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Overview of KAIST OUIC (Office of University-Industry Cooperation) Prof. Joongmyeon Bae Associate Vice President Office of University-Industry Cooperation.

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1 Overview of KAIST OUIC (Office of University-Industry Cooperation) Prof. Joongmyeon Bae Associate Vice President Office of University-Industry Cooperation 1 Bern, Switzerland March 31, 2014

2 1. KAIST Overview

3 Seoul Seoul Seoul Campus Daejeon Daejeon Main Campus Munji Campus KAIST Campuses

4 Location Sejong City : (465 km 2 ) Korea’s new administrative capital Geographical Location_ 167km KAIST Campus [Seoul] ISBB : Cheonan – Sejong – Chungwon – Daejeon I V II III IV Science Town (27.8km 2 ) Techno-Valley (4.3km 2 ) Industrial Area (3.2km 2 ) Green Zone (31.2km 2 ) Defense R&D (3.9km 2 ) Total (70.4km 2 ) SIZE Daedeok Innopolis JUL 2005 (70.4km 2 ) Gwangju Innopolis JAN 2011 (18.73km 2 ) Daegu Innopolis JAN 2011 (22.25km 2 ) Agency for Defense Development Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute Korea Aerospace Research Institute Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources (Daejeon: 5 th largest Metropolis, 540km 2 ) KAIST Campus [Daejeon]

5 KAIST Main Campus

6 Munji Campus

7 KAIST Facts and Figures Est. in 1971 as the nation’s first graduate school specializing in science and eng. education Merged with KIT and main campus moved to Daejeon in 1989 Bilingual Campus Faculty & Staff (1,609)Students (10,249)Budget (751 Million USD) Staff Faculty BS M.S. –Ph.D. Integrated degree program MS Ph.D. 22% 59% 19% Research Grants Government Subsidy Donation & other income 4,047 (39%) 2,311 (21%) 2,704 (26%) 1,187 (12%) (As of Jan. 2013) (As of 2012)

8 KAIST Reputation 2013 Asian Rankings : 6 th 2014 World Rankings : 60 th -16 th Material Science & Engineering -17 th Chemistry -21 st Mechanical Engineering 2014 World Rankings : 56 th collaborative agreements in 59 countries - 26 joint international research projects in 7 countries - About 200 foreign faculty members from 27 countries international students from more than 70 countries

9 KAIST Graduates Nearly 25% of the research and development personnels at Samsung Electronics are KAIST Ph.D. holders. KAIST graduates hold 20% of all engineering doctorates in Korea KAIST graduates also hold 10% of all engineering professorships in Korea.

10 Role Model of Science & Engineering Institutions

11 OUIC Overview and its Performance

12 Organization Chart and its Role Creation of patent portfolio and evaluation system Construction of patent information system Entrepreneurship education of researchers Technology licensing Foundation and operation of the KAIST Technology holding company Management and operation of project using the KAIST trademark Constitution of incubation complex to house global venture companies Incubation of technology- based entrepreneurs and student’s Startup Startup support programs Fostering Campus Associate Vice President Office of University-Industry Cooperation Technology Business Incubation Center Technology Commercialization Center 12

13 Incubated 484 startups, survived 57% Since Closed 43% 247 Survived 57% Total Gross Sales – 1.9 Billion USD 11 KOSDAQ Firms (Total Gross Sales – USD 1.27 Billion USD) Performance of Business Incubation (As of 2012) 3 were delisted

14 CompanyEst.Founders Sales Revenues(2010) Remarks 1989Jung Joo Kim1.5 Billion USD Largest Market Share of On-line Game in the World 1999Hae Jin Lee2.4 Billion USD 5 th Search Engine in the world 1999Dong Hyuk Shin0.18 Billion USD 10% Global Market share on Touch Panel 1997Seonggyun Na0.74 Billion USD World’s first automatic internet access software Representative KAIST Alumni Companies 14 (As of 2012)

15 804 KAIST Alumni Company 38 companies are registered at KOSDAQ 23,500 directing jobs 10 billion USD annual world revenues Economic Impact of KAIST 15

16 (# of licensed cases) 1, , , , , 평균 747 건 Applied Domestic Patent Registered Domestic Patent Registered Overseas Application Applied Overseas Application The number of IPs has been gradually increasing since 2009 World’s Top 5 (WIPO, 2011) World’s Top 32 (US IPIQ, 2013) Patent Registration 16

17 3.06 billion (48) 1.4 billion (45) 2.11 billion (40) 3.86 billion (48) ▶ 2003 ~ 2008 ▶ 2009 ▶ 2010 ▶ 2011 ▶ yr average 870 million (29) Total ( ) Gross Royalty (USD)1.4 million 2.11 million3.86 million3.06 million9.03 million The number of Tech. Transfer Technology Transfer 17

18 KAIST MIT Stanford Cornell KAIST MIT Stanford Cornell KAIST MIT Stanford Cornell The number of Tech. Transfer Profits from Tech. Transfer (Million USD) The number of Applied patent Technology Transfer 18 (As of 2012)

19 KAIST’s Effort to become Global Entrepreneurial University

20 K-Valley KAIST Biz Park KAIST Creative Space Open-Communication-Creation-Convergent Let’s StartUp KAIST !! Startup KAIST

21 Startup KAIST Program K. Startup Entrepreneurs' Dilemma Entrepreneurs hip Lunch Talk K. Talk E*5 KAIST Startup Club C.A.K.E K. Connect Winning C ombinatio n Mentoring Party Mentoring Cocktail with KAIST Alumni K. Education for + Startup through + Startup about + Startup K. Show Conferenc e Entreprene ur of the year Capital Day Demo Day Startup Interview

22 Startup KAIST Space Mentoring Lectures Seminar & Conference Idea Development Idea Factory

23 KAIST Biz Park Startup Concept to Product Startup Concept to Product Success Global Network Success Global Network Growth “KAIST Biz PARK” Growth “KAIST Biz PARK” Outstanding Human Resource Global Network Advanced Technology (Medical,Bio ICT, Brain, EEWS, Humanoid ) Education Globalization Legal & IPR Marketing Finance Policy Process Engineering On Highway Powertrains Plastic Technology Geo-Resources Molecular Technology & Catalysis Future Fuels Fiber Composites Information & Communication Technology Ultra High Speed Mobile & Car Communication White & Green Biotechnology Defense Technology Carbon Capture & Utilization Green Technology KAIST Biz PARK

24 Cooperation btw. KAIST & EPFL

25 2 days global biz idea Competition, November (Tentative) 3 teams selected by each university that present idea and technology Lecture, seminar, cultural activities, and idea competition Supporting talented students team by KAIST & EPFL -from idea generation to founding company Global Biz Idea Competition

26 Cooperation in Life Science and Bioengineering Initial visit to EPFL : November 17 ~ 21, Discover the landscape of research in Life Sciences and Bioengineering -Explore new opportunities of cooperation based on scientific excellence and comple mentarities Joint scientific symposium on Life Science and Bioengineering -Identification of research areas of mutual interest -Joint symposium: Scientists from both parties ( 6 : 6 format) -Organized alternatively in Korea and Switzerland Date : August 31 ~ 3 September, 2014 Venue: KAIST, Korea Collaborative research projects -Each party agreed to secure seed money for collaborative research -KAIST has secured around $ 200,000 (End-run project) -Project starts in conjunction with EPFL

27 Thank you

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