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Guiding You on Your Path to the UNITED STATES Through EB-5.

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1 Guiding You on Your Path to the UNITED STATES Through EB-5

2 EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program Created by the U.S. Congress in 1990 Minimum $500,000 investment (Pilot Program) Covers applicant, spouse and any unmarried children under 21 After approval the immigrant can receive a “conditional” green card good for two years. After two years, if the investment is maintained and has created at least ten jobs, the immigrants become “permanent” green card holders, eligible for U.S. citizenship..

3 Requirements If you are a high net worth individual with a desire to obtain unlimited access to the US, EB-5 is for you. Applicants Must Pass a criminal background check Document the source of the $500,000 Have a desire to live in the US Applicants Do Not Have To Have management experience Document their net worth in excess if the $500,000 Live full-time in the US Speak English

4 As in EB5 investor your Conditional Green Card allows you full access to the US Applicants do not have to stay in the US full time Applicants can live anywhere in the US Immigration attorneys recommend entering the US every 6 months to maintain your immigration status After being invested 2 years Conditional Green Card holders can petition for the Conditional status to be removed If the requirements of the EB-5 program have been met the immigrant will hold a Permanent Green Card

5 A Recognized EB-5 Program Leader

6 The FirstPathway Team

7 Robert W. Kraft Founder of First Pathway Partners 40 Years in Business Officer of a Public company of 30,000+ Employees CEO of International Marketing Company Entrepreneur Multiple Start-Up Companies Member of 9 Boards of Directors Married 38 Years 3 Children 3 Grandchildren Chairman and CEO

8 Past Projects



11 KIMPTON  Founded in 1981, Kimpton Hotels was the pioneer of American boutique hotels  High class, luxury amenities  Highest customer satisfaction – 93%  Highest emotional attachment scores – 89%


13 Milwaukee



16 3rd in the U.S. for Fortune 500 headquarters per capita 25% of the U.S. population is within 600 miles of the Milwaukee Region Leads the nation in production of medical diagnostic equipment Gross regional product of 100Billion – US Bureau of Economic Analysis Over 2 Million residents in the Regional Center

17 Walking Distance from the Kimpton Summer Fest: The Worlds Largest Music Festival Milwaukee School of Art & Design Discovery World Harley-Davidson Milwaukee Art Museum Potawatomi Casino The Broadway Theater Center Dining Shopping Art




21 EB5 Investment Structure Total Investment$42 Million EB5 Mortgage$32.0 Million EB5 Investment Units available64 *A mortgage on the land and the property will protect the investors $32 million investment. This investment is equal to 69% of the stabilized value of the hotel.

22 Total Investment

23 Job Creation Total Investment$42 Million Jobs Created By Investment (Direct, Indirect, and Induced) 1,011 Jobs 15 jobs/investor RIMS – II

24 Reaching Goals This EB5 Investment Accomplishes the Goals of the Immigrant Investor  Green Card  Capital Preservation  Return on Investment

25 Welcome’s You To…. Your Path to The U.S.

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