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Brian More Director of IP Services Visit to Varna University 17 th March 2014.

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1 Brian More Director of IP Services Visit to Varna University 17 th March 2014

2 Introduction 09.00Introduction to the University Group 09.15Coventry University’s Entrepreneurial Business Support Leadership Physical Space and Incubation Training, Education, Mentoring and Business Tools Time, Freedom and Expert Support Networks and Customers 10.15Break 10.25Examples and Best Practice 10.55Questions and Answers 11.00 Close Agenda

3 Coventry University Group Coventry University Technology Park Conference Centre Teaching Schools and Faculties Research Institutes and Grand Challenges CU London Campus CU College CPU BDM’s BDSO CDS - Economic Development Projects FutureWorks FutureLets

4 Introduction Wholly owned subsidiary of Coventry University, incorporated in July 1989. The Company’s principal activities consist of: –Delivery of funded projects on behalf of predominantly public sector partners; –Exploitation of the company’s intellectual property into private sector market opportunities –Development and management of the company’s property assets at the technology park; –Support to the University’s applied research agenda through the establishment and support of applied research institutes on the park Generating an annual turnover of £14m. Coventry University Enterprises Ltd: Background

5 Introduction Coventry University: Background High quality education Focused research programmes A top university for working with business Investing in Coventry £200 million plus development of campus Post Graduate and BE buildings refurbished Engineering and Computing building New Science Super Lab

6 Introduction Coventry University: Background 24,000 students 5,000 international students from over 140 different countries Research ventures across the globe International business activity

7 Pilot Feedback: Next Steps Welcome to Coventry University Technology Park

8 Technology Park and Corporate Services

9 Technology Park –Property marketing, letting and facilities management services and income generation for the Technology Park totalling 20,000 sq metres. The Innovation Centre The Enterprise Centre The Innovation Village The Simulation Centre

10 CUE Ltd – Specialist Institutes University CUE Commercial Consultancy Business Support Applied Research Teaching

11 “HDTI is an open, flexible, and supportive environment where SMEs interact with academics, students, healthcare practitioners and end-users ” Seminar Rooms Design Workshops Simulated Environments  Home, workplace Usability Facilities & Observation Room  Individual assessment – focus groups, product interaction Applied Research Offices  Health, Design, Engineering & Technology Field Trial Management Centre  Supporting external field trials (further to simulated environments) Pre-Incubation/Start-Up Units  Office Space for new businesses

12 Serious Games Institute

13 Background Commercial Development Services delivers economic development programmes and innovative business support to SMEs mainly in the West Midlands Region; –International Business and Technology Transfer Assist Businesses to Internationalise Undertake Technology Transfer to assist Economic Development –Creativity and Enterprise Support to high-growth and Innovative SMEs Regionally recognised Innovation Programme Management and business support expertise Enable SMEs to develop their product and process capability –Institute of Applied Entrepreneurship Home to all enterprise and entrepreneurship activities at Coventry University –Intellectual Property Services Intellectual Asset and IP Portfolio Management

14 Leadership 1.Significantly increase enterprise activity at Coventry University 2.Better co-ordinate and maximise existing activities 3.Drive targeted activity in areas of potential growth and strength 4.Ensure the University maximises its potential income from all enterprise activities Vision: To be one of the UK's leading universities for company start-ups and licensing Commitment: Backed by £2,850,000 per annum of Higher Education Innovation Fund money

15 Communication Seminars, Webinars Website Staff and Student Portals Policy Documents Competitions and Grant Support

16 Background Provide a quality ‘physical’ and ‘virtual’ environment. The key components in developing, sustaining and growing a burgeoning Tech transfer industry. A national best practice framework: ─ needed to ensure the sustainable and successful operation of business incubation ─ guide the governance and policy implications. ─ the operational plan to ensure delivery against the key objectives of creating a competitive tech transfer industry. ─ sharing innovations across academia, research bases and industry resulting in new and innovative products and services. Providing hands on nurturing and support to realise the creation and development of sustainable and innovative enterprises. Technology Park and Incubator Services

17 Background Technology Park and Incubator Services

18 Background Intellectual Property Portfolio Coventry University innovations enhance our daily lives, from the pavements we walk on, cars we drive, clothes we wear, appliances in the home to health care products we use. Coventry University has Intellectual Property which is currently available for commercialisation, other patents, registered designs and trademarks are used or under development by customers covered by non disclosure agreements. University Spin-Outs (Examples) –Sprue Aegis - –Exilica - –Microcab - –Health Behaviour Research Ltd –Inocardia –Future Armour –Tortrix Ltd - Intellectual Property Management

19 Background Institute of Applied Entrepreneurship: The focus of the Institute is on the community of businesses located and supported by Coventry University––new business start-ups and developing existing businesses. The aims of the IAE are quite clear: To actively promote a culture of enterprise. To unite and develop student run and locally run businesses. To bring real support to the student body in relation to developing student enterprise and their business ideas. To deliver the right environment and support for business growth. Through the IAE student and graduate start ups can receive full business support and a shared office environment to collaborate and network with like minded entrepreneurs SPEED Plus (Student Placements for Entrepreneurs in Education) offers students and graduates from any course, the opportunity to develop their business ideas. The principle of the SPEED project is to give current students and graduates the opportunity develop a business idea in a supportive environment alongside their studies or after graduation Institute of Applied Entrepreneurship

20 Institute for Applied Entrepreneurship EducationApplied ResearchEntrepreneurship support Add + Vantage®Systemic entrepreneurship Mentoring BA Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Open InnovationSPEEd Masters in Entrepreneurship Eco innovationSEF Professional Doctorate in Entrepreneurship Business Incubators4Front Technology TransferSchools Support

21 Background Support Packages Students SIB, Student Centre, SPEEd, Mentoring Staff IP protection, pre-company and post company support packages, access to venture capital ERDFGraduates Creative Enterprise Project Virtual Office 4Front Start-ups Incubation and business support Businesses Hot desk What is offered: Institute of Applied Entrepreneurship Grants, specialist support, access to knowledge base Free support for creative businesses & start ups: working in arts, design, performance, media existing West Midlands businesses or graduate start- ups

22 Proof of concept grant The APP Pull Competition Here’s your chance to win up to £5,000 to design and get built an application for mobile devices. Coventry University in collaboration with the Serious Games Institute is offering 3 grants of £5,000 each for staff and students.

23 Business Insights...Intellectual Property For Business DATE: Thursday, 20 March 2014 TIME: 7.45am (Registration), 8.30am start until 11.00am (approx) VENUE: Coventry TechnoCentre, Coventry University Technology Park Intellectual Property(IP) is an important part of business operation but often quite easily overlooked, the consequences of which can be costly! This informal FREE breakfast networking event will provide you with an overview of the importance of applying IP to your business. With an expert from Coventry University who is passionate about IP and a young entrepreneur who has successfully gone through the process via the University's SPEED Plus programme, we hope that you are able to join us to hear more about their experience and obtain some useful tips. To register your place, click here -

24 Background Idea Generation to Market

25 SMEInnov8Gate ® A Software Tool to Support the Launch of New Products and Services to Market Sustainable environments for a global, knowledge based economy Tools and Techniques to support innovation

26 SMEInnov8Gate ® - Resource Allocation

27 Model of generic Stage-Gate ® process used by large companies Stage gates is a trade mark owned by Robert G Cooper and the Product Development Institute Inc.

28 Specification Concept Development Prototype Detail Launch Gate 1 Gate 2 Gate 3 Gate 4 Customer Needs IP Assessment ROI Customer Needs IP Assessment ROI Customer Needs IP Assessment ROI Customer Needs IP Assessment ROI FACILITATORFACILITATOR SME NPD ProcessInnov8Gate ToolsSME-Innov8Gates Gate Team Validated SMEInnov8Gate ® Stage Gate Methodology

29 Useful tools 1. The Commercial Industrial Assessment Scorecard A. Uniqueness of the technology, IP Protection B. Readiness of the technology for market entry C. The Building of a winning NPI Team D. Intensity of Competition in the Market E. Competitive Edge of your product or service F. Ease of access to the Market G. Customer conservatism H. Value of the Accessible Market (VAM) I. Anticipated profit margins (if considering a license, score on the anticipated royalty rate) J. Funding of the project Each point is scored 1-10 Resulting 0-100

30 Useful tools 1. C.I.A NPDWeighting Factors A. Uniqueness of the technology, IP Protection0.13 B. Readiness of the technology for market entry0.08 C. The Building of a winning NPI Team0.10 D. Intensity of Competition in the Market0.09 E. Competitive Edge of your product or service0.12 F. Ease of access to the Market0.10 G. Customer conservatism0.06 H. Value of the Accessible Market (VAM)0.16 I. Anticipated profit margins0.08 J. Funding of the project0.08 Σ weighting factors = 1.00 Σ Resulting Σ 0-10

31 SMEInnov8gate ® Tools IP Tool Profits Tool Customer Tool Technology issues (state of readiness, IP protection, USP) Customer issues (Acceptance, requirements and focus) Market issues (accessible market volume, route to market) Standard financial metrics to track project progress and anticipated profit margins, Return on Investment, Internal Rate of Return, Breakeven Listening carefully Understanding fully Delivering exactly

32 Useful Tools 2. IP Health Check Identification of all IP assets that are subject matter in a transaction Confirmation of IP status, in force or pending, registered or unregistered Examine scope of IP rights to ensure that they cover what the company wants to commercialise Verify the validity of the IP assets to determine whether they can be upheld under attack Check for the existence of any litigation involving the rights Identification of licences under the rights, or restrictions, impacting on IP value Identification of any third party right which may prevent commercialisation

33 Useful Tools 3. Profit Tools Standard financial metrics to track project financial progress and anticipated profit margins o Return on Investment o Internal Rate of Return o Breakeven o Net Present Value o IP Value

34 Useful Tools 4. Voice of the Customer (VoC) The "voice of the customer" is a process used to capture the requirements/feedback from the customer (internal or external) to provide the customers with the best in class service/product quality. This process is all about being proactive and constantly innovative to capture the changing requirements of the customers with time.

35 Useful Tools 4. Voice of the Customer (VoC) The "voice of the customer" is the term used to describe the stated and un- stated needs or requirements of the customer. The voice of the customer can be captured in a variety of ways: Direct discussion or interviews, surveys, focus groups, customer specifications, observation, warranty data, field reports, complaint logs, etc. This data is used to identify the quality attributes needed for a supplied component or material to incorporate in the process or product. Definition from the iSix Sigma website

36 Pre company registration support package Intellectual Property Protection COAP or similar commercial/exploitation assessment Exploring commercial feasibility, proof of concept and market grants Company incorporation procedures Financial Support Package worth in the region of £10,000 to £35,000

37 Post company registration support package IP Patent costs (up to national phase) Provision of Company Directors and Company Secretary Preparation of Venture Capital ‘elevator pitches’, funding and grant applications Business Plan Writing Legal support and document retention R&D Facilities/Laboratories/Offices Asset Management Financial Support Package in the region of £30,000 to £75,000

38 Post company registration support package Use of University Facilities R&D Facilities/Laboratories/Offices 1% equity per £5,000 of charge i.e. £10,000 per annum for a laboratory equates to 2% equity Teaching Relief Scheme Teaching relief at 1% equity per £5,000 of FEC of replacement i.e. £25,000 for 2 days per week for a year equates to 5% equity

39 Case Study – Exilica Limited

40 Case Study – Exilica Limited Gate 2 DimensionScoreWeighted Score Summary recommendations for next gate A Uniqueness of technology40.52File PCT application after 12 months of UK priority date B Readiness of technology20.16Validate internal characterisation of the performance of the particles by external analysis company C NPI Team40.40Recruit Managing and Financial Directors for the company D Intensity of competition60.54Monitor the changes to 4 or 5 companies with 2 similar technologies, each with inferior characteristics E Competitive edge of product60.72Technical performance needs refining and optimisation to maintain USPs F Ease of access50.50Five major customers need attention to develop products. MD to pursue these leads G Customer conservatism70.42 Control and manage expectations of customers to new and emerging technology - ongoing H Value of accessible market81.28Four market areas have been analysed and show substantial potential, refine expectations I Anticipated profit margins60.48Confirm following the process intensification and up-scaling development phase J Funding of the project40.32Development stage is covered by grant funds, need to prepare the business for A stage venture capital injection of equity - priority Total525.34

41 DimensionScoreWeighted Score Summary recommendations for next gate A Uniqueness of technology60.78Continue with patents and trade marks to be registered B Readiness of technology80.64Technology is ready for market. Process up scale refinements to be completed C NPI Team80.80Recruit agents and distributors D Intensity of competition70.63Well financed start-up company released a similar product backed by bundle of patents. Confirm our superior USPs to customers E Competitive edge of product70.84Technical performance USPs identified and cost to produce in bulk confirmed as competitive F Ease of access80.80Confirm no legal, political, health, safety or environmental issues would prevent sales globally G Customer conservatism70.42 Aggressively drive new markets in light of global recession H Value of accessible market101.60Target the five market areas which have been analysed and show substantial potential I Anticipated profit margins60.48Drive up profit margins from toll manufacture J Funding of the project90.72Prepare for B share capital injection and revenue from sales Total767.71 Case Study - Exilica Limited gate 4

42 Case Study - Exilica LeadershipInterim MD, Financial Director, Grant support SpaceFree laboratory space for 3 years Two days per week buy-out of academic TrainingMedici Fellowship Programme, Mini MBA SupportInvestor pitch, £500,000, business planning Customers25 contacts, research sales, Joint Development NetworkingInternational conferences and trade shows

43 What success looks like Market Capt£24,000,000 Securities in issue38,508,895 SectorWholesale of Electrical Household Appliances

44 Thank you for Listening Question and Answer session

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