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Technology Transfer at UH - Driving Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development Dr. Mark S. Clarke Associate Vice Chancellor for Technology Transfer,

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1 Technology Transfer at UH - Driving Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development Dr. Mark S. Clarke Associate Vice Chancellor for Technology Transfer, UH System Associate Vice President for Technology Transfer, UH

2 UH Research Expenditure Research Expenditures* *as reported to NSF 2013

3 Vision To create a campus culture where innovation, entrepreneurship and value creation are both encouraged and rewarded. Generate and protect intellectual property Build a world class infrastructure conducive of technology development and commercialization Foster economic development through creation of university- based technology companies and industrial partnerships Create value for UH based on IP portfolio Mission

4 Technology & Commercialization Updates

5 UH Intellectual Property by Commercial Sectors Issued Patents: 158Pending Patents: 212 FY2013

6 Commercialization Stage: Market Penetration Economic Value Endomagnetics (faculty start-up) C-Voltaics (faculty start-up) 2G-HTS UH Superpower (manufacturing partnership) Busulfan/Otsuka (mature product) Vimpat©/UCB (mature product) ImaginationCreativityInnovationCommercializationScaling Support & Extending ‘Attached’ Technologies Industry Partner  Faculty Research ‘Unattached’ Technology Faculty Research, Licensing  Start-Up Terrestrial Concentrator PV (industry partnership) Performance Athlytics (license) Halcyon Biomedical (faculty start-up, STTR)

7 Public, No Medical School Top U.S. Institutions in Technology Commercialization* *as reported to AUTM 2012 ^ROI National Ranking Texas Comparisons Increased to $16.6M in FY2013 Institution Name Royalty Revenue Royalty RankingROI ROI Ranking^ University of Houston$12,516,955 1 10.8%1 Iowa State University$9,902,357 2 3.4%4 University of Oregon$7,880,204 3 8.9%2 Univesity of Georgia$7,513,547 4 2.1%5 NC State University$6,430,764 5 1.6%6 Rutgers$6,004,284 6 1.3%9 Purdue Research Foundation$4,855,772 7 0.8%14 Institution Name Royalty Revenue Royalty Ranking ROI ROI Ranking^ University of Houston$12,516,955110.8%1 UT System$61,309,587N/A2.4% N/A TAMU$13,073,593N/A1.9% N/A Baylor College of Medicine$8,026,424N/A2.2% N/A Rice University$275,509N/A0.3% N/A U of North Texas HCC$56,761N/A0.1% N/A

8 Recent Recognitions 2013 ETPN Nanomedicine Award Winner, honoring the best international nanomedicine innovations. 2013 Investor Pitch Winner, a Chapman University business plan competition for students from top entrepreneur programs. 2013 Goradia Innovation Prize, for breakthrough technologies and groundbreaking products. 2013 COMS Young Technology Award, for young company in or close to the field of micro/nanotechnology (*now known as SkinTect) Blue Start

9 An NSF technology accelerator program to commercialize NSF-funded inventions created by UH faculty. UH offers an academic class based on the lean start-up model utilized by the NSF I-Corps program. (3 development awards to date). Exploring licensing opportunities with IPX-identified industry leads. IPX is negotiating a license for UH’s semiconductor resistive memory patent portfolio. Recent Activities NSF I-Corps Joint Venture with a Houston-based, early-stage biomedical investment company to commercialize an MRI-guided robotic surgical system.

10 University- Private Venture Capital Investment $25M Investment Venture Capital Partners Proceeds (royalty, equity, and profits) Investment ($10 M) Innovation Infrastructure ($15M) New Companies Based on UH Technology Further Development in UH Faculty Lab (20% Optional) (80% - 100%)

11 Synergistic Initiatives Joint effort with Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship's Undergraduate Program Top TWO teams per year are eligible for placement at ERP in Building 4 Incubator Facility Residence National competition yields visibility for UH IP in the national investment market Recognition Success in national competitions generates “vetted” business plans and commercial strategies Visibility Develop up to EIGHT separate technologies, compete in national competitions Business Plans  5 WCE students 2 COMM students  external entrepreneurial mentors  WCE program faculty  faculty inventors The Teams - 18 technologies presently in the pipe-line

12 RED Labs 3-day Startup I-Corps Entrepreneurial Lead Faculty IP: Inventions and Innovations Synergistic Initiatives NSM Students Optometry Students Engineering Students Pharmacy Students Academic Class based on I-Corps “Lean Startup” Model NSF/ARPA-E I-Corps Program I-Corps Center/Node Developing the UH Entrepreneurial Workforce

13 UH Energy Research Park: Innovation Enterprise

14 UH Energy Research Park: Strategic Plan Build Build a translational research infrastructure which generates increased federal funding and promotes the creation of additional IP Location Provide a location to capture industry partners to work with our faculty (STTR, SBIR, SRA funding) Launch Pad Provide a “Launch Pad” for students and faculty to commercialize and monetize their IP while creating value for UH Density Create a distinct geographical location with “entrepreneurial density”

15 National Center for Airborne Laser Mapping Energy-Related Translational Research Advanced Materials for Offshore Wind Energy Turbines Texas Center for Clean Emissions, Engines & Fuels Super/ Semiconducting Technology Building 14A, 15 Building 14B Building 14A, 15, 9 Building 4

16 Launch Pad Activities/Start-Ups Building 3, 9 Building 4, Incubator Facility Faculty startup, nano-material hydrophobic coating technology Faculty/student startup based on a novel graphene oxide filtration technology for water purification Student startup, web portal for adaptive technologies for physically challenged individuals Faculty/student startup based on rare earth element reclamation from neo-magnets Medical technology for point-of-care detection of sickle cell anemia in developing nations (in progress) Building 4, Incubator Facility Building 4, 5 Halcyon Biomedical

17 New Companies Under Development Nikolaos Tsekos, faculty Luca Pollonini, faculty OXIGINNE Deniz Gurkan, faculty Yan Yao, faculty Shay Curran, faculty

18 Next Steps Facility Utilization Prospects Capital Collaborative space for WCE Graduates Access to Capital (Strategic Partnerships/Joint Ventures) General wet lab space for technology development, device fabrication, biotechnology and potential GMP applications Building 4 Building 5 Endomagnetics, Ltd. (faculty start-up, imaging technology) C-Voltaics (faculty start-up, manufacturing facility) Halcyon Biomedical (faculty, STTR funded) Cryosensors, (faculty start-up, MRI imaging technology)

19 Thank you.

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