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OCE OVERVIEW CAURA ONTARIO 2013 November 25, 2013.

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1 OCE OVERVIEW CAURA ONTARIO 2013 November 25, 2013

2 AGENDA Finance Update by Soji Bello, Program Accountant Agreements & Talent Update by Tania Massa, Program Director MSc PoP Update by Jennifer Moles, Program Manager VIP Update by Nicole Mihai, Program Manager PAGE 2





7 FINANCE UPDATE PAGE 7 New Payment Terms: OCE portion of Project Value (OPV) Greater than Less than (or equal to) Initial PaymentInterim PaymentOCE Holdback -$35,000 OPV less holdbackn/a$5,000 $35,000$85,000 OPV less holdbackn/a$10,000 $85,000$250,000$75,000 based on receipt of progress report greater of $10,000 or 10% of OPV

8 FINANCE UPDATE Other Developments PAGE 8

9 OCE FINANCE & ADMINISTRATION PAGE 9 Key Contacts: Soji Bello, Manager, Program Accounting Ron Milanes, Project Accountant (Region covered – South/West) Wasim Kadri, Project Accountant (Region covered - Central & East/North) Farzad Zohouri, Database Administrator (for online access to project files)

10 OCE AGREEMENTS Improve Contract Process and efficiency OCE can generate agreements from our system thus allowing quicker review/signature by applicants/partners Pre-submission verification to minimize contract changes Signed agreement attached to the application submission E-signature process will be embedded in the contract process for faster execution and project start dates Conditional approvals will dealt with an amendment letter PAGE 10


12 12 YOUTH STRATEGY PROGRAM Campus-Linked Accelerators (CLA) On-Campus Entrepreneurship Activities (OCEA) Seed Funding (Regional & Provincial) Youth Business Acceleration Program (Youth BAP) Youth Investment Accelerator Fund (Youth IAF)

13 13 ON-CAMPUS ENTREPRENEURSHIP ACTIVITIES (OCEA) The OCEA program facilitates the development of entrepreneurial activity in Ontario's universities and colleges. The program supports the initiation and expansion of On-Campus Entrepreneurship capacity, in institutions that have demonstrated and/or are willing to make strong commitments to entrepreneurship, by fostering the adoption of global best practices in student entrepreneurship; reducing barriers for student and recent graduate entrepreneurs to pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations; integrating with regional business support resources; and providing experiential learning opportunities for the next generation of innovators.

14 14 ON-CAMPUS ENTREPRENEURSHIP ACTIVITIES (OCEA) It helps student entrepreneurs transfer knowledge and intellectual property from Ontario post-secondary research institutions into the economy. OCEA funding is intended to “ignite and kick-start” entrepreneurial activities within institutions.

15 15 ON-CAMPUS ENTREPRENEURSHIP ACTIVITIES (OCEA) The OCEA does NOT include an EOI – it only requires institutions to submit an OCEA Proposal.) OCEA recipients will be able to access other Youth Entrepreneurship Programs such as Youth BAP and Youth IAF. This includes a market intelligence service, business mentors and access to seed funding.

16 ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA Ontario post-secondary institutions are eligible applicants. Application must be submitted with RIC as a co-applicant Must tie into a broader campus-wide entrepreneurship strategy (e.g. courses, business plan competitions, and other incubation initiatives). Must have a strong community component (leveraging alumni, open access facilities and resources to all youth – even those with no institutional affiliation, etc.). Must be regionally coordinated with the non-academic entrepreneurship community (e.g. Sector Innovation Centres, Angel Networks, other Regional Innovation Centres, Small Business Enterprise Centres, etc.) to ensure strategies and programs are aligned and integrated with Ontario’s existing investments in innovation, commercialization and entrepreneurship PAGE 16

17 ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA Preference will be given to an application that is a coordinated, joint application with other post-secondary institutions (colleges and universities) in the regional innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem. A post-secondary institution can only be identified in one OCEA application (i.e. you cannot be a lead in one application then identified in another application). Must include a regional youth entrepreneurship strategy, including a regional youth mentorship plan that links into Youth BAP (MaRS) and other regional services (as outlined in the template to be provided) that help businesses. Must sign a contract with OCE. Must provide quarterly and annual reporting to OCE both during the program funding period and subsequently as may be required. PAGE 17

18 18 OCEA: KEY DATES *Option to submit a proposal for a Regional (CLA-Linked) Seed Fund CLA Expression of Interest (EOI) Due October 28, 2013 Applicants Notified of EOI Results December 2013 OCEA 1st Funding Round Opens TBD (anticipated to be January 2013) CLA Proposals Due* Mid-January 2014 CLA Applicants Notified of CLA Funding Decisions February 2014 OCEA 2nd Funding Round Opens TBD


20 20 DAVID MCFADDEN ENERGY ENTREPRENEUR CHALLENGE The David McFadden Energy Entrepreneur Challenge invites university and college students from across Ontario’s academic institutions to address challenges facing the energy sector The challenge is to create energy solutions that are practical, affordable and sustainable Winner receives $25,000 and a suite of business services to assist in advancing the winning business

21 21 ELIGIBILITY The Challenge is open to students from all faculties of publicly funded Ontario colleges, universities, and hospitals. Contest entries can be done on an individual or team basis. Teams may include up to four students. Teams are required to name a team representative, who will be responsible for submitting the entry form and serving as the team’s primary contact for matters related to the contest. You may not participate as both an individual entrant and a team entrant. TO APPLY- Please visit OCE website: http://www.oce- fellowships/mcfadden-challenge/how-it-works.http://www.oce- fellowships/mcfadden-challenge/how-it-works

22 22 KEY DATES Challenge launched at Discovery 2013 - May 28, 2013 Video business concepts and entry forms due - January 31, 2014 Selection committee reviews submissions -February 2014 Finalists announced - end of February 2014 10 finalists engage in face-to-face meetings with Experts - March 2014 Full business plans due - April 4, 2014 Finalists make their pitch at Discovery May 12 or 13, 2014 Winner and next year’s challenge announced at Discovery luncheon, May 13, 2014

23 23 PROGRAM CONTACT Binny Arora Program Manager t:416.861.1092 x 1037 Ontario Centres of Excellence 156 Front Street West, Suite 200, Toronto, ON M5J 2L6 t:416.861.1092 1.866.759.6014 f:416.971.7164

24 Jennifer Moles, Program Manager page 24

25 MEDICAL SCIENCES PROOF OF PRINCIPAL (MSC POP) Agenda 1.How it Works 2.Project Activities 3.How Funding Works 4.How to Apply 5.Timelines 6.Application In-Take 7.Assessment Process 8.Results 9.Next Round page 25

26 HOW IT WORKS The program helps commercialize promising life sciences and medical technology intellectual property (IP) developed at Ontario publicly funded academic research institutions (universities, colleges, research hospitals). The goal is to deliver substantial and sustainable economic benefits to Ontario (e.g. jobs, sales) through newly created Ontario-based companies founded on this IP, or by licensing the IP to an existing Ontario-based company for incremental growth opportunities. OCE-supported MSc PoP projects are valued up to $50,000 for up to one year. page 26

27 PROJECT ACTIVITIES Typical activities include, but are not limited to: technology/IP assessment market assessment and strategy prototype design and development materials testing/analysis proof of concept demonstration preclinical and clinical evaluation/feasibility early customer engagement business and other plan (e.g. regulatory, reimbursement) development page 27

28 HOW FUNDING WORKS Total investment of up to $50,000 flows to: —eligible incorporated spin-offs or spin-ins (less than one year old) for commercialization activities, or, —principle investigator at an academic research institution (pre- incorporation) Applicants must have matching cash and/or in-kind equal to the amount of 25% of the total requested investment at the time of application. This matching can come from internal and external sources such as institutions, prospective customers/end-users/suppliers, friends/family, federal grants, or industry partners. (i.e. if OCE contributes $50,000, we require a minimum value of $12,500 in cash and/or in-kind). page 28

29 HOW TO APPLY page 29

30 NEXT ROUND page 30 November 28Application intake opens January 31Final application deadline February 17-21Review panel March 7Notification of awards March 31Funding contracts and announcements


32 COLLABORATION VOUCHER PROGRAM A truly “whole-of-government” approach < Streamlined approach for provincial and federal support < Applicants “check” the appropriate box for additional federal support < Partnerships with Connect Canada, NSERC, NRC-IRAP Collaboration Voucher Program portfolio < $20K Voucher for Productivity & Innovation (VIP)* < $50K Voucher for Commercialization (VC) < $2,500 Voucher for E-Business (VEB Colleges Only) < Voucher for Industry Association R&D Challenge (VIA) page 32

33 VOUCHER FOR INNOVATION AND PRODUCTIVITY (VIP) Open to SMEs in partnership with colleges and universities $20K to address technical challenges that will have a commercial impact; improve productivity; develop business strategy or export development plan Minimum matching cash contribution of $5,000 from the SME Program Partner leverage (additional funding available):  Connect Canada univ. graduate student internship(s) ($5000 minimum per intern, multiple interns permitted)  NSERC Engage/ARD-1 add-on of $25K for first time collaborations between PI and SME / College and SME  NRC-IRAP referral of approx. $20K for non-academic expertise/service providers to company (~10 NRC-IRAP referrals in FY) page 33

34 VIP page 34

35 VOUCHER FOR INNOVATION AND PRODUCTIVITY (VIP)-PROCESS Applications accepted anytime, through OCE’s online application system initiated by an OCE BD who contact the Program Partners OCE BD maintains oversight of the industry-academic project, in partnership with Connect Canada and NSERC If NRC-IRAP is referred, the ITA will engage with the applicant to review eligibility and assess needs NRC-IRAP ITA maintains oversight of the non-academic component of the project Applications reviewed monthly and jointly with all Program Partners Each Program Partner follows its own funding mandate or funding rules Final approval of each partner element of the project rests with each Program Partner page 35

36 APPLICATION FORM: PROGRAM PARTNER CHECKBOX CONFIRMATION (APPLICANT VIEW) By selecting the OCE Voucher Program Partner below and by submitting this application, you agree to share project information amongst all partners listed in this application form. Project information includes application forms and supporting documents, application form reviews and assessments, public releases, outcome reports and impact measures. For more information, refer to OCE’s privacy policy Program partner require additional documentation and eligibility criteria. □ Connect Canada: an intern ($5000 minimum per intern, multiple interns permitted) □ NSERC ARD -1: first-time collaboration between a college and company (Up to $25,000) □ NSERC Engage: first-time collaboration between a university researcher and company (Up to $25,000) □ NRC-IRAP: referral for non-academic project (approx. $20,000) page 36

37 VIP CONTACTS page 37 OrganizationNameEmail OCENicole OCECharmaine LlewellynCharmaine.Llewellyn@oce- Connect CanadaRaed NSERC EngageSandy Reid John Jackson Maja Bracovic Tibor Turi NSERC ARD Level1 Marie Thibault Jack Deyirmendjian Jack.Deyirmendjian@nserc- NRC-IRAPBill

38 VOUCHER FOR INNOVATION AND PRODUCTIVITY (VIP)-ORS ORS may contact Program Managers or Program Coordinator for general inquiries about VIP OCE BD maintains oversight of the VIP application online process and facilitates Program Partners engagement ORS to advise PI to review OCE web guidelines program/VIP NSERC Engage and ARD-1 are extended to 1year projects in VIP (6 more months) One application form allows for NSERC, Connect Canada and IRAP support (not multiple application submissions) page 38


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