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Labour Market Task Group The Journey to Graduate Career Success; understanding market trends and developing employability skills. Employability – Employer.

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1 Labour Market Task Group The Journey to Graduate Career Success; understanding market trends and developing employability skills. Employability – Employer Insights – Employability Skills Roadshows


3 Key Findings Graduate recruitment set to rise Commerce & Engineering most sought after Honours Degree minimum standard favoured Salaries to remain static

4 Key Findings –Relevant Work Experience Relevant Work Experience as important as Academic Results when short listing. Also rated highly Proven Employability Skills The most important criteria when shortlisting graduates

5 Key Findings:- Employability Skills Top: Team Work and Positive attitude, followed by Business awareness and Communication & literacy

6 Key Findings:- Employability Skills Skills to be worked on Self-management and Business awareness Along with Communication and Problem solving

7 What employers are saying “ Competition is increasing…., to secure a job.. Need to be a good all rounder,.. Good results, get work experience……” “the more work experience gained, the more real estate that a candidate has when it comes to applying for graduate roles” “Attending training sessions provided by careers services… will help develop skills in areas not addressed academically…” “Positive attitude is everything for a company and the right fit will be a person with the right attitude….” “learn a language..” “attention to detail” “Improve your IT skills “learn how to sell yourself when making an application….”

8 Employer Insights – tips and trends in graduate recruitment based on seminar held on 30 th April 2014

9 Trends in Graduate Recruitment Marketing campaigns The application process – is it becoming paperless? Interviews – current practices and new trends Linkedin and Social Media E-Portfolios Disclosure of particular needs

10 Organisations who took part KPMG Enterprise Rent-A-Car EY HedgeServ Engineers Ireland Careers Register (CPL) AHEAD CIT

11 New Trends in graduate marketing campaigns Using Facebook – all years – competitions Blogging and tweeting on social media Skill sessions on college campuses – can do this on request – EY Campus Ambassador – €5k Case study events with DIT and TCD Company remits – increase student diversity Milkround still alive but good students will engage early

12 Application process – is it becoming paperless? Closer to online Mobile technology is used to source jobs – but applications tend to be made on PC’s Traditional CV’s – still important, good layout and USP Gaps in employment should be addressed in cover letter J1 and shop experience valued on same level as relevant professional experience (KPMG) Use networks – mature students good at this International candidates – 12 month visa, tell employers

13 Interviews – current practices and new trends Video interviews used at initial stages of recruitment process but these will never replace real thing. Strength based interviews – sharp questions on what candidate enjoys Why candidates fail – lack of research on company, failure to highlight relevance of studies to position applied for, failure to highlight what they can do for company

14 Interviews Helpful hints for candidates – Like the company Demonstrate a life long career plan Show they are flexible, adaptable and innovative Highlight positive attitude, presence, body language, social skills Understand the culture Find out who is on interview panel Do not ask company to contact parents!!!

15 Linkedin and Social Media Increasingly use social media to research and interact with candidates esp Twitter and Facebook - blogs on best practice, interview process and following up events Enterprise Ireland uses interns to write blogs and offer advice to intending applicants Adopt a ‘personal brand’

16 Linkedin – ideal profile Picture Be an ‘All Star’ Reverse engineer profile Ensure headline is customised Share some content and join debate Connect responsibly Be clear, concise,upbeat and show ambition

17 E – Portfolios – are they the future? Ownership of learning Can be built on year on year Showcase work Good e-portfolios include a reflective element Must be personal, creative, and indicate career development and should be linked to Twitter and Linked In Useful platforms for building one – Google and Weebly

18 Disclosure of Disability – what to do at interview Recognise where individual is at – change, lack of confidence, experience, assumptions Research job they would like to do Communicate with staff at all levels – friends, colleagues and academics Understand and be aware – be factual on any special requirements Additional supports to not give unfair advantage Lead conversation and be open

19 Video Links Marketing: What have employers found useful in getting their message across to students? Application Process: Is recruitment becoming paperless? Interviews: Current/New trends in the interview process – Skype/Looped and Telephone Interviews. Linkedin: What is the ideal Linkedin profile? Social Media: What are employers’ opinions on the role of social media in the recruitment process; is it a useful tool when recruiting e.g. for vetting applicants? E-Portfolios: Are E-Portfolios the future? Disclosure of a Disability: What to do at interview.

20 In Summary Engage Research Network Promoting of personal brand including part time work, value of volunteering and membership of clubs and societies

21 Employability Skills Roadshow

22 Labour Market Advisory Group

23 Employability Skills Roadshow EMPLOYER LED – PILOT INITIATIVE WHAT? Informal interaction between Graduate Employers & Students. Educating Students – Developing their Professional Skillset HOW? Understand what’s happening in the market place. Highlighting what Alumni are doing now. Get the basics right. WHEN? Semester 1, 2014/2015

24 Meeting employers in July to plan; – Date – Format – Content Questions? Next Steps

25 Thank You!

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