in 2014/2015

16 Learning and Development Pipeline

17 Program Impact – Attitudinal Survey Results 92% reported that the things they learned with INJAZ UAE will help them get a good job in the future 87% reported that the things they learned will help them be successful in life 88% of participants said they have confidence they could compete successfully in a business environment 84% reported that INJAZ UAE taught them how to manage their money 83% of participants said that participating in INJAZ UAE helped prepare them for the world of work 60% of Company Program participants said that they’re more likely to consider starting a business in the future

18 Program Evaluation Results for 2012/2013: After the Company Program Most Improved Skills Teamwork Creative thinking Understanding my skills and abilities Working in a group Decision Making Brainstorming Problem Solving Conducting research Critical thinking 55% 50% 47% 36% 27% 25% 18% 9% 7% Innovation Day Camp (I-Camps) After the Job Shadow Day (a 4.5 hour corporate visit) Improvement and understanding of the skills needed for different jobs Can define their talents / abilities Overall Knowledge Gain More likely to consider a private sector job 22% 12% 11% 88% After participating in I-Camps, 50% of students enrolled in other programs within the same year:  52% went for a Job Shadow Day visit  16% participated in the Company program, which resulted in 19 student teams from 7 cities competing at the Annual Company Program Competition  32% went for other Work Readiness Programs

19 Parent Testimonial: “All educational, government and private institutions ought to adopt and support INJAZ-UAE in everything they need; and I urge them to do so immediately. This is because of the program’s ability to nurture our daughters’ abilities and personalities. My daughter’s ideas have changed a lot after her experience with INJAZ. She was shy and through INJAZ, that shyness and hesitation disappeared. Her self-confidence increased and she started taking the initiative and expressing her ideas, as if a challenge spirit was instilled in her. INJAZ shared the responsibility of raising my daughter in a very professional way, which made a big positive difference in her current and future life insha’Allah. INJAZ ought to organize meetings, focus groups with parents, students and volunteers who experienced the program as well as school administrators for its effect on students. INJAZ’s school reach is not enough compared to the overall number of students and schools in the country. It is a project that invests in people – an unparalleled opportunity. It deserves full support. As much as I would like to thank them, it will never be enough.” Mrs. Souad Ali Obaid Mother of student Minwa Abdool Dubai - 2011

20 Part Two Work readiness. Entrepreneurship. Financial literacy.

21 How Can INJAZ UAE Support Educators Middle grade students learning the importance of creativity as part of the Entrepreneurship Masterclass program - Dubai 2006 Work readiness. Entrepreneurship. Financial literacy.

22 Why INJAZ UAE in the Classroom? INJAZ UAE’s unique model provides the training programs, materials and the support necessary to bolster the chances for students’ future economic and career success. In partnership with colleges and universities, we help arrange for business volunteers and local business leaders to visit classrooms for a workshop, a few sessions, or throughout the semester, depending on the chosen program(s). Volunteers share their experience with students, transferring sound economic and work readiness principles, which can reinforce your class curricula. This helps open students’ minds to their potential and prepares them for the workplace. Student from UAEU about to test their marketing skills at the Annual Company Program Competition Supporting Educators Achieve their Goals

23 Why this is important:  Youth in the UAE lack the skills needed for securing the right jobs in the private sector, let alone considering self-employment and starting a business as a future career option. This requires educators and business partnerships to come together in bridging the gap  Youth may not be developing the right mindset due to the lack of exposure of the private sector and its requirements. Learned practical skills and business knowledge raises youth’s awareness and improves their readiness for the job market  Most professional training programs address post graduates, which may be too late in creating the transferrable skills and attitudes needed to succeed in the workplace Mr. Anas Bukhash, a young entrepreneur addressing youth as part of the Steer Your Career Program.

24 Roles of Participating Parties Dubai Women's College students getting ready to start their first Job Shadow Day experience - 2013 Work readiness. Entrepreneurship. Financial literacy.

25 COLLEGES UNIVERSITIES INJAZ UAE INJAZ UAE Business Partners VOLUNTEERS Attend orientation and training Role models, mentors Experienced resource Facilitator of the learning experience Source of motivation and enthusiasm Deliver programs, track progress Share success stories Identify star students Host Job Shadow Day visits Engage students in programs and opportunities Help raise awareness amongst faculty / students Share academic schedules and calendars Support faculty and students enrolled in INJAZ UAE Provide workshop and/or classroom venues Support out of campus program activities Support INJAZ UAE team and provide feedback Encourage corporate volunteers Help coordinate activities with INJAZ UAE Shortlisted for JA Educator of the Year Award Attend appreciation events Provide JA Programs and materials Provide volunteers and access to companies Match volunteers to college/School/University Provide support, information and tools Support educators and address inquiries Collect evaluations and report Communicate updates, notices, dates, etc. Schedule meetings and follow-up calls Take attendance and M&E Issue certificates and organize events Highlight success stories Secure internship opportunities Provide guidance and strategic input Fund programs and activities Provide corporate volunteers Support injaz team and volunteers Host Job Shadow Day visits Provide internship opportunities Provide job opportunities Role of Participating Parties:

26 Benefits to Students:  Impact: Pre & post tests and evaluation of our programs consistently show impact on students knowledge, skills, and professional attitudes  Professional training: INJAZ UAE helps enhance student’s job opportunities and competitiveness as a result of improving their knowledge and skills  Better trained workforce: Supporting INJAZ UAE is an investment in your future employees, customers, and business leaders Benefits to Country and Economy:  Job market: Partners supporting INJAZ UAE will have an impact on youth communities - creating the professional and entrepreneurial spirit we aspire to have in our future workforce  Emiratisation: INJAZ UAE programs support job diversification strategies through impactful, experiential programs and training – with business role models and private sector involvement  Economic impact: Reaching out to youth today to learn skills while they’re still in schools and universities has long term economic impact Benefits to Companies and Volunteers:  CSR opportunity: Gives local and multi-national companies the opportunity to be directly involved in well aligned CSR activities  Team engagement: Corporate volunteers have the opportunity to give back by sharing their knowledge, experience with youth - thus bridging the gap with the professional world. Volunteers also gain skills as they engage with their mentees Return on Investment ZU student team interviewed as part of the panel discussion with the Company Program Judges - 2012

27 What’s next? We kindly invite all educators that see the value and benefit of INJAZ UAE programs to contact us to confirm the selected programs for your group of students and to schedule an orientation with the designated INJAZ team members. This year, we’re offering college and School/University level students the following programs:  Innovation Day Camp – this is the starting point all students. It’s a great way to introduce INJAZ UAE model of learning and interaction with the volunteers. It also allows faculty members to filter students to the next set of programs, which are:  JA Company Program  Steer Your Career Program  JA Job Shadow Day Star students from either tracks will be selected for internship and/or linked to start-up opportunities. Mr. Anas Bukhash, a young entrepreneur addressing youth as part of the Steer Your Career Program.

28 Conclusion: Help us make an investment in youth today to secure a better economic future for all. Thank you for taking the time to review this packet. We welcome the opportunity to discuss any details and are ready to address any inquiries. For more details, please contact: Mr. Hassan Al-Zidi Operations Manager INJAZ UAE +971 50 600 8773 HCT student team at the Annual Company Program Competition held in partnership with the Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development

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